Part 2

Much to the comfort of both Legolas and Aragorn, Haldir brought an army of Elves to Theoden's aid , courtesy of Elrond. At least now they were less out numbered.

After quite sometime spent in the armor room, the three fellowship friends left and went to defend the wall along with the rest. The 10,000 Uruk-Hai were easily seen approaching. Oh,and the fact that it started raining made it all the more better.

Legolas took his place with Gimli, who couldn't see beyond the wall. Legolas laughed at this.

" Would you like me to describe it to you or should I bring you a box?" he said.

Gimli only laughed at this.

Aragorn joined them for a short while. Some short words were exchanged before the whole thing started.

" Your friends are with you " Legolas said to the ranger, his blue eyes locking with Aragorn's gray.

" Yes, well, let's just hope they last the night ",Gimli added.

Both man and Elf grinned at this. Aragorn laid his hand on Legolas' shoulder before turning to go back to instruct the archers. " May the Valar be with you both ", he said.

Legolas gave a small smile and the ranger left him.

And soon enough, the battle began and a shower of arrows rained down upon them. Thank the Valar Haldir had brought the Elven archers.

Soon though, the Orcs threw ladders against the wall and made to get to them. The three friends ended up very much scattered apart, but their minds were always on each other.

Aragorn and Legolas both fought Uruk-Hai on the roof now, using their knives. The Elf had only had his arm cut, and the ranger had his ribs bruised.

Aragorn was suddenly pinned on the ground by a revolting hunk of Orc. The beast growled evilly as it prepared to thrust it's jagged blade in Aragorn's throat.

Then , out of nowhere, a remarkably fast arrow plunged into the Orc's neck,killing it. Aragorn saw Legolas to his left lowering his bow and starting to run toward him. It was wonder he didn't get killed in the process, but then again he was a fast creature.

Legolas kneeled at Aragorn's side.

" Are you alright? " he asked panting. His sleeve was ripped and bloody, and he looked quite the mess but alive nonetheless.

" I'm in one piece ", the ranger answered lightly. Legolas smiled. But it was soon turned into a frown as something hissed and the Elf threw his head back.

" Legolas?" Aragorn called in dismay. The Elf fell onto him, despite his attempts not to. And then the ranger saw what had caused him to act so. A crossbow arrow protruded from his back, near his shoulder blade. And the Orc who had shot it stood a distance off.

" Legolas?" came the ranger's extremely worried voice as he gently laid his hand on the Elf's back.

" Aragorn ", came the reply and Aragorn sighed with relief that his friend was still alive.

" You have to remove it ", the Elf said. Aragorn knew he was right but grimaced. This wasn't going to feel good.

Aragorn carefully slipped out from underneath the Elf's body and sat next to him. He hesitantly gripped the arrow and broke it two. Legolas didn't make a sound. Then, he hesitated again as he gripped the front half of it. This was the hard part.

Aragorn slipped his hand into Legolas' and grasped it. He pulled it out. Legolas tried very, very hard not to cry out, and he squeezed his friend's hand as he felt the arrow head tear at his flesh. No, did not feel good.

Being an Elf, though, he sat up, and somehow looked his usual calm self. " Thank you ", he said, though his back was now becoming very much covered in blood.

" We have to get that shoulder bound ", Aragorn said.

" This is battle, Aragorn, there's no time for that ."

Legolas stood and offered a hand to his friend,who took it and stood as well. The Elf sprung off, getting involved with more Uruk-Hai, and Aragorn was soon preoccupied himself.

" And we'll talk about those ribs of yours later ", the Elf shouted slyly.

" Damn you! " Aragorn chuckled. And despite almost getting his head swiped off, Legolas laughed as well.