Chapter Three

Fury had almost made it to her room, when she saw Kane leaning against her door. Groaning to herself at the sight of him in tight, black jeans and nothing else.
"Kane,"she said casually, unlocking her door,"What are you doing here? Taker should be heading back to your room." Kane followed her inside, shutting the door.
"Didn't come here for Taker. I came here to talk to you."
"Oh, not worried about your brother at this time of night?"she asked, throwing her key card down.
"No. He can't sleep either. Besides, he's a big boy. He can take care of himself." Turning toward him, she ran right into his solid chest. His arms wrapped around her so she wouldn't fall, but looking in her eyes made him forget everything else. Leaning down, he captured her lips with a hungry growl. Not even trying to be gentle, he pulled her as close to him as he could. His hands roamed over her body, feeling her shivering against him. Finally, he pulled back, looking at her with eyes blazing from passion.
"God, I want you, Fury!" he growled against her cheek,"I've wanted you for months. More than I've ever wanted anyone before."
"Kane," she whispered with a quaking voice,"I.....we..."
"Shhhhh," he whispered against her lips, just before plunging his tongue into her sweet mouth. Pulling away from him on shaking legs, she said,"Kane, you need to go."
"Why? You can't tell me that you don't want this!"
"No, I can't, but I can tell you I don't want the pain that would come with it."
"Pain? Baby, I'd never hurt you. You should know that by now."
"No, don't understand! I can't do this! I have..... Just go, please!" Kane pulled her against him, savagely kissing her. He could taste her blood as her lip was cut open on her teeth from the pressure he was applying. He licked all the traces of blood off her lips and said,
"You can't or you won't? Take a chance, baby girl. If you don't, you'll never know who loves you." With those parting words, he walked out the door, too pissed to bother closing it. Fury slowly made her way to the door and shut it. Sliding down to her knees, she sat there and cried for the first time in years.

Fury got Vince to change her story line, so she was single, but only for a short time. He didn't specify how long, but it really didn't matter. She just needed time to build up her wall again. After all, how could she choose one brother over the other? Especially when she was in love with them both. Night after night, she would drink herself to sleep, only to dream of them. She still did her job, but it wasn't the same. The whole crew seemed to know something was up because people avoided her and the brothers like the plague. She didn't know why. She didn't realize that she was an absolute bitch to everyone, and as for Taker and Kane, they were still the assholes they had been.

For almost a month, every time she turned around, there was Taker or Kane. Going to the ring, leaving the ring, training, staff meetings, even at lunch. Finally, Fury just started avoiding them altogether. She did everything she could not to be near them. It wasn't long before they were sick of it. Kane watched as Fury snuck out of the arena, through the side door. Punching the wall beside him, he walked back to his locker room. He had totally forgotten about the stage hand he had been talking to. The poor guy fainted dead away when Kane's fist smashed a hole in the wall about four inches above the guy's head.

After their tag-team match, Kane and Taker were sitting in their locker room, drinking a few beers. "So, Kane, gonna tell me what ya did to your hand?"Undertaker asked, popping open another beer.
"Got in a fight with a wall,"Kane grumbled, throwing his empty beer can in the corner,"Bro, we gotta do something! This shit is driving me crazy! I mean, if we can't have her as our own then she should at least be part of us in the ring!" "I agree. It's gettin' to me too. So what should we do?"
"I don't know! I just want answers!" "We've gotten answers out of people before. We just need to confront her. Lay it all out for her."
"Yeah. That could work. I mean, we don't need to scare her, just talk." "Ready to go then?" With a nod, Kane grabbed his bag and left. Undertaker was right behind him.

It took a few times of knocking, but they heard her opening the door. Undertaker took a deep breath to control his impatients while Kane paced. After all, it was almost 1:00 am, and she was probably sleeping. Opening the door, Fury's eyes finally focused on the men standing before her. She tried to slam the door shut, but Taker forced his way in. He pushed Fury back as Kane slammed and locked the door behind him. Fury was pale with fear and her eyes wide as she took several steps back.
"What are you doing here?" she managed to find her voice. "We want answers," Undertaker said, stalking her like a hungry wolf,"You've done everything short of quitting to avoid us. Now, I want to know why." He was the kind of man that consumed your thoughts and body with desire, but to give into such would surely invite nothing but heartache.
"You shouldn't be here," she chided,"What if someone sees you....." "I don't give a good God damn!" he snapped causing Fury to jump. He was madder than hell and his eyes burned with intensity as he stared her down,"I want answers and I want them NOW!"
"I..........I don't have answer you," she said, nearly breathless. "Like hell you don't!" Taker hissed, backing her toward a wall. Ducking around him, going for the door, Fury ran right into Kane. He held her tight then turned her around so her back was against his chest. There was no escape as he kept his arms securly around her. She felt the heat from him as Undertaker moved in closer. His eyes were burning holes into hers as he stopped just inches from her. She couldn't breath, couldn't think, couldn't move. The only thing she could do was clutch her robe shut with her shaky hands, hoping they wouldn't realize she was naked under it. "Start talkin', little girl," Taker whispered, leaning his face close to hers, "What's a matter? Are you scared of us?"
"No, I'm not,"she quickly replied, her temper flaring "No?" Taker questioned,"Oh, I think you are afraid." His gaze suddenly drifted down to her breasts, perfectly displayed by the gap in the robe she was wearing. A shiver ran though her entire body, right down to her toes, as his warm finger traced circles over her breasts. Kane felt it and smiled, letting his hands caress her stomach. She took a deep breath and held it as she closed her eyes, praying that they would just leave her alone and go back to their room. "I think you're afraid of the things I make you feel," Taker whispered, his lips barely touching hers. Kane kissed her neck then whispered,"You're afraid of what you feel for us both." "You're afraid of us touching you. You're afraid of what might happen if we did, but you still want it, don't you, Fury? You want us to touch you the way you've been dreaming of." A soft whimper escaped her lips as her entire body began to tremble. She slowly let out her breath, but her eyes remained closed. She couldn't look at him, didn't want him to see the truth in her eyes. Oh, God! Why had they come here?
"But, most of all, little girl, I think you want to feel our thick cocks in that tight little pussy of yours,"Kane said, rubbing himself against her ass, showing her the evidence of his arousal,"Yes, you want us deep inside of you, fucking you until you can't stand it anymore. Touching and kissing you. Making every lovely inch of you ours."
"Taker,"she said in an almost pleading way, with trembling lips, as she turned her head to the side. Taker only leaned forward, inhaling the scent of her perfume. Slowly his tongue snaked out to trace a path from her lips, down her throat, to her clevage. Kane began to kiss and nibble on her neck, licking her ear lobe. Fury was powerless, a deer trapped by her hunters. A slave held by her masters. She was trembling from both fear and anticipation as she fought back the many urges inside of her. Unaware of her actions, she placed her hands on Taker's shoulders. She didn't know if she should push him away or pull him closer.
"Taker.please,"she begged, with tears in her eyes. "I need you, Fury," Taker whispered as his hand grasped her robe,"I need you like I've never needed a woman before. I have to have you. Tell me you want it, want me. Say it."
"NO! I can't!" Fury cried. "Look at me," Taker said, using his free hand to turn her chin so that she was facing him,"Open your eyes and look at me." Slowly Fury's eyes opened. "Look me in the eye and tell me you don't want me. Tell me you don't want us," Taker challenged. Fury took a deep breath.
"Yes,"she whispered as a tear rolled down her cheek, "Yes, I ............." Taker captured her lips with his, crushing her body between him and Kane. He kissed her hard and fast, needing her to feel the desire that was consuming him. Pulling back, he turned her around to face Kane.
"I told you that I would never hurt you,"Kane said softly, stroking her cheek,"We are two people that you never have to be afraid of." Lowering his lips to hers, he pushed his tongue into her mouth, groaning as she kissed him back. "Darlin',"Taker whispered in her ear,"You need to tell us. We both want you, but once we have you, we're never letting you go. So, if you don't want this or us, you need to tell us." Kane lifted his head, looking in her eyes, and said,"Taker's right. Once we have you, then you're ours forever." Moving over to sit on the bed, Fury felt tears in her eyes, as she asked,"You mean you both want me? Forever?"
"That's what we've been trying to tell you, baby girl,"Kane replied, kneeling on the floor, between her legs.
"B....but what about other women? You two could have anyone." Undertaker sat behind her on the bed and replied,"We only want you." She looked at Kane, who nodded and said,"Baby, we've talked so much about you, about how we feel, that we know we both love you. The only thing to do about it, is either share you or keep it strictly business."
" both would be mine? Just mine?" "Yep,"Taker said, wrapping his arms around her again,"Nobody elses. Just like you'd be ours and nobody elses." She let her tears fall in earnest as she whispered,"I.....I was trying stay away from you I wouldn't have to choose. I fell in love with you both, but I didn't want to cause problems between you two." At her confession, Undertaker leaned against the headboard, and pulled Fury to him. Holding her tightly to him, he said, "Darlin', that just made me love you more." He turned her face toward him and kissed her deeply once again. He had to see her. Every since the night in the elevator, all he wanted was to feel her like this, breathless, in his arms. Never in his life had he felt such fire for one woman. Kane seemed to read his mind, as he pulled open Fury's robe, and began kissing her beautiful legs. Taker licked and gently bit her neck, trailing kisses up to her ear. Kane tapped his brother's arm to get his attention. Cocking his head in a 'come here' way, Kane stood up. As soon as Taker was beside him, they pulled Fury's robe out from underneath her, throwing on the floor. Very slowly, the brothers stripped off their clothes, watching Fury as she watched them. The last thing they pulled off was their jeans and Fury's eyes widened as her cheeks burned red. Neither one was wearing underware. They climbed on to the bed, one on each side of her. Hands and lips were everywhere. Soon tongues and kisses were mixed with groans of passion. Fury was beyond reason. She was wild and reckless, but she wanted these men, she couldn't deny that. Nothing existed anymore. Everything dissolved around them until it was just her, Kane, and Taker. Taker growled,"I want to take you further than you've ever imagined." Kane licked her nipple, and as she gasped, added,"I want to make all your fantasies come true." Fury closed her eyes. Her mind was going crazy like never before. What had happened to the ice-cold woman of a few weeks ago? She'd been turned into a mass of sexual tension. She looked at them both, seeing that their eyes held promises of pleasure beyond her imagination.
"I....I want you to make love to me,"she whispered, as if the sound of her voice might shatter the feelings between them,"but......" "But what?"Undertaker asked, gently rubbing her other nipple.
"I...I'" Taker remained quite as his lips captured hers again. His arms wrapped around her as if she would disappear any moment. His kisses had been tender at first, but then desire and hunger took over, making his hard lips dominate hers.

Undertaker cradled her to him, sucking at her breast. Fury's moans drifted though the air as her hands flew to his hair. She felt Kane move down the bed as his fingers drift lightly over her entrance, teasing her, causing her body to shiver. She arched her hips toward him without realizing it. Kane's mind was as clouded as hers. He couldn't count how many times he'd pictured her like this. Her hair a mass of wild curls, her lips swollen from his kisses, and her body his to do with what he pleased. He couldn't wait to be inside of her.
"Ahhhh,"Fury gasped as one of Kane's fingers slid into her. Kane groaned, feeling how tight and wet she was. Slowly, he began probing and searching with his fingers. Meanwhile, Taker moved so Fury was laying flat, as he hovered over her. His hard cock brushed her lips as he said, "Suck it, Darlin'." She did as he said while Kane's fingers worked in and out of her body, loving the way she was moving in time with his hand. His thumb found her clit, applying just the right amount of pressure. Kane felt her insides begin to tighten and contract. His fingers moved faster and harder within her. Her moans grew louder and then she suddenly pulled her mouth off of Taker and screamed, in fear of the intense feelings,
"It's okay, baby. There's nothin' to be afraid of. Just let it happen," he whispered, raising his head and smiling at her, as he began to kissing his way up her legs. She watched, wide eyed as he reached her womanhood. Her tummy trembled as she watched him. He slowly licked her wet entrance and her little clit, that was begging for attention. Slowly, he glided a finger over her clit again, bringing a moan from her.
"Do you know how often I've dreamed of having you like this?" Kane breathed, his voice husky with passion, "I've always wondered how sweet you taste."
"Kane, please......," she begged, her legs trembling. A slow smile crept over his lips as he lowered his mouth. Fury jerked and pulled at his hair as his tongue came in contact with her clit. A shuttering moan escaped her lips as he began to assault her womanhood. His educated tongue smothered her mound with demanding mastery. Undertaker knelt over her again, sitting on his knees, to hold her still as Kane began to show her what she had never known. Fury was literally thrashing around on the bed while Taker kissed and sucked on her nipples. He rubbed his cock over each nipple then over her lips. Her tongue flicked over the tip of him, tasting the pre-cum that was there. Kane was being merciless with his assault at the same time, as Fury held on to Taker tightly. Kane's tongue drove deeper and deeper into Fury, reaching parts unknown. Her nails clawed at Taker's back, leaving angry red scratches, but it was exactly the way he wanted her.
"Oh god Taker!" Fury screamed. "Kane! Kane, I- I can't take much more!" Kane said not a word, only pushed her further and further towards the edge. He wanted to feel her juices flowing into his mouth . It wasn't long before his wish was granted. Fury's body began to jerk wildly as her desire flowed, accompanied by her screams. Fury gasped as her body shattered into a million pieces. Kane drank from her, moaning, as her essence flowed across his tongue. She tasted far sweeter than he'd ever imagined.

Kane rose, licking his lips. The bed sunk as his body covered hers. His lips captured hers, allowing her to taste herself on his tongue, while he settled himself between her legs. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she felt him slowly enter her, his size stretching her to accommodate him. A scream escaped her lips as he pushed through the barrier of her virginity, making her feel like she was being split in two.
"Jesus," Kane gasped as he entered her velvety tightness, "Sweet Jesus." Undertaker kissed her passionatly, caressing her skin, as Kane began to move in and out of her, his mind loving the perfect sensation of being inside of her. Kane stuck two fingers into Taker's mouth, causing him to groan, as he tasted Fury on them. Kane moved slowly, almost painfully for him, yet he wanted to savor the feeling of being inside of her. He also didn't want to hurt her anymore than he already had. Undertaker reached up and wiped the sweat off Kane's forehead, pulling his fingers out of his mouth. Glancing down at Fury, Taker saw that her eyes were closed tightly. He moved over her, kneeling so he was facing Kane, with his cock rubbing against Fury's lips. He leaned his head against Kane's shoulder as Fury sucked his cock into her mouth hard. "Oh, shit!"Taker exclaimed, holding himself up with one hand, while he grabbed Kane's head with the other. Pulling Kane's lips to his own, Taker fucked Kane's mouth with his tongue, moving in time with Kane and Fury. Not being able to take any more, Undertaker pulled back from Fury. Kane moaned, moving faster into Fury, as Taker continued the kiss. Suddenly Kane bit down on Taker's lip, and they both tasted the blood, as he came hard. Untangling themselves, Kane laid next to Fury, kissing her roughly. Taker moved between her legs, slowly sliding into her heat. "Can you handle it, little girl?" Taker growled, his teeth locked together,"Can you take all of me?"
"Yes,"Fury breathed, biting at his shoulder. A smile crossed Taker's face. This was defiantly the woman for him. "Hold on, darlin',"he warned as he slid almost completely out of her, only to drive into her with all his might. Fury bit into his shoulder and her nails dug into his back, drawing blood. Taker himself, growled out in pleasure from the pain. His hips began to move forcefully, driving into her body savagely. Soon they began to move in a perfect rhythm, in a dance as old as time. Pleasure flooded their bodies as Taker continued his assault. Fury's nails raked down his back, over and over, leaving deep bloody gouges.

Taker could hear his heart pounding in his his ears, muffling the pleasured screams of Fury. He loved the feel of her nails biting hard into his back, mixed with the feel of the luscious woman beneath him. The fires inside their bodies began to build higher and higher. Fury's body began to tighten around Taker as she was nearing the edge. She clung to him for dear life, biting into his shoulder as tears flooded her eyes. She felt beyond perfect in his arms, with his body thrusting inside of her. When she could no longer stand the pleasure, her head snapped back and her body arched into his, as her pleasure became obvious in her screams. Her body shot to the stars and shattered into a billion shimmering pieces. Taker was far from done. His body was not satisfied. He drove deeper and harder into her, finding the paradise he'd always craved, inside of her body. Fury watched Taker though half-closed eyes, as Kane moved behind him, reaching between his brother's legs and caressing his balls. Taker gritted his teeth together, as he felt what Kane was doing. Kane slid his body tightly against Taker's, reaching around him to grab Fury's hips, pulling them up slightly, as he kissed his back. He was simply breathtaking as an animalistic yell escaped from his throat, his seed spilled into her. Fury joined him, feeling her body explode once more, as Kane slid a finger over her. Nothing seemed more perfect that this moment.

They all collapsed against the bed, Taker allowing his full weight to rest upon her. They laid there for a moment, just catching their breath, and allowing their bodies to relax. Suddenly Fury felt tears well up in her eyes again. A small sniffle drew Taker's attention. "Did I hurt you?"he asked, pulling his weight from her at once,"What's wrong?" Fury looked deep into his emerald eyes before she spoke.
"What now?"she whispered,"Now that........well, I ......I ..mean.........." The two men chuckled at her embarrassment as they tucked her in between them. Somehow, all three of them were wrapped in each others arms, as they fell asleep.