Chapter 14: Bliss


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-----Tai's POV-----

"Don't wander off too far now, Suto," I said as my son eagerly ran off to the playground. I sat down on the park bench. It was a cold day, and I could tell that the sun was going to set soon. I watched patiently as Suto swung on the swings.

"Daddy daddy, how high up am I swinging?"

"Very high. If you go any higher, you'll be able to touch the sky," I smiled.

A cool breeze blew, and I tightened my coat. It was another day of being alone with Suto. Lately I've gotten used to it. I wasn't sure why TK told me to come to the park at this time though. I scanned the horizon again for signs of TK, but there was none. By now, the park was almost empty and the sun was barely visible. I decided that I was going to kill TK later for making me sit here for nothing. Suddenly, I heard footsteps quickly approaching me from behind, accompanied by some panting.

"Stupid airplanes. They're never on time. I wanted to get here before the sunset so that we could watch it together, but I guess I'm too late."

"Yama!" I gasped in shock. He was still supposed to be in Houston, Texas, negotiating some astronaut stuff. "Why are you here?"

"Seriously Tai, did you think I'd forget? Though now I'm thinking that you forgot. Anyway," he said, producing a wrapped present from his jacket, "happy anniversary!" He promptly kissed me lightly on the lips, which I eagerly welcomed. I was so happy about his early return that it took me some time to process his last statement.

Oh shoot, I did forget.

-----Matt's POV-----

Judging from Tai's expressions, I knew that he forgot. I'd be lying if I said that it didn't hurt a bit, but somehow it didn't matter that much. I knew he loved me, and that was enough.

" see..." he fumbled for the right words to say that he forgot.

"It's ok. Besides, you didn't even know I was coming home," I reassured. Joining him by the bench, I leaned my head on his shoulders and whispered, "You're my gift."

It had been a long, tiring week in Texas. Feeling his warmth embrace me, I closed my eyes and thought back to the events of this year. It had been six months since we got married. My divorce with Sora was easy enough. She gained custody of both the children since we felt that it'd be best for the kids to stay together. Tai and I officially adopted Suto, and Tai moved into the house that was originally Sora and mine's. Though our relationship was first viewed by some others with shock and sometimes disgrace, people learned to get used to it.

"Hey Yama, don't fall asleep on me. We should go home soon," Tai said soothingly, gently running his fingers through my hair.

"Mmm..." I half-whined.

"Fine fine, I'll give you some time seeing how tired you are," he gave in. After a little while, he added into my ears, "But this is only so that you'll have energy at night." I smiled to myself.

"Oh I'll have energy," I responded, dropping my voice an octave lower.

"Good, now hurry up and rest if you want or we'll be going home." He kissed my forehead and leaned on my head. After awhile, he muttered sleepily, "I love you Yama."

"Love you too, Tai."

I had finally made the right choice. A smile playing on my lips, I slowly drifted into blissful sleep.

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