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Her green eyes shot open. She knew that voice. But it couldn't be, there was no way. There was only one person in the world that had ever called her Drina and there was no way he could call her that now.

"Drina," The familiar voice called again. "Drina look at me."

The young girl's heart was pounding fiercely in her chest as she rolled over and sat up. She let out a soft gasp. A young man with shoulder length ruby red hair and green eyes stood at the end of her bed smiling at her. He was wearing black jeans and a blue shirt.

"Adrian?" She whispered.

"Hey sis, I've missed you."

Dri shook her head. "It can't be. You''re."

"Dead?" Adrian finished for her. He shook his head. "Come on Drina." He held out his hand to her.

"Where are we going?" She asked throwing back the blankets. She was wearing an oversized black t-shirt as a night gown.

"You'll see," Adrian replied as she got out of bed and took his hand.

They smiled face to face for a moment and then Adrian pulled Dri into a strong hug. She couldn't help but embrace him back. She had missed him so much. She had never felt so good. She had her brother in her arms again. It felt so right, she never wanted to let go.

"Come on Drina, we have to go." He said, stroking her hair.

She sighed. "Why? Can't we just stay here?" She rubbed her cheek against his chest. "Nothing matters as long as you're here."

Adrian pulled away just enough so that she could see him. There arms were still interlocked. Dri gasped at the sight.

His shirt was now in tattered, bloody ruins. There were scars, cuts, and bruises all over his hansom face and chest. Dri reached a hand up to his face, but Adrian's grip tightened painfully around her arms.

"Do you see?" He asked angrily.

"Adrian, I.."

"You what?" He asked jerking her roughly. "You're sorry?"

"Adrian, you're hurting me," Dri pleaded trying to wiggle out of his iron grip.

"I'm hurting you!" He exclaimed in disbelief. "Look at me Drina! Look at the pain you have caused me!" He shook her again for emphasis.

"Adrian I'm sorry!" She pleaded. "I never meant.."

"You never meant! You never meant!" He threw her back on the bed. "This is your fault! All of it! I was hurt because of you! I'm dead because of you!"

"Adrian please!" She cried.

"NO!" He yelled. "This is your fault! You're to blame!" He leaned into her face and whispered, "I'm dead because of you!"


Duncan sat up in bed. Something had woken him, but he wasn't sure what it was. It wasn't another immortal. That much he was sure of, but he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong.

After four hundred years the Highlander learned to trust his gut, so if he felt that something was wrong, he was certain something was. He got out of bed and slowly trudged into the living room.

Mac was walking towards the kitchen when he heard cries coming from Dri's room. He knew that she was having a nightmare. For a while she wasn't having them at all, but for the last month they had gotten worse. Almost every night again. Dri wouldn't tell him about it and he couldn't figure out what was going on.

The Highlander quickly walked over and opened her door. "Dri?"

"Adrian I'm sorry!" She cried in her sleep.

Duncan walked over and sat next to her on the bed. Sweat matted her hair to her forehead. She was completely tangled in her sheets, tossing around.

He put a hand on her shoulder and gently shook her. "Come on sweet heart wake up."

Dri eyes shot open and she sat up in bed so hard that she practically threw herself into Mac's arms.

"Hey, it's okay," He said. "It was just a nightmare."

Dri looked around, breathing heavily. Duncan started stroking her hair.

"Don't do that," She said pulling away from him so that she was sitting back out of his arms. The feeling was too familiar and not in a good way.

"Want to talk about it?"

She shook her head and sniffled. "Where's R.J.?"

Duncan looked around and finally saw the stuff tiger lying on the floor. He picked it up and handed it to Dri. She took it and hugged it to her chest as if it were a life line. Mac noticed how much younger she looked. She looked seven instead of seventeen.

"You want me to stay or go?" Duncan asked.

She shrugged.

Duncan was becoming exasperated. "Dri you have to talk to me. You can't keep doing this. I can't help you if you don't tell me what's wrong."

Dri shut her eyes tightly as warm tears slid down her cheeks, but she didn't answer. Mac put a hand on her shoulder and she quickly jerked away.

"Don't!" She yelled.

"Dri what is going on with you? You won't talk to me, you won't talk to Richie! You've barely left the place since school got out. Talk to me dammit!" He grabbed her arm and shook her. He noticed her wince and lightened the grip on her arm. To be honest he hadn't thought he was holding her that tight.

She opened her eyes and pulled away from him. "Go to hell," She spat and ran out of the room.

Duncan sighed. He didn't know what to do. She had opened up to Richie for a while, especially after the whole hospital incident. Then one day she just shut down, closed herself off to the world.

Since then she barely ate, when she slept she had nightmares and she wouldn't talk about it. She had lost weight, she was pale and it didn't take a genius to figure out that she was depressed. Mac just didn't know what to do anymore, but he knew who to call. ~~~~~~~~~

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