Until Then

By Xinderella

Prologue: Us

Disclaimer: I don't own Vampire Princess Miyu.

Summary: This is a story of the relationship between Larva and Miyu. (I feel so embarrassed. I've never even seen the show! But I love the story of Larva and Miyu. I've read the other stories by other fans of Larva and Miyu, and I've gathered enough information to make one of my own. Notice that a lot of the characters in this fanfic will be original, but I need them for the plot.) Miyu is a normal schoolgirl, at the tender age of fourteen. She gets good grades, has great friends, and has a great life. But the day will come when she finds out that she is not completely human. And so she meets Larva. Until then, enjoy. Please read and review!

I never thought I'd be able to, but I had fallen in love with you.

Every day, I would wonder if you were wondering about me wondering about you.

Now, my head, my heart is filled with you, your scent, your touch, your everything.

I can't seem to stop thinking about you.

No matter what, my mind keeps returning to you faithfully, foolishly.

I'm a perfect fool to think there could have ever been more than a simple partnership between us.

Vampire and shinma.

Princess and guardian.

Me and you.


The name you had called me the first time we met.

As if you had known me all your life.

And later on, we found that nothing could stand between us.


I love the way that one-syllable word sounds upon my lips.

I would love it even more if it passed through yours.

I see your face everywhere: in the sky, in the clouds, in the rippling waters of the depths of my mind.

I remember your eyes.

I could have gazed and seen forever in your bottomless eyes.

I would have drowned, and not cared even the slightest bit.

I was your lover, your friend, your bane.

You are gone.

There are no words to describe the way I feel.

I have never forgiven myself for it.

You would have wanted me to forgive myself.

In fact, your last words to me were, "I forgive you."

But I can't seem to accept that.

I loved you.

How was that for a prologue?
This is just a little monologue of Miyu's.
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