Chapter One: Emotions All Bottled Up

Another scorching hot summer day was drawing to a close. It was the middle of July. Summer was a time for freedom, fun, and a time to be with friends. For these reasons alone this is why a certain boy (man), with raven hair and shocking emerald eyes, felt summer was not such a good time at all. You see he has this time to think, ponder, and feel guilty about certain things that of course were not his fault, but he always thinks it is his fault. He has no freedom because he was kept in the house all day, doing chores, or just sitting in his room. The main reason is mostly because Albus Dumbledore asked him well told him to stay inside for his own safety. His friends owled him, but it just wasn't the same as seeing them. Having fun just wasn't on the "things to do" list. His relatives stay out of his way, basically ignoring him. This was of course because of a certain warning they received from a certain group at the end of the last school year at the Kings Cross Station. This boy sitting near the window in his small bedroom watching the sunset was none other than Harry Potter.

For a teenage boy out of school for the summer, you would think they would be happy. However if you were to have went through what transpired barely 2 months ago you would be feeling the same way as he is currently feeling. You see in those couple of months ago Harry Potter once again met Lord Voldemort. Once again going on an adventure with his friends (new and old). Once again surviving through another encounter with the Dark Lord, and once again losing someone he loved, Sirius. Sirius was someone Harry looked upon as the closest thing to a father and ironically the closest thing he had to get to know about his real father, James. So Voldemort basically took two dads, he barely knew, away from him.

If you were to look upon his face it was devoid of any emotion. A barrier erected long ago to keep from others knowing what he truly felt. But if you were to look closely and search those deep pools of emerald, you would see the anger, sorrow, pain and anguish that plaques him. Harry Potter was not the kind of person to show others his emotions. He had to always put up a front, the brave one. For once, as Harry watched the sun setting, he is just giving in. With one last attempt to keep everything bottled up and held in, he let go. Every emotion flashed through his face, as one silent tear cascaded down his face. The first of many to fall as his emotions were finally let go.