Okay last chapter of this story. It's short, too.

The Hope Diamond Scandal chapter five: The Beginning

The Four Minds

'In light of recent reports, six mutants, led by former Scotland Yard Agent Darian Wells, tried to steal the Hope Diamond from the Museum of Historical Arts last night. Agent Wells has been released of his duties permanently.

Citizens of the San Francisco area have been...Click. Hunter turned off the TV. "This is just depressing." he exclaimed.

"Well, at least you still have a job. Whatever it is that you do." Dodger said bitterly.

"You could do what I do." Shadow suggested.

"Become a thief?" Dodger questioned.

"You'd make a heck of a one. 'Specially with those powers."

"Thanks, but no thanks." he cringed taking the glass of wine Quinn offered him.

"At least they didn't get pictures." Quinn announced, sitting down into his favorite chair in the private conference room.

"Except they named me...That screws everything up for me." Dodger yelled angrily.

"Let's just do this." Saber stated.

"What!?" came from every other voice in the room.

"Do what?" Nature questioned.

"This. Work together." Saber stood. "We already proved how well we work together."

"She's got a point." Hunter agreed. The others shaking their heads.

"Then it's settled." Quinn stated. "We could start our own business finding loss objects and priceless gems."

"And people." Dodger added. "But what are we going to call ourselves?"

"The Vanquishers."

"The League."

"The Guild."

"The Finders Guild."

"The Gaggle." They all stopped, dumbfounded by the last.

"The Pack." Nature calmly stated. "Like wolves. The pack protects each other. They work together well and alone."

"I like it." Hunter stated.

"All in favor..."Quinn stood, holding out his hand. The others closing the circle.

And that's our story. That's how me and my group came to be. How six came together as one. The outlaw, the feline, the thief, the warrior, the princess, and the cop. All together. One big, messed up family. Well, most of the time. But then there's me. Between light and dark there is always shadow.

The End?