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Sam Carter looked around at her three team mates, revelling in the warmth and friendship that emanated from them.

When she was with them she felt…safe, secure and Happy.

They were celebrating having saved the world. Again.

She started laughing as Daniel made a comment.

She laughed even harder when he looked at her, glasses askew to find out what was so funny.

Moments later Jack had joined in, giggling…Yes giggling…like there was no tomorrow. By this point they couldn't stop, even had they wanted to.

Daniel seemingly found this hilariously funny and couldn't help himself as a small giggle escaped his lips.

They didn't know what was funny. Well in the back of their minds they knew it might be something to do with who-knows-how-many bottles of beer they'd consumed.

Teal'c raised an eyebrow. He didn't see what was so funny and he told them so. In between fits of laughter they managed to tell him that they didn't actually know.

Teal'c was finding it hard to keep a straight face now.

He had come to the conclusion that they all had some kind of virus that was making it impossible for them to take life seriously.

He hadn't seen them behave like this before and, as they laughed even harder at his lack of understanding he pondered it, failing to keep the amusement out of his face.

Then it hit him.

He couldn't keep count of the number of times that he had seen them face death, destruction, torment and all things evil and yet he could remember exactly how many times he had seen them this happy.


Yet they faced all of these things and, while they would find some things amusing they rarely laughed out loud.

He remembered an old Jaffa saying. Often is laughter the cure for a troubled and tormented heart.

It was contagious, he decided. Jaffa did not laugh often and it had been many years since he himself had felt the desire to laugh like this but he did so now, giving in and releasing his usually reserved manner.

As he joined in the others laughed harder, making him in turn laugh harder in a never ending circle.

They were rolling around and clutching their sides now, tears streaming from their eyes as they relieved their hearts of the burdens they carried, curing their minds, hearts and souls with the one action.

Everything was drowned in a sea of Pure, Unadulterated Joy.


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