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First chapter: Memories Lost In the Storm

 To the sky beyond the flying birds--

 A young little girl was walking in the corridors of a seemingly empty and cold residence. She padded softly beside the walls in the shadows, not receiving the slightest bit of attention. Her foots took her where ever she wanted to but currently she wasn't heading to any particular direction. Suddenly, when she was passing a darkened room she heard voices.

"There's no choice then. If my life will save the village", a man's voice said.

There was a short pause. "Hmm", was the simple reply to the other man's desperate words.

The girl sneaked closer to the room where the voices were coming from. She peeped through a chink in the door and first her eyes met her father who was looking very depressed. After observing him a little while her gaze slid to her uncle, and then to Hokage-sama, one older man, and several Leaf-Jounins. The young girl was quite alarmed when she felt the nervous and gloomy atmosphere in the room.

"Hold on, Hiashi."

The old clan leader's face was almost expressionless and if there was any sign of emotion, it was anger or frustration. He went on, saying harsh and cruel words. "The advanced blood of the Hyuga clan is a valuable trump card to this village. Protecting that has been the duty of the Main Family."

The small form at the door saw her father sweating a little and hastily making his reply. "But before that duty, if the village is drawn into a dangerous war…" Hiashi fell silent.

"I know." The older man exhaled slowly and deeply, trying to release the tight feeling that was building up in his chest.

Suddenly, the small white eyes at the door widened when the owner of the eyes saw the fearful and startled look on her father's face.

"That's why the Branch Families exist." The black haired man paused, as if reluctant to say anything more. It was a little while before he had the resolve to say those sorrowful words. "We will have to hand over Hizashi's body in place of yours."

The little girl saw her uncle coming from behind the older man's back, taking a place next to him. Hiashi was growing more confused as the discussion went on.

"Hizashi has already agreed."

The brothers looked at each other for a moment. Hiashi looked shocked and as if his eyes were searching for an answer from his brother's face but they gave him nothing but a determined and fearless look.

"But what they want is the secrets of the Byakugan abilities. With Hizashi's, once he's killed, that ability will be sealed." The man who was the victim of all the tension and depression in the room, Hiashi, tried to decline. "I don't see the Cloud Village being satisfied with that." He was now sweating and his voice was almost trembling.

"Heh, that may be their true intention", the older man replied. "But the demand from the Cloud Village was simple. 'Hand over Hyuga Hiashi's body.'" Hiashi's eyes darted back to his identical brother. "If we act like we've agreed and hand over Hizashi's body, which is a duplicate of yours… They won't be able complain any further."

There was once again a nerve-racking silence between the three. The young girl remained unnoticed in the doorway, looking at them. She didn't see any expression cross her uncle's face and her father was being torn apart by confusion and frustration.

"Hiashi", the old man said softly, "the time has come. Each generation has protected the Hyuga blood in this way. You must have the heart to let go of even a sibling to protect that blood."

Hiashi looked so sorrowful that the girl almost ran to him, but she stopped herself at the last moment. Oh, how she wanted to comfort him, even though she didn't quite get what was happening. It was something very serious, that much she'd understand even if she was deaf. They were talking something about war and preventing it, and she thought the best thing anyone could do was to sneak away from the door to leave them alone.

"And that's the destiny of those born as Hyuga", was the last thing her sharp ears caught before she walked around a corner. The girl felt a piercing pain in her heart but didn't understand why.

At that time she wasn't aware of how important the discussion between those three was or how terrible it would have been if she had told that she knew about it to someone. But the thing she did understand was that next day, Hyuga Hizashi was nowhere to be found and that her father was mourning for him. The day was gloomy and where ever the girl was, she could see people crying silently, alone. She knew that Hizashi's missing had something to do with the discussion she had been listening yesterday.

Many unanswered questions were swirling in the little girl's mind. What had they exactly been talking about? Where was Hizashi? Had they sent him away? Has something serious happened to him? Why were people crying? Did it have something to do with her father? There were no answers for answers to these questions. All she knew was that his death was one thing among the many others that made her life, her father's life, the lives of all Hyugas, more sorrowful and hateful.

And so she continued to live her life, the memory of her uncle's death slowly eroding away with time.