Sailor Lancer

By Dragonfang33

Leagal Stuff: I don't own Sailor Moon or Starlancer

Synapse: Here's one that hasn't been done a crossover between Sailor Moon and Starlancer Time Warp transports the Sailor Scouts, into an alternate 22nd Century were Crystal Tokyo doesn't exist and power in the Sol System is divided by two warring nations, the Western Alliance, and the Eastern Colition

Chapter One: Journey to the Reliant

Location: Shuttle Delta Nine, High Orbit Around Neptune, Starlancer Universe, 2160

p The Alliance Shuttle was making good time to its rondavu point with the remains of the Western Alliance Fleet at Neptune. Aboard this small craft were numurus men and women dressed in a variaty of naval uniforms, but all of them bore the embliem of the Alliance on their hats. These were the members of the newley formed 45th Volunteers Fighter Unit.

p It was a dark time for the Western Alliance, the crushing defeat at the Battle of Europa had left both the French and Italian Space Fleets in ruins, and the forces of the Eastern Colition were closing in for the final blow. But the Alliance wasn't out of the game yet, the last chance the Alliance had to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat was the fleet gathering around Neptune in what was codenamed Operation: Sheild.

p Abord the shuttle one of the pilots, a young man by the name of Lt. Tyler "Hornet" Skyhawk, fingered the small cross around his neck, as he gazed out the window into the vast emptiness of space, he was captivated by the sight of an endless sea of stars, inturupted only by the sight of a skurmish along the front lines between an Alliance geruilla force and a Coliliton Hunting Pack.

p "You okay," a voice said from behind him, Tyler turned around, and just about punched a young brown haired kid in the face.

p "Sorry Cobra," Tyler said, "I'm just thinking."

p "About what," the boy asked,

p "I don't know, I've just got this feeling that one way or the other something is going to turn the tide of this war."

p "Yes something is," Cobra replied, jokingly, "We are, the 45th "Death Dealers." Tyler couldn't help but laugh at the joke.

p "No that's not what I mean," Tyler replied, assuming a straght face, "I mean that someone from, if you believe this, another dimension will come and save the Alliance." Once Tyler said that everyone on the shuttle, including the pilots began laughing their heads off, till the pilot annouced that they had arrived at their destonation, the carrier ANS Reliant.

p Well there you have it, Chapter One, I will get to work on the next chapter after I get a nice 2 reviews on this, PS I would like to know what SM saga to set this in so let me know what you have to say.