Ballistic in Boston

By Lucky_Ladybug

Notes: Usual stuff ^^;; The YGO characters aren't mine, the story is, and this shall be full of sibling and friendship cuteness! ^____^ And this takes place immediately following the end of Ranch of No Return, so if you haven't read that, you may get slightly confused XD I also refer to a story that's not quite completed yet, but I don't tell any confusing plot details from it. Heh heh. ^___~

The sound of the motor grew louder and louder. It was right up by his ear now and something was tickling his cheek. What was it? He hadn't fallen asleep that close to the engine of the airplane, had he? Maybe it was one of those locomotives. Or a vacuum cleaner. Or . . .

Yami Bakura suddenly sprang awake. "CAT!!!!" he yelled in fury.

Oreo, curled up in his hair, continued to purr at a volume that made her sound like a miniature motorboat.

"I've told you not to do that!" the tomb raider scolded her.

Oreo yawned nonchalantly and began to stretch.

Joey cracked up. "Man, I never thought I'd see Yami B talkin' to a cat," he grinned.

Yami Bakura ignored him.

"We're landing now, Yami," Bakura spoke up, pointing out the window of the airplane.

The thief grunted. "Take your cat, you fool!" he snarled.

Oreo snuggled close and licked his cheek.

"Oh, but Yami, she wants to be with you!" Bakura protested with a smile.

"This is completely absurd and I won't stand for it," Yami Bakura hissed in reply.

"Well, yeah," Tristan grinned from across the aisle, "it does kinda destroy your tough-guy image to be snoozing there with a cat nestled in your hair."

"Silence, foolish mortal," Yami Bakura retorted.

Marik was sleeping as well, having slumped against his sister. Ishizu smiled softly, stroking his blonde hair. "You deserve to rest, dear brother," she whispered, "after what you went through."

Rishid watched his siblings and smiled.

Alyson, still wide awake, stared out at the airport runway as Seto Kaiba made a flawless landing with the enormous jet. She grabbed the Millennium Ankh, which had been entrusted to her by the now-deceased guardian Shadi—the man who, in her eyes, had been like her father.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" she wondered quietly for the hundredth time.

Téa looked over at her. "Just keep it safe, I guess," she replied gently. "When the time is right, maybe you'll find out more."

Yami Yugi still appeared lost in thought.

"What are you thinking about, Yami?" Yugi asked now, looking up at him. The kind-hearted boy was heavily feeling Shadi's death as well. Yugi couldn't stand for anyone to die, and especially not someone who had been fighting for the side of good, as Shadi had.

Yami Yugi looked down at him. "Many things," he said at last. "Something has been plaguing me ever since we left that ranch and I don't know what it is."

Yugi perked up, looking at the ancient Pharaoh in surprise.

"It's . . . it's as if one of those wraiths has taken up residence in my heart, wearying it down," Yami Yugi continued.

Yugi was silent for a time, pondering on this. "Maybe you're sad about . . . about Shadi too," he said finally.

Yami Yugi narrowed his eyes. "I feel more of an uneasiness. Now that the guardian is dead, what will happen to all the evil forces he was holding back? Shadi was a major player in the game of keeping balance between good and evil."

Yugi studied the floor sadly. He knew all of that was true, and definitely something to be concerned about, but at the moment it seemed . . . wrong to be worrying over it. Wasn't his Yami sad at all that Shadi had died? The violet-eyed boy sighed and looked out the window at the lights of Boston.

Mai leaned back and smirked. "It'll be nice to be back with civilization again," she remarked, flipping her hair.

"Yeah, I'm sure it was terrible for you to be away from the beauty salon for so many days," Joey grinned.

Mai sprang up. "What?! Joey Wheeler!" she yelled angrily.

Marik started awake with her yelling and blinked.

"Hello, Master," Rishid smiled as the boy looked up at him sleepily.

Marik smiled back and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Are you feeling better, Marik?" Ishizu asked.

"Much better," Marik replied. He was still sore from being thrown over the waterfall, but, he thought ruefully, he'd rather be sore than cold.

Up in the cockpit, Seto climbed out of the pilot's seat and replaced the headset.

Mokuba leaped down as well. "That was awesome, big brother," he chirped.

Seto chuckled and opened the door. "I'll have to check in with KaibaCorp and see how things have been going," he mused.

Joey looked around for Rex as everyone headed off the plane. "Where'd that snake go?" he exclaimed. "Did he stay behind at the ranch or something?!"

"I'm right here, genius," Rex said irritably, popping up out of nowhere.

Joey glared at him. "Yeah? Well, I didn't see you, shorty!"

Yugi stood up and sighed. "Please, guys, can we not fight now?" he begged, walking in between them.

Joey blinked as he looked at his best friend. "Sure, Yug," he shrugged.

"What's with him?" Rex wondered.

Téa brushed by them as well and gave the two boys Looks. "He's still sad about Shadi," she told them.


As everyone went inside the airport, Joey, who had wandered ahead, was met with quite a surprise.

"Joey!" Serenity's familiar voice called out.

The Brooklyn boy turned around, looking confused. "Serenity?!" he burst out in complete disbelief.

Suddenly the younger girl was running into his arms and hugging him tightly. "Joey! I've missed you so much!" she exclaimed.

Trying to get over his shock, Joey returned the hug and then gently pushed her back. "Let me have a look at you, sis," he smiled. "Where in the world did you come from?!"

Serenity looked up at him and smiled back. "I heard you were coming here, Joey, and well . . . I wanted to surprise you."

"Hello, Wheeler," a new voice said, and Joey's head snapped up.

"Duke?!" he burst out.

Duke Devlin smirked. "That's right. It's been a while, hasn't it." The last time Joey had seen Duke was back during a very dangerous night when they had all been stalked by a vengeful woman.

"What are you doin' here with my sister?!" Joey demanded. He was very protective of Serenity and didn't like it when any boy tried to get close to her. And there were two boys Joey knew who were attempting to win her affections—Duke and Tristan.

"Well . . ." Duke gave a genuine smile now. "Serenity didn't want to come alone in case something went wrong, so I offered to accompany her."

"Yeah?" Joey looked at him suspiciously.

Serenity looked at him firmly. "That's the truth, Joey," she said. "Duke is very sweet."

Tristan happened to catch up at that moment and his eyes went wide. "Serenity!" he cried, dropping his luggage.

Serenity looked up at him and giggled. "Happy to see me?" she asked, her eyes twinkling.

"Am I?" Tristan grinned, going over and taking her hand while Joey fumed.

Serenity gazed up at him. "So, why are you all here in Boston anyway?" she wondered. "Yugi's grandpa didn't give me all the details."

Mako stepped forward. "They graciously came to help me find clues to my father's whereabouts," he said, then blinked at her. "Hmm, I don't believe we've been introduced," the raven-haired young man mused. "I am Mako Tsunami, champion of the Seven Seas!"

Serenity smiled. "So you're Mako! Joey's told me about you. I'm his sister, Serenity Wheeler."

Mako looked at the auburn-haired girl in front of him. "Joey has told me much about you as well," he declared.

Wanting to forego any other attempts to win Serenity's heart, Joey immediately came between them. "Well, why don't we see if Moneybags has found a hotel for us yet?" he spoke up.

Serenity blinked. "Mr. Kaiba's going to get hotel rooms for all of us?" she exclaimed.

Joey shrugged. "Hey, it'd be nice. He's got the cash."

Seto gave him a dark look. He was really tired of being involved in their crazy shenanigans by now and would be perfectly happy just leaving them all there. But Mokuba looked so excited to be somewhere new again. . . . The young businessman gave a sigh and indicated for everyone to follow him. Honestly, he smirked to himself, Mokuba must have me wrapped around his little finger.

Now Serenity had spotted Marik and was running over to him. "Marik!" she exclaimed, then stood in front of him, blushing. "Um . . ." She looked up into his surprised lavender eyes. "I wanted to thank you for . . . for when you warned us about that person who wanted revenge on everyone," the girl spoke at last.

Marik smiled down at her. "I couldn't stand by and not do anything," he replied gently.

Joey stared at them. Oh man! he yelled in his mind. Am I gonna havta watch out for Serenity when she gets near any guy?!

Suddenly Mokuba gave a yelp. "Look out!!" he screamed, pointing to a runaway cart barreling right towards them all!

Instantly Seto grabbed Mokuba and yanked him out of the way. Everyone else dove for cover as well, just as the vehicle rolled through and smashed into the wall behind them, raining plaster down on anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby.

Joey got up shakily. "Oh man! We nearly got turned into bowling pins!" he cried, looking around frantically for his sister. "Serenity! Where's Serenity?!"

"I'm here, Joey," the girl's voice came then. "I'm alright."

Joey whirled around to see Marik and Duke both helping her up and the boy grumbled to himself.

"Meow?" Oreo said uneasily, peering up from inside Yami Bakura's shirt. The tomb raider growled in annoyance while Bakura just stared ahead in shock.

Abruptly an airport worker came running up to them, out of breath and looking pale. "Is anyone hurt?" she demanded.

"We're all fine," Yugi said, standing up.

"What happened?" Seto glared at the woman angrily. "Someone could have been hurt seriously by that thing!"

The security guard looked at him sternly. "I'm quite aware of that," she said in a cold tone. "Nothing like this has ever happened before!"

The group all exchanged concerned looks. Could it have been done purposely? Did someone unfriendly already know they were there?