Chapter 07

Goku wriggled excitedly on the seat of the huge limousine Vegeta had commanded him to stay put and wait for him, eyes glued to the plasma screen were he tried out the most awesome videogame collection known to man … or at least to him. Combined with the book and manga collection, the fridge filled with snacks and cool drinks, he just had an inkling that this was not the usual equipment Vegeta used to keep in his car. That alone made his heart tingle, that and the sensual parting kiss combined with the words that he had to stay in safety, because he was too precious to risk loosing him.

After getting to a higher level, Goku stored his score and decided to take a break. He didn't want to be too wound up from the game when Geta returned.

They were in Tokio at the moment, Geta having some business to attend to, and Goku was allowed to keep him company. He blushed slightly at that thought about what exactly this entailed. Strangely it didn't disturb him all that much to be kept as a bed warmer as it probably should have. Maybe because of the warmth and tenderness in his … owner's … lover's eyes?

Goku still didn't know how to call him. But he had developed quite a sexual appetite himself lately. Ever since he had given up resisting his masterful Ouji, he felt more and more inclined to take the initiative someday. Maybe even today. That was another reason he was so giddy. He had been thinking a lot about this lately, even researched some in the internet about sex and seduction. As long as he didn't try to run away, the Ouji let him do pretty much anything to keep him happy. Like shopping online for the skin-tight jeans he was currently wearing. Although Geta hadn't been too fond of the orange shirt, no matter how nicely it hugged his torso.

Goku sighed and took a sip from his coke, still ice cold from the fridge. Gazing out of the window lazily he wondered what it would take for him not to shy away in the very last minute. He put away his drink and started to doze off slightly, soothed by the cars movement, circling around Geta's location.

Suddenly he jerked awake when he heard the car stop and the door open. With an annoyed huff Vegeta dropped next to him on the car seat, agitation rolling off of him in waves. He took of his tie and opened his shirt slightly, gratefully taking the drink Goku offered and relaxing back into the lush seats.

Things had been stressful lately, and Geta had often indulged in working off his tenseness in the bedroom, Goku remembered fondly. That had been some wild nights. With unusual calculation in his eyes, he watched as the older man downed his drink, mesmerized by the swallowing motion of his throat. Maybe…

He took the now empty glass and eyed his master as he laid his head back and closed his eyes, rubbing them with his hand. His wonderful, strong hand. Putting the glass away quickly, Goku made a decision. It was time. With unconsciously sensuous movements he quickly climbed into the Oujis lap, jeans already getting tighter. Meeting the surprised gaze with a challenging one, he claimed the lips that had driven him to frenzy so many times, exploring the mouth he knew so well jet again.

Not one to be outdone Vegeta soon took control of the kiss and started massaging the firm buttocks on his lap, hissing when slender hips started to gyrate, driving him to madness. Still, this was Goku's turn to seduce, and while he let the Ouji control certain aspect of their encounter, he did not want to remain idle this time.

Sliding open the bottoms of the shirt he broke the kiss and started to explore the muscled chest before him while grinding his hips into the other ones growing excitement. Latching onto a caramel nipple he sucked, licked and nibbled, while massaging the other one with his free hand. His heart soared in triumph when the older man moaned and threw his head back.

With a grin he locked eyes with his master and slowly climbed off of his lap, mouth trailing the well muscled stomach, dipping into the navel while slowly loosening the man's trousers.

Vegeta watched mesmerized as the young boy seduced him. Who would have thought that the innocent young kid would turn into such a temptation? When he felt the heat of that sinful mouth envelope his need he could not stop a cry from erupting.

Goku started to experiment with the hot flesh in his mouth, licking, nibbling, sucking, elated at the passionate response he got from the otherwise tightly controlled man. He stared to roll the heavy sacks around in his hand, while tasting the precome at the tip of the pulsing shaft. Lost in the sensations he squeaked in surprised when he was pulled upwards, and pushed on his hands and knees on the luxurious leather seat. Within minutes his shirt was ripped off, and his jeans were discarded on the floor.

He moaned deeply when his butt cheeks were kneaded and parted by strong hands, and hot breath stroked over his quivering pucker. He heard Geta chuckle deeply and felt a soft lick were he not so long ago never considered being licked at. With a helpless cry he held on for dear life when his entrance was speared with something hot, slick and wicked. He felt a hand stroking his leaking cock and another massaging his balls. Soon his pelvis felt like it melted, and he couldn't form a coherent thought to save his life.

He mewled with frustration as the ministrations ceased, and let himself be seated onto the Ouji's lap pliantly, desperate for release. He opened his eyes, which he had squeezed shut while being handled expertly, and his breath caught at the Ouji's expression. The smoldering heat was unbearable, and he could feel the erect cock stroking his slick entrance. Only the Ouji's strong arms held him up and started to wriggle desperately.

His lips were caught in a heated kiss. "Ride me." Was all the warning he got when all the support was gone and he was speared onto the hot flesh. It was a tight fit, being hardly stretched at all, a delicious burn that went straight to his own cock. When he thought he couldn't go any further, his master's hands pushed him down, making him scream with passion, turning the air in his lungs into fire along with the bones in his body. Not thinking at all, only feeling and reacting Goku started to ride his master, head thrown back, body glistening with sweat.

Hand on his hips helping to keep him stable, massaging his buttocks, fingering his opening. And when he felt like he had no strength left, on the verge of ecstasy, the grip tightened and strong hips flexed, pumping upwards into him. Every hit hammering onto his prostate, and with a horse cry Goku was lost to the heat that had build up within him. He barely noticed the roar accompanying the sudden heat in his channel, the satisfaction that he had broken the Ouji's control only adding to his pleasure. With short gasps he collapsed onto his lover's body, unable to move, and unwilling as well.