Voldemort's crush

by BreetanyaViolet

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"Hello, and welcome to spirit theater," the host of the show says mysteriously before the camera's video functions were working.

"Shut up Sirius. This isn't some stupid muggle litature show," Lily Potter said annoyed when the camera finally picked up a picture.

"But you have to admit, that was a great way to start this story, especially with the camera being as old as it is," James Potter piped in.

"Thank you!" Sirius greatfully took the compliment.

Lily sighed but nodded her head in agreement, "Remember what we're supposed to tell everyone about?"

"Oh yeah!" James said as he hit himself on the forehead. "I forgot we had a purpose."

"Why exactly do the head honcho's in charge of the spirit rhelm or whatever we are in want to send this story through the veil?" Sirius asked.

"We're going to try to explain why Voldemort said he would spare Lily if she stepped aside," James explained. "Evidently it confused a lot of people."

"It definitely confused me until the head honcho's here decided to explain why he didn't want to kill a muggle-born witch but wanted to kill her son," Lily admitted.

"I love it! Voldie's in love with ANNIE!" Sirius screeched.

"Maybe we should start from the begginning," Lily said sighing.

"If you want, but I agree with Padfoot, we should make big signs and try to throw them through the veil," James jeered.

"It all started when Tom Riddle's orphanage got a grant to take all of the orphan's to a musical," Lily started.

"This little musical was called 'Annie,'" Sirius said grinning broadly.

"Who would have thought that ten year old Voldemort would develope a crush on the girl playing Annie," James added.

"The poor guy never got over his crush," Lily explained.

"POOR? POOR??? We are talking about the same dark lord who anually tries to kill your son aren't we?" Sirus exclaimed.

"Okay, pathetic. Happy now?" Lily corrected herself.

"YES!" both Sirius and James proclaimed.

"ANYWAY when he grew up to be the big bad wizard he still had this childish crush on Annie," Lily continued.

"And since he killed Lily's parent's durring his first rise to power Lily was an orphan," James said.

"Even though she was 19 when they died. Voldemort needs some serious mental help. He realized when he was in that nursery trying to kill Harry that Lily looked like an older version of Annie," Sirius said grinning, if possible, even more widely.

"THAT'S why he gave her a chance to live," James explained.

"Which is why he would let a muggle-born witch go," Lily finished.

Sirius started to yell at the head honcho spirit people, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE CAN'T EXPLAIN ABOUT HIS BED WETTING PROBLEM???"

The Voice From Above explained, "The Weasley twins are going to explain that one in about eighty years."

"Ahh come on! Can't we do that one?" James pleaded.

The Voice From Above said, "No. This is the end of the story. I hope you readers have been informed. Please tell me what you think of it by reviewing."