The Right Choice by Anime Leo Chapter 1: Thinking Back


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A brown haired man sighed as he looked out his apartment window. His digimon lay on the bed, sleeping peacefully. It was raining outside, but all he saw was a pair of blue eyes and a smile that went with it. "I'll see him tomorrow," he thought nervously, and slowly he traced the ring he was holding. "Kotsuki...I'd agree if I didn't keep on remembering him," he explained in his head. Sighing, he retreated back to his bed. He closed his eyes as he recalled the phone call he received a week ago.


Ring ring the phone rang.

"Jeez! Who could be calling at this time?" the man groaned as he woke up from a sweet dream. He looked at the caller ID and considered picking up. The number was oddly familiar, but he just couldn't figure it out. "I'll let the answering machine pick it up," he thought.

"Hello, is this Taichi's place? If it is, and if you're there Taichi...pick up! This is TK. You remember--"

"TK?" Tai asked in confusion as he picked up the phone.

"Taichi! Good, you're there. Anyways, how are you doing?"

"Um...fine...but why--"

"So are you married?"


"I need the info to finish my book. You know, the one about our adventures. I heard you're the ambassador of the Digital World, right?"


"OK, well I'm including all of our occupations and marriage status at the end of the book. You know, a '25 years later' thing. It'll be cool. So are you married?"

"I'm engaged..."

"Good, you're married then."

"But I don't even know--"

"It's OK. It doesn't have to be that accurate. Plus, I'm publishing it this weekend, and if you decide to marry the guy after that, it'd be too bad saying you're single. After all, all the other digidestined are married," TK said with a slight bitterness in his voice. "Anyways, kids?"

"Well...a month ago my crazy boyfriend decided suddenly to adopt a boy. And we never even talked about it! But like I said, I don't know if I really am going to marry him and if I don't, why keep the boy? I mean, sure he really resembles me and I am starting to get pretty fond of him."

"OK then, I'll just say you have a boy."

"So how have you been doing?" Tai asked.

"Fine," TK answered, but it sounded weird. After a long, awkward silence, he continued. "The only person I haven't called yet is Kari. How is she?"

"She's fine..." Tai trailed off. He knew that TK had feelings for Kari, but after the Yagami's moved away, TK had pretended that it didn't affect him and that he liked someone else. And that pretence eventually led to marriage. Tai always thought it was quite weird because he knew TK still has feelings for Kari. "But no matter, TK was strong and he moved on...unlike me," Tai thought. A picture of a certain blondie drifted into his mind.

"Hello? Tai?" TK's voice brought Tai back into reality.

"Oh, I suppose you want to know what her status is?"

"Oh, no, it's fine. I'll have to call her anyways to tell her that there's going to be another digidestined reunion next week. The whole gang will be there. It'll be nice to see you again. After all, you didn't come last time and you're the only one that's not living in Odaiba. Everyone misses you so much, so you better be there." The last digidestined meeting (and the first) was held 10 years ago. Everyone had been there except for Tai because he was in the hospital because of a broken leg. "You know, Matt's the one who's been missing you the most," TK chanced. He didn't know how Tai would react to that, but he hoped the two would become friends again.

"Well we were best friends for so long, it's no surprise," Tai said, keeping his voice hard and cold.

"But you left him 20 years ago," TK pointed out. "And you brought your whole family with you. You didn't even try to keep contact with us." Now he just sounded bitter.

"We would've left sooner or later. We were already talking about it. It was just that Motawa was moving to the same place we were planning to move to, and that pitched in for our list of pros. As you can guess, the number of pros outnumbered the cons by one."

"Whatever," TK said, not wanting to hear a lame excuse. "Listen, I gotta go. You'll be at the reunion, right?"

"Yeah...yeah, I will. After all, I did miss the last one."

"Right. And if you want, you could bring your fiancee. Oh, and we're going to the digital world too, so bring your digimon. OK, see ya there!" Click.

\\\\\\\end of flashback\\\\\\\

Tai looked at his packed suitcases near the door. Slipping the ring into his pocket, he got up to get ready. Moments later there was a knock at the door. "Come in!"

"Daddy!" Suto cried out as he ran over to hug Tai.

"Hey koi. You ready?" Tai's fiancee asked, planting a light kiss on Tai's cheek. Then together they left for the airport. When they got on the airplane, Tai plopped down into the seat beside Agumon. As uncomfortable as the seat was, he just wanted to have time to think. "So did you think about it?"

"Kotsuki..." Tai started. He hated himself for not being able to make up his mind.

"It's OK. You've got all the time in the world. You've even got the ring. Just remember, I love you," Kotsuki said, but he couldn't help but sound disappointed.

"I just don't know if I'm ready for this kind of commitment," Tai tried explaining, leaving out the part about him still in love with someone back home, someone that he'd see very soon, someone that he couldn't avoid this time. Tai lay back as he remembered how it was the last time they'd met.


~Tai's POV~

"You may kiss the bride," the reverend said. It was the most painful experiences of my life. It hurt so much to see Matt and Sora get married, but Matt was happy. That was all the mattered, right? But still it hurt, and I did not feel like talking to Matt at all. As everyone cheered and followed Matt and Sora down the aisle, I just stayed behind. I had to make a toast to him sooner or later. Gosh, why'd he ask me to be his best man? We barely talked since I left him thirteen years ago. And still he said that we were best friends. I don't see how. My whole point of leaving was to forget about him! I made up my mind that I was going to avoid him as much as I could. And if I could, I would leave early. I know that'd hurt Matt, but he has no idea how much I'm hurting. Oh gosh, it hurts so much...

"Hey Tai, you OK man? Look, I know we haven't talked for a while but can't we catch up?" that familiar soothing voice broke into my thoughts.

"Aren't you supposed to be feasting with Sora?" I asked bitterly.

"Tai, what's wrong with you? I came back just to talk to you, and you just push me away. Like you did 13 years ago. You never gave me a real reason why you left! 'Motawa's moving and I love him so I'm going with him. The rest of my family's going too.' That was your excuse. You're not with Motawa anymore. I don't see how he was more important to you than our friendship! You were the only person that I ever felt comfortable opening up to, and after you left I had nothing. Your moving away caused so much pain, Tai. It caused TK so much pain too. Kari meant the world to him. He--"

"I know why it hurt TK, but I don't know why it hurt you. After all, all you cared about was Sora," I said angrily. I don't care if he found out that I loved him. In fact, I hope he did, and all the pain that came with it. Then he could rot in guilt. Sure I wasn't with Motawa anymore, but at that time I felt like I liked him a lot. OK, it didn't beat my love for Matt but I had to get over him.

"Tai, you've changed so much," Matt whispered, and I heard the hurt in his voice. I thought of apologizing, but then I thought otherwise. Let him hurt. It wouldn't even compare to what I've been through.

"Best friends could become strangers," I said coldly. "But congratulations Matt. You finally married Sora."

"But Tai, I did care about you! You were my best friend after all! Come, let's go to the banquet." But I didn't want to be your best friend! I wanted to be more! Of course he couldn't read my mind, so he took my arm and dragged me to the banquet.

\\\\\\\end of flashback\\\\\\\


"I avoided him for the rest of the wedding. We didn't say a word after that, not even goodbye. Well, actually he said goodbye and I just turned around and left. Boy was I coldhearted. I ruined it all for him. For the rest of the wedding his smiles were all fake. Most people wouldn't notice, but I knew. After all, I was still in love with him. It hurt to see him like that, especially on his wedding day. I'm sure Sora noticed too, because she kept on giving Matt worried glances, not to mention giving me glares. Obviously she figured out it had something to do with the chat Matt and I had," Tai thought.

"Drink mister?" the airplane lady (forgot what they're called -_-u) asked, breaking Tai's deep thoughts.

"No thanks," Tai said, scowling.

"Tai-chan, what's wrong?" Kotsuki asked.

"Nothing, she just broke my thoughts."

"Look, we're here!" Suto said excitedly. He was so glad to be somewhere that wasn't in America. "I can't wait to visit the digital world and get my very own digimon!"

"I can't wait to go back to the digital world!" a black duck-like digimon said.

"Turumon! Since when did you wake up, sleepyhead?" Kotsuki laughed at the fact that Turumon could really be a head if he was in his in-training form.

"Passengers, we are now at Odaiba, Japan. You may now get up and exit at the front of the airplane," a voice said. Happily complying, Kotsuki and Suto stood up to get ready to set foot on Odaiba. Tai stood up slowly, fearing him.

"Tai, are you alright?" Agumon asked.

"Yeah, fine. Just fine."


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