At the beginning with you

It was mid afternoon the sun was blazing; there wasn't a grey cloud around for miles and miles. Hermione stood in her new dorm, staring out the window. She stood at the window, clutching her bare shoulders as she was only wearing a short black silk nightie. "Hermione, Come back here, would you? The bed is stone cold with out you." Drawing back the curtain, Hermione turned around "I thought you were asleep?" she smiled softly. "No just basking" "I was just looking outside" she slid the curtain open again allowing sunlight to stream on to the bed. She continued to look outside "it's really warm out there" "Its really hot in here though" Draco came up behind Hermione, the bed sheets draped on him like a cloak, he wrapped them around Hermione, so that the light silk of her nightie tickled the bare skin of his body that was not covered by his white, 100% cotton boxers. Hermione turned to face him still rapped by the bed sheets. The curtain flowed shut. Placing their arms around each other Draco lent forwards to kiss Hermione lightly on the lips. Giggling Hermione lay her head into Draco's chest.

They were in their seventh year at Hogwarts. Draco Malfoy had been crowned head boy at the beginning of the year, just as Hermione Granger had been crowned head girl. Draco hadn't meant to find him self six months down the line; in the head girl dorm room romancing with, his usual arch nemesis. But here he was and here he intended to stay. Hermione had also not expected this to happen. She and Draco usually spent most of their time either avoiding each other, or insulting each other, but certainly not kissing and sleeping with one another.

Draco's attitude towards life had changed a lot, since his father had been put into Azkaban, for being a Voldemort supporter and an abusive father and husband. Although Mr Malfoy had been sent to Azkaban in Draco's fifth year, he had once again managed to convince the Ministry to let him go. Although when Draco's mother, Narcissa had been discovered murdered on the kitchen floor, after Draco's father, Lucius Malfoy had used the deadliest of the three illegal curses on her, he was sent straight back to Azkaban prison, under a life sentence.
Draco had suffered pretty hard during his fathers trail; the Ministry of Magic had even come close to taking him to Azkaban too. Until Dumbledore had stepped, in to inform the Ministry that Draco was not involved with Voldermourt and had a promising future ahead of him, and it wouldn't be wise to arrest him.

Two months after that ordeal, Draco had found him self under the influence of a love potion. The potion directed his attention towards Hermione. Knowing that a love potions effect could not be reversed, unless Hermione fell in love with him. He spent a month following her around, becoming her friend trying to make her fall for him. Hermione's best friend, the famous Harry Potter and his trusty sidekick Ron Weasley, found this rather annoying, and tried to keep Malfoy away from Hermione. Their efforts failed them however; Hermione and Draco had head boy and girl duties together. During these sessions Hermione soon begun to realise that Draco wasn't as bad as she thought he was. She found he was funny, he was charming, he was sexy and eventually found out he was a brilliant kisser.

Thinking that the potions effects would most probably have worn of Draco began to avoid Hermione. But seeing her in the corridors laughing and joking with Harry and Ron, gave him a burning sensation inside. Seeing her cry made him feel strong surges of anger to who ever had made her feel down in the dumps. When he 'accidentally' bumped into her in the corridors, and prefect common room, he would get a fuzzy tingly feeling inside of him. Soon he found he could no longer deny it, he was in love. And not just infatuated by some stupid potions his feelings were (just like his boxers) 100% original.
After that Draco had not given up until he'd got her. His father was gone, no body could tell him whom he should love, and nobody could tell him anything anymore.

One night Draco had cast a spell over Hermione's bedroom, so that two lovebirds would flutter around and lead her down into the prefect common room. As she walked down the steps in her black silk nightie, some of the candles in the common room flickered into life. Rose petals of white pink and red fell from the ceiling. Hermione stood there, completely shocked at the romantic scene around her. "Hello?" she whispered into the far corners of the common room. She was answered by soft, romantic music, like that of an old-fashioned love film. Hermione had looked around the common at least 3 times before "well seeing you in hardly anything makes me feel over dressed" Hermione spun around to find Malfoy sat on the stairs in a typical Malfoy pose of laid-blackness', surprisingly wearing a tucks!
Hermione looked at Draco in complete puzzlement "what is this? Have you been drinking more love potions again?" Hermione had then tried to push past Malfoy, and go back to her dorm. Draco then stood up and blocked her way. "More like veritaserum" Hermione stared into his grey eyes, as he stared back into her light brown eyes. Hermione suddenly smiled, as she began to see that Malfoy was indeed telling the truth. Draco had then wrapped his arms around her and pressed his lips to hers. And ever since then they had been an item and for once Draco didn't care who knew it.

"Please can't you just stay? Just a little bit longer?" Draco was now lying back on Hermione's bed. Hermione knelt on her bed, tucked her hair behind her ears. "I have to go ok; I can't keep putting them off" Hermione bent low to kiss Malfoy. He grabbed her and pulled her on top of him, running his hands over her back, his lips kissing her in protest "cant you" kiss "just" kiss "put it" kiss "off one more day?" Giggling Hermione shook her head and got up off Draco. "I'm sorry Draco I can't" Hermione began to change her clothes. Draco just watched as she took of her nightie then placed on her bra and knickers. He watched as she walked around in her underwear, and pulled her clothes out of her wardrobe.

When she had finally changed into a denim skirt, and purple ¾ length sleeved top and black ankle boots. She turned to Draco who was still in his white boxers; she smirked at him, bent down and picked his jeans up off the floor. "Here" she said flinging them to him "get dressed, go enjoy the sun" she was just heading out off her door when she felt Draco's hands slide round her waist "I'd much rather enjoy you" Smiling, Hermione bent her head back to kiss Draco "Tonight I promise"