Okay, first fanfic! Yey! This will be a crossover (I just love em) for yyh and IY. Oh and warning I SUCK AT SPELLING AND GRAMMAR.


Me: oh, I am holding you and everyone else captive so you can enjoy my fic.

*looks around the room*

Me: there is you, Sessy, Kurama, Hiei, Yusuke, Darien from Sailor Moon, Yuki and Kyo from Fruits Basket...*continues on babbling*

Inu-Yasha:Just get on w/ it!

Me: okay, what am I forgetting?


Me: would you do it for me? Please.

Inu-Yasha: Shit, fine. That bitch doesn't own me (Inu-Yasha) and co. or Yu Yu Hakisho. Now can we get on with this stupid story!?


Kagome stood close to the door at her house, her hands were clenched, she had used up all of her energy. She was drained physically and emotionally. Tears ran down her cheeks. It was raining heavily. Her tears and the rain intertwined. She was dizzy, everything was fading. She took one more step and then collapsed outside.

Mrs. Higurashi (sp?) was sitting in the living room sowing, when suddenly she she heard something outside. Oh, Maybe Kagome is home!' she thought cheerfully. "Kagome is that you?" she called. There was no answer. She set down the uniform of Kagome's she had been sowing and walked towards the door. She slowly turned the handle and opened it. There on the door step was Kagome unconscious lying broken and bloody.

She bent down to her daughter and cheeked to see if she was breathing. She sighed with relief. "Granpa, Souta, come and help." She yelled up to them. They soon came. They carried her too her room. "Kagome, what happened? You've been hurt before but never like this." For the moment Kagome drifted in to a consious state. Softly so soft her mother who was right next to her barrle heard she said "I...left."

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