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The Ouji

"Leave me fucking alone! All I want is some time without some of your fucking lapdogs spying on me!" After those words the young man slammed the door shut behind him, stalking away from his father and the ever-present lackeys surrounding him. But of course it took only seconds for a small herd of them to start following him, begging him to stay ... pitifully at that.

He ignored them stubbornly, not willing to let himself be persuaded by their whining, not like he usually did. Not today. He had finally had enough. It was always the same. Everything that really meant something to him was forbidden to him. He had only wanted to relax some days with his friends, now that they finally had summer holidays. It was the first time ever that he had found friends who didn't cower before him, friends that respected him for who he was, not for who his father was.

If everything had gone like it should have, he would now be lying on the beach or swimming or going to a party like everyone his age should be allowed to do ... everyone except himself, of course. Being the son of a Yakuza was really a pain in the ass.

His thoughts ended abruptly when he walked into something hard and huge. Gasping he looked up directly into deep black eyes, shining full of concern. He scowled and growled at the man who looked like an older version of himself. "Don't think you can stop me. I won't fall for the same trick twice. I won't let myself be knocked out by you again. So ... move uncle."

The tall man frowned and shook his head. It seemed like his nephew didn't take the news his father had for him very well. It seemed that he needed some time alone to cool down. Here he couldn't really do this with so many people surrounding him. Turles sighed deeply and grasped his nephew's shoulder, offering something to him with the other hand. "Take at least a cell phone with you, Goku. And try to be careful and not to cause trouble."

Goku growled again and jerked the phone out of his uncle's hand, stuffing the offending item into the pocket of his leather jacket, snarling; "Fine! I wouldn't cause you any trouble if you had just let me go like you promised. Don't think I'll forget it that easily ..."

With another death glare at his uncle and the staff he walked out of the door, slamming it behind him full force.

Turles winced. 'Yeah! I should have let him go with his friends instead of knocking him out. But Bardock forbade it, and he is the head of the family. Damn, hopefully he won't cause an accident with that damnable motorcycle of his.'

Goku raced through the dark streets, trying to lose himself, fleeing from his reality. It wasn't only because he hadn't been allowed to go on vacation with his friends, after his father had already allowed it. It wasn't because he had been knocked down by his own uncle, whom he had trusted, because he had tried to go despite his father's orders. No. He was used to that, minus the KO stunt. That was a new one. But of course they couldn't let him go, considering the fact that he had to meet his fiancée. Yes, they fucking betrothed him, without even telling him so. ChiChi was the girl's name. Never met her, never heard of her. Wedding date was in one month. ONE MONTH! He was seventeen for Christ's sake. Fuck the tradition!

Goku cast a glance in the mirror and groaned, annoyed. A car had been following him since he left home. Just great. Another one of those morons who actually thought that taking him hostage would give them absolute power over his father. Not very likely.

He eyed the car again and whistled. Sports car, very expensive, as far as he could see. He grinned evilly. Well, let's see if you can do this with your fancy little car.

Turning sharply he raced into a small alley, only broad enough for a car minus the mirrors and some of its paint. He slowed down a bit, grinning at the thought of the angry wanna-be kidnappers behind him.

He threw his head around at the sound of a loud bang and a screeching noise coming closer to him. His eyes widened in shock as he saw the car speeding towards him, sending out a shower of sparks at the sides where metal met wall.

The driver increased the speed even more, and all Goku could do was watch in horror as the car hit him, throwing him off his bike into the darkness.

The car came to a sudden halt and two figures jumped out of it. Both tall and muscular. The driver had long spiky black hair, was leaner than his companion and far younger, his teal eyes glittering with a slightly insane sparkle. His companion was much older and bulkier, the only hairs on his head being his thick eyebrows and his moustache. The bulky man cursed deftly under his breath, running towards the unconscious youth. "Fuck, Broli! We should catch him, not kill him. Fuck, if he's dead the Ouji will have our heads for it." He eyed the leather-clad youth warily, searching for any signs of any lethal injuries.

Broli laughed throatily and strode lazily towards his partner. "Well, we surely caught him. And fast at that. The Ouji doesn't want to wait, and if we had lost him he would have had our heads anyway. Now, is the brat still breathing?"

Nappa growled deep in his throat and hissed: "Yes! Now help me get him into the fucking car. I swear this is the last time I will accompany you. You are a fucking crazy bastard. Fuck! The car is a case for the scrap yard."

Goku awoke, the pain hammering in his head the only thing he felt at the moment. He groaned and tried to rub his eyes with his hands, just to notice it wasn't possible. He blinked and forced his mind to wake up completely. His hands were tied above his head. He looked up, his head protesting at the rash movement. He was tied up by his hands, hanging from the ceiling, kneeling on the cold floor. He gasped in surprise and pain, feeling the bruises on his body awaken as well. He frowned. What had happened? His mind was still foggy.

"Ah! I see you're awake, finally."

Goku looked around in the barely lit room. He could make out a figure in the shadows, leaning on a heavy looking desk. The only furniture in this room was that desk and a chair in front of him. A closed window on his right side was the only source of light, leaving half of the room in the dark. "Who are you?"

The only answer was a deep chuckle. The figure straightened and slowly stalked towards him, the man's features revealed slowly with every step he took. A muscular built body quite small in height, clad in a very dark business suit, golden tanned skin, black flame-like hair defying the gravitation, hard but handsome features and the most intense black eyes Goku had ever seen. The boy's breath caught in his throat, feeling trapped in those eyes.

Seeing his reaction the man smirked and started to circle him slowly, ranking his eyes up and down his body. Goku tried to follow the man, meeting his eyes, and shuddering at the expression they held. He didn't know what was shining in them, but he felt excited and frightened at the same time, helpless and vulnerable.

"Do you know who I am?" The man asked with that deep voice of his, sending shivers down Goku's spine. He finally halted directly in front of the boy, reaching out and tilting his chin so that he was forced to look into the man's eyes, not that he would have been able to look away from these eyes anyway.

The boy shook his head lightly, wide eyes shining with curiosity and nervousness. The man studied his face intently, as though considering the truth of his statement. "Let's put it this way. Your father is the leader of one family. He has to answer to nobody … except for me."
Goku gasped in shock. "You are the Ouji, aren't you?"

The man looked at him satisfied. "Yes, Vegeta no Ouji, that's me. Now tell me … why are you here?"

Goku blinked in confusion, frowning lightly at that question. "I don't know", he whispered.

Vegeta raised an eyebrow and stroked the boy's lower lip with his thumb, then let his hand glide along the pale, soft skin of the boy's cheek, through his spiky yet soft hair, stopping at the back of the boy's head, watching the boy's eyes widen in confusion. Then he suddenly grabbed a fist full of hair and jerked the boy's head back rashly, baring his throat, bending down and hissing into his ear. "Your brother took something that belongs to me. And I want it back. And I want his head."

Goku had squeezed his eyes shut in pain, biting back a cry of pain at the sudden change in the Ouji's behavior. "R…Raditz? What … has he done?" Suddenly his hair was let loose again and a hand massaged the abused scalp. Then he could feel the Ouji's hot breath caressing his ear, and he slowly opened his eyes, wary of what would come next.

"You probably know that your brother wanted to increase his own worth by working for me, learning from me how to do business the right way?" Vegeta rose and turned around, walking towards the desk, turning around again and sitting down on the edge. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and continued. "Of course I made sure that he was aware where his place was. I only kept him here because of his father, because I wanted him to be a worthy leader once he took your father's place. At least that is what I thought he was aware of. It seemed that your brother had decided that he was not longer in need for my advice and protection. So he tried to take MY place!" The Ouji's voice rose with anger, before he calmed down again, sighing deeply. "Of course he failed, but he was able to win some of my men and, what is even worse, also some of my money. Not that I would need it … but I don't like people taking what's mine. So you can imagine that there has to be something done about that, don't you?"

Goku stared at the man and felt anger rise in his chest. "If you think kidnapping me will bring you your money back you are mistaken. My brother wouldn't do a shit to free me. He fucking hates me."

Vegeta raised an eyebrow and smirked again. "Well, that's a bit unexpected. But that won't change a thing. I didn't bring you here to blackmail your brother, but your father."

"My father? What… ? Was he part of this, too?" Goku now sounded a bit fearful. What would the Ouji do to his family? Treason was very strictly punished, only the death of the traitor was sufficient. The traitor's family was to be punished as well, even if innocent, to show the consequences of such an act.

Vegeta shook his head. "Not as far as I know, although I will further investigate on that. But your father will be the one who brings me back my money. He will be the one who brings me Raditz, to prove his own loyalty. But I've decided that he needs to be more … encouraged … to be quick about that. It was because of him I accepted Raditz as one of my men, and he failed me. Failure is unacceptable. So there is the need for punishment."

Vegeta rose again and walked towards Goku, crouching in front of him, whispering. "And that's where you come in, little one." He let a finger slide down Goku's heaving chest, over his white tank top, down to his black leather pants, pausing above his crotch, eyes always fixed on Goku's face.

Goku's breath hitched and his eyes shone with worry and confusion. He felt the older man's heavy gaze on him, the finger on his body leaving a trail of fire. He knew that something unpleasant would take place soon, but what the Ouji had in plan for him he didn't know. He didn't understand the heated expression in the Ouji's eyes, nor the strange touch of his hands.

"You are their jewel, aren't you, little one? The jewel they hide from everyone, even from me." Vegeta leaned closer again, starting to nip lightly at Goku's earlobe, drawing a gasp from him, making him shiver. "So tell me, what would you do to repay them? What would you do to keep them safe?"

Goku turned his head and looked into those deep dark orbs. "What do I have to do?" he whispered fearfully.

Vegeta smirked again, taking two things out of the pocket of his jacket, before taking it off and throwing it away. Soon his white shirt followed the same fate leaving his chest bare, his fiery gaze never leaving the shivering boy in front of him. One of the things was placed next to them on the floor. Goku gasped in surprise when he recognized his cell phone. Then he returned his gaze just to find the Ouji smirking slyly at him with a small but sharp knife in his hand. The man leaned forward placing a hand on Goku's leather clad leg, stroking it slowly up and down.

"Don't move or it'll hurt." Slowly he started to cut off the tight leather pants from the boy's pale, muscular legs.

Goku's breath caught in his throat and he froze, staring at the blade cutting through his clothes, feeling the cold steel sliding over his skin, surprisingly not cutting it … yet. His heart started to hammer harder in his chest, sending a strange heat through his veins, collecting in his stomach, exciting and frightening him. When the last piece of his pants was peeled off of him, along with his underwear, he closed his eyes and tried to get his body back under control again. He threw his eyes open and started to moan when his tank top was ripped off him and a wet, hot mouth started to suckle at his nipple. He arched into the older man's touch, his body on fire when the man's hand caressed his other nipple, knife thrown away. He was naked, tied up, utterly vulnerable, painfully aroused and he couldn't do anything about it. And somehow, he shamefully admitted, it turned him on, he enjoyed it.

Vegeta started to cover the boy's pale skin with wet kisses and light bites, leaving red marks in their wake, while his hands traveled and explored the softness of the boy's curves. Soon one of his hands was kneading the soft cheeks of the boy's ass, the other one fisting the silky hair, angling the boy's head so he could plunge his tongue deeply into that sweet, tempting mouth. Vegeta let his hand wander to the front of the boy, taking hold of his half aroused cock, stroking and pumping it, swallowing all the gasps and moans he received from the responsive teen. He continued to torture the boy, massaging his balls while suckling a highly sensitive spot on his neck. When he felt the boy's climax nearing, he looked up at the flustered face, head thrown back, eyes closed and cheeks flushed, panting heavily. He knew that the boy wasn't aware of anything except the pleasure … well, time to change that.

At first Goku didn't notice that both of Vegeta's hands had wandered to the same spot on his body, too caught up in this unknown haze. He was still concentrated on the wicked things Vegeta's tongue did to his suddenly sensitive chest. So the digits entering him painfully took him completely by surprise. Outweigh
"What …argh … are you … hngh … doing?" Goku tensed as the fingers continued to stretch him, touching him where he never even thought of somebody willing to touch him. Suddenly he threw his head back and cried out, as a wave of pleasure raced through him. He opened his legs even more to give the man better access. He heard his tormentor chuckle deeply and stroking that spot inside of him again. "Please… that's too much … I … I can't." He started to writhe under the man's touch, pain long forgotten, trying to make those fingers stroke that spot as much and as hard as possible, handicapped by his still bound hands. He didn't know how long the Ouji continued to play with him, keeping him on the brink of a climax, denying him it in the last moment. Suddenly the fingers were gone, leaving him needy and nearly sobbing in frustration, overwhelming the sound of a zipper being pulled down.

Then he felt his legs being jerked from underneath him. He watched as Vegeta placed himself between them and something large was pushing at his entrance. He stared at the man in shock, starting to pale when his hazy mind registered what this man had planned.

He cried out in pain as the thick length was pushed into him without warning, tearing him inside. He felt like he was being split in two, the pain nearly unbearable. He didn't feel anything despite the pain, not even noticing the tears spilling from his eyes, or the sobs shaking his body. "Please, stop. It hurts ... please … don't …" Goku shook his head in denial. This couldn't happen.

After some time, as the pain faded slightly, Goku tried to relax his painfully tensed body. As suddenly as before the hardness inside him was withdrawn and slammed back again, hitting that spot inside, reviving the pain, making him scream out loud. The Ouji started a series of slow, deep thrusts, making Goku cry out over and over again.

At first neither of them noticed the noise, too caught up in what was going on. Goku felt the painful movements in his body stop suddenly, as Vegeta took the ringing phone from floor.

"Yes?" His voice was low and husky, sounding dangerous even in its passion.

Turles froze in shock when he recognized the voice on the other end. He had called his nephew to demand to know where he was in the middle of the night. He had just received message from one of his informants about what Raditz had done. He wanted to warn Goku, to bring him home where he was safe. But now his blood ran cold when he heard the low and husky voice of Vegeta no Ouji, making it painfully clear that he was too late. "Where is my nephew?"

Vegeta chuckled deeply. "He's right beside me. I think you already know what happened. That's why you called, isn't it?"  He thrust again into the hot tight body, now wet with the boy's blood, hitting the boy's prostate with deadly accuracy. Goku cried out loudly in a mixture of pleasure and pain, pain still being the more prominent feeling.

Turles' blood ran cold at the cries and pants he heard at the other end of the phone. The knowledge of what was happening to his innocent nephew was making his heart clench painfully. "W…what do you want? Where is he? What have you done?"

Vegeta snarled angrily. "I want back what's mine. Give me Raditz and my money, and I might consider letting him live. The longer you take, the more he will suffer. Your choice. Your family has betrayed me and you will have to pay the price. He will be the one paying the price. I want Raditz and I want him fast." Vegeta started to pump into the boy again. Faster. Harder. Making him groan and cry out loudly before he cut the line and dropped the phone on the floor.

Now he returned his undivided attention to the panting boy before him, glistening in sweat. Vegeta moaned low at that sight and continued thrusting into heaven. He felt his climax approaching and knew he wouldn't last very long in that wonderful tightness. Suckling at the boy's nipples again, pumping his angry arousal, hitting his pleasure spot over and over again.

Goku could feel the pleasure starting to outweigh the pain, concentration fully on it, blending out the pain as much as possible. That strange pressure started to build up within his loins again and with a startled cry the boy came into his tormentor's hand, coating both of them with his creamy seed.

Feeling the hot sheath tighten even more around him, pumping him tightly, Vegeta couldn't hold it any longer and emptied his seed into the boy, roaring out loud. After his climax had subsided, he opened his eyes, still panting heavily, feeling exhausted and deeply satisfied.

He looked at the boy, who had passed out from the immense pain and combined pleasure. The Ouji studied the boy's pale complexion, his well-toned body, covered with blood, cum and bite marks. He drew his now flaccid length out of the bloody entrance and sat back on the floor, trying to regain his shaky breath. After a while he started to smirk again, standing up and stroking the boy's sweaty face again. "Not bad, little one. Might as well keep you."



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