Chapter 11 : No More Summertime

"I can't believe the summer's over already!" Ginny yelled above the noise and gave a sad smile. She unwillingly shook her head in an attempt to stop her mother from fussing with her hair. Molly Weasley let go of her daughters red hair, reluctantly and looked at her children.

As Ginny sat down on her drunk with a disappointed look on her face – she always did prefer summer over school – Harry and Ron laughed at the young girl and waved at two familiar looking boys. Ron's face was also covered with freckles; this summer had been extra warm and even managed to bring some color into Harry's face. They looked handsome, Molly thought proudly.

"I can't believe I'm going back to school," another voice next to her muttered in reply to Ginny's comment. A triumphal smile appeared on Molly's face as she turned to Fred. He looked miserable, as far as Fred could look miserable. She had forced him to get rid of his set of expensive clothes and he was wearing the same old uniform as before. Her sons were going back to Hogwarts, where they belonged. She knew Fred – and George, for that matter – weren't too happy about it, but something told her that they would adjust. In the end, she reasoned, they would thank her.

Her smile grew even larger as her eyes fell on her other twin, George. He muttered something in agreement with his brother and his girlfriend slapped him on the back of his head. Hermione looked happily at him as he turned to her, seemingly upset.

"Hermione! Stop doing that!" he whined, but his eyes showed the playful twinkle Molly knew all too well. Hermione saw it too and laughed nervously.

"Oh come on, George, school won't be that bad," she said, but then fell silent. She glanced around the platform and tried to find someone she knew. What would Lavender and Parvati say if they saw her here with George? Even worse, what would Millicent Bulstrode say to her if she knew about this! A smug smile appeared on her face. Millicent was one thing she hadn't missed this summer. Millicent and Pansy Parkinson of course.

The thought of the two Slytherin girls she disliked most brought her to her next worry. Draco Malfoy. She hadn't seen him yet, but what if he saw her. He would make her life miserable, she was sure of it! And he had been right, that one day in Diagon Alley! George Weasley fancied Granger. And she liked him back.

"One purple owl for your thoughts," a familiar voice whispered in her ear. Hermione smiled at the tingling feeling in her neck, caused by George's warm breathe and she turned around.

"I was thinking about," she quirked a brow and then continued, "Malfoy."

Georges jaw dropped. "Okay," he said slowly, "that's possible. Might I ask why the hell you're thinking about that slimy git?"

She chuckled, aggressiveness didn't suit George. "I was just thinking about what he would say about, well.. us."

"Who gives a damn about what Malfoy thinks about you, Hermione!" Ron cut in. She looked at him, half annoyed, half surprised.

He shrugged. "What, I didn't know it was private conversation!"

Hermione rolled her eyes but before she could say anything, George turned her head his way and smiled. "Ronniekins is right, though"

"Geoorge!!" Ron's voice sounded.

"Doesn't matter what anyone thinks about us," he told her and grinned, "As long as we're okay with us, it's fine by me."

"Oh George," she sighed, "Sometimes you can be such a .."

"A what?" he said, the same grin still present,"

Hermione sighed again and smiled. "A sweetheart," she said and kissed him, much to George's happiness.

At that point, Harry and Ron broke down in laughter and Hermioine turned red and stepped back. She glared at her two best friends, who nearly choked.

"Oh Hermione, you heard yourself!!" Ron laughed, but tried to shut himself up as he saw the look in his mother's eyes. Even though the sixteen year old boy towered over his mother, one glare could silence him still.

Molly Weasley nodded with satisfaction as all her children continued babbling and waited for the train to arrive. This had been a good summer. She had enjoyed Bill's company - it made up for Charley's absence -, Hermione and Harry had both been lovely at the Burrow and best of all: she was one step closer to grandchildren!

Fred eyed his mother with suspicion and tapped her on the shoulder. "Dearest mother, I know that look in your eyes." he said and grinned. "You're thinking about grandchildren!"


Molly turned slightly red as Hermione and George took a step back and bumped into Ron and Harry.

"Oh mom, come on!" George exclaimed.

Molly chuckled when she saw the expression on Hermiones face. "Oh that's nonsense Fred!" she told the eldest twin and shook her head at George.

"I was just thinking how cute the two of you looked together," she explained innocently.

Fred, and then Ron too, sniggered. "And then you thought about your grandchildren, ma," Ron said.

"Admit it!" Fred added happily and high-fived his brother. Harry shook his head and exchanged semi annoyed glanced with Ginny.

Ginny looked up at Hermione and studied her brother for a moment. "So George," she said, "And Fred.. You do realize you are repeating a year now, right? So that means you're only one year above Harry and you'll be the oldest Gryffindor students!"

Fred and George looked at each other and then at their sister. Fred frowned. "Your point being?"

"Well, no real point I suppose," Ginny shrugged, "I just thought I'd point that out for you." she smiled sweetly and then waved at a blonde girl that approached them.

"Luna! Hey Luna, over here!"

Luna Lovegood made her way through the crowd and stood at a distance from the group of Weasleys. The others greeted her, but Luna merely stared at Hermione who was holding hands with George.

"You two are dating?"

Hermione looked from her hand back to Luna. "Err, yes?"

Luna simply stared at her and then looked at Ginny. "Well I didn't know that," she said calmly and grabbed The Quibbler from her bag. Hermoine wanted to ask her a few things, curious how her summer had been, but before she could an extremely loud voice sounded over the platform.


The twins looked up and grinned. "JORDAN!" they yelled back and waved enthusiastically at Lee Jordan who ran their way. Lee Jordan, their best friend throughout Hogwarts, had been on a holiday to Jamaica and Hermione knew the twins hadn't seen him all summer.

"Out of my way, out of my way," the boy yelled, pushing people aside and jumped on Fred as soon as he was in reach. "Gred! Boy! I missed you so!"

"Leoanard! Good old chap! It's been ages!" Fred laughed as he hugged his friend. Lee let go off him with a grin and turned to George.

"Forge!" he said happily, "How the he-" he stopped in mid sentence as he saw how George was still holding Hermiones hand. Hermione, by now, had turned slightly pink.

"What's this?" Lee said in surprise, and stared at Hermione and George.

"Nice to see you, Lee!!" George laughed and held up Hermiones hand. "This is Hermione," he said simply. "You know her!"

Lee nodded, his mouth still open. "Yes, that's Granger, George!" he said and gave George a knowing look.

George grinned. "I'm aware of that, Lee. She's also my girlfriend."

Lee smiled broadly and gave a girly squeal. "Oh my GAWD!" he yelled, "You didn't!"

"Lee Jordan!" Molly Weasley interrupted, "We can hear you without all the yelling, thank you!"

Lee bowed in front of Molly and grinned. "My apologies Mrs Weasley, so lovely to see you again, though!"

"Yes, dear," she smiled. "But what are you doing here? Please tell me you did graduate?!"

"Of course I did! I'm only here to say goodbye to my little sister, Natalie" he made a waving motion in the direction of where his parents stood, "You must be ever so pleased to have your boys back in school!"

Molly beamed, and she could hear her twins groan. "They're just as excited, I assure you," she said.

"And the fact your George is finally dating, isn't that just precious!" Lee laughed and earned a slap on the head from Hermione.

"She's good at that, I warn you," George laughed and hugged on to his girlfriend. "Can't you just come with us, Lee? For fun?" he then asked, with a pleading look.

Fred clung to his best friend and nodded . "Yes Lee, do come with us. We'll be lonely without you!"

Lee laughed, "George won't, he has Hermiooone!"

"Well, more reasons for you to come! George left me! For Granger, no less!"

"Enough already!" Molly said, as she grabbed Fred by the ear.

"Ouch, ouch, Mom! Don't do that, that's soo .."

"Childish?" Hermione suggested as she stood next to him with her arms crossed.

"Just the thing for you then!" Ginny added happily and stood up. "Well, it's time guys!"

"All right, move along now. Lee, since you're here, help the girls with the trunks will you? And George, don't forget Zeus' cage!"

"No mother," the dull reply came as the four Weasleys, plus Hermione, Harry, Lee and Luna made their way to the train. Molly hugged each and everyone of her children goodbye – much to Ron, Fred and Georges dismay – and pulled both Harry and Hermione in a warm hug.

"Goodbye, dears, I hope you had a nice summer."

"Yes, Mrs Weasley, it was wonderful, as always," Harry said as he took Hedwigs cage and grinned at Hermione. "I know Hermione agrees with me."

"Oh do shut up, Harry," Hermione laughed and nodded at Molly. "I did have a lovely time, thank you so much for everything."

"Now dear, you make sure George behaves and does his homework in time. If there's anything you need to know about him, owl me! And you remember what we talked about the other day?"

Hermione blushed, again. How could she forget? It was the whole 'birds and the bees' talk all over again, the same one her mother tried to have with her, only this time it was wizard style. Molly had struggled with finding the right words and in the end Hermione didn't know if she wanted to laugh or cry.

She nodded, "Err, I'll remember, Mrs Weasley. Don't worry." She glanced at George who waited for her in the train, "I really have to go now!"

"Of course," Molyl said and sighed happily. "Off you go, and keep out of trouble you!" she added to the rest of the children.

"BYE MOTHER!" the Weasley children chanted and laughed as they went off to find a place to sit. Hermione shook her head as she walked up to George who gave her a curious look.

"What did she tell you?" he asked, as he wrapped his arm around her waste.

"Believe me, you don't want to know." Hermione said, shaking her head once more.

"All right," he said slowly and closed the door behind him. "So Ms Granger, are you ready for a year with George Weasley by your side?"

She smiled. "George, you're like a freckle." she started, remembering what she had said the first time she kissed him, "I can't get rid of you, I got used to you. And in the end, I really started to like you, too."

"Good enough for me," George said happily and ruffled her hair.

The End

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