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The Immortal Keitaro

By WAFFaddict

Chapter 3


"What a view"

Rocketing into the air at break-neck speeds certainly seemed to be the farthest thing from Keitaro's mind. The glory of the environment ensnared him as he became aware of this different perspective that he was experiencing. A view closer than most would be comfortable with other than from the safety of an airplane.

"Who could have guessed that being propelled through the air was just so refreshing? I could really get used to this, but it seems so familiar. It's like déjà vu or something like that. Now if only I knew how exactly I got up here or how this is even possible. I mean, here I am talking to myself while flying through the air like a bird. It's like a dream."

The skyline lit with a nice golden tint as the sun glared out over the horizon from behind a group of clouds. The air was chilly and crisp, yet invigorating, like a spring morning. The smell of nature after a brisk thunderstorm infiltrated his nostrils as the natural sounds of the wild tickled his ear drums and excited his blood. This was the type of scene that screamed inspiration and creative thinking, yet encouraged a relaxation and calmness that could not be found in the city. This was the moment of a lifetime so of course for Keitaro it wouldn't last long.


"Darn birds always ruining the moment."


Keitaro tried to brace for the impact but it was too late. His only option was damage control. He flung his arms up to protect his face and closed his eyes just in time for the birds to divert from their path. His natural defense, the urge to apologize, ignited in him as he held his protective position.

"A close call, but now what to do."

After narrowly missing the flock of birds, he was struck with an idea

"I guess I need to find some way to avoid that happening again, maybe I can control my flight."

Keitaro began to try and navigate his way through the sky. He swung his arms right and left as he observed the results and finally came to his conclusion.

"I think that I can do it. Ok, so if I lean to the right, I'll go to the right, but if I lean to the left, I'll go to the left"

Unbeknownst to him at that moment, his arc of incline became an arc of decline. He had been so involved in experimenting with lateral directioning that he failed to notice he was losing altitude

"I wonder what would happen if I ….eh.ehhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Keitaro's thoughts came to a screeching halt as he suddenly became more aware of his surrounding. The ground was approaching quickly and there was only one

chance of slowing down.

"I wonder if, no this has got to work. If not I'm a dead man. There's no way I can survive a fall from this high."

Unfortunately as with most of Keitaro's plans, this one was doomed to fail. Keitaro furiously flapped his arms in an effort to fly or at the very least gain some control his landing. Keitaro's chain reaction of horrible luck began to churn. His arm flapping appeared to be working at first and his descent was slowed immensely, that was until a blur of yellow and green slammed into his face. And then it was gone.

'Was that a turtle?'

Keitaro took a moment to ponder why a turtle would be flying. He seemed to forget about his immediate situation as he stopped flapping and began to plummet towards the ground like a rock.


Maybe today just wasn't his day. He slammed into the ground with such force that the impact formed a crater wide enough for three swimming pools. The shockwave itself had leveled almost ten of the might oaks surrounding him.

"Ouch….that's going to leave a bruise."

Keitaro quickly sat up and began to survey the damage to him and his surrounding.

"What the....I'm not hurt, am I some kind of superhero."

As he looked at his hands, the bruises and scratches were slowly disappearing.

"That's it, I'm a superhero. That explains the immortality and the flying"

Deep within the dark recesses of Keitaro's brain, the sounds of multiple face faults could be heard echoing throughout.

"Um….I think that I need to speak with Memory Keitaro again"

"Well, Good Keitaro, I don't think that got anything to do with memory. I think one of the Brain Keitaro has probably messed something up and the others don't want to admit it, so they just covered it up with this insane notion."

"You know what Bad Keitaro, that has got to be the…"

"What… the most brilliant thing you've heard today….exact same thing you were thinking"

"No, that has got to be the stupidest idea that I've ever heard."

"Well at least, I'm not the one who screwed up, Keitaro and got us in this mess.

Back in the forest, Keitaro seemed to be having his own ordeal.

As glanced at the forests surrounding him, he began to realize all the damage that he had unintentionally inflicted.

"What have I done, as a superhero I should be saving instead of destroying

"As super hero has to save people, so I'm off to find people who need to be saved"

And that Keitaro flung his arms up and began to run around as if he could actually fly.

"So, I really don't need these glasses after all. Superheroes have excellent vision."

He flung his glasses to side and began to make his way down the path he created. His glasses clattered as they skid along the ground and nestled into a pile of leaves. He pumped his chest out just as he walked right in a tree.

"Maybe I'll keep the glasses just in case, a disguise…yeah a disguise."

He crawled around until he found his glasses before he set off on back into the brush.

As the day wore on, reality slowly returned to the now lost ronin. Keitaro realized that he had a long journey ahead of him. In order to get back home, he was going to venture through this undeveloped land seemingly devoid of civilization.

"I guess that I'll be taking the scenic route."

The only difference in the scenic route was that there were fewer trees to block the view of his surroundings. It was in this serene environment that the questions began to flood his mind. These questions were followed by images. Images that seemed to hint at answers to his questions .

'What is my name?'

An image of a group of girls came to mind. They were probably the same girls that had surrounded him before he was hit. He couldn't really tell the image was really fuzzy.

A brown-haired girl with glasses poking her head through a hole in the roof before jumping down with a big yellow stuffed animal. She sits down at the table and begins reading books with him.

"My girlfriend? She seems so relaxed around me."

Then the same girl angry girl with long brown hair minus her glasses rearing back and punching him through the wall screaming 'Pervert'.

"Maybe not"

A stoic girl with long black hair dressed in a traditional gi armed with a bokken performing a technique.

"From the look of her stature, the poses, that strength, she must be a superhero as well."

Next he sees himself walk into a room as this same girl is undressing. Her full body blush was soon followed by another blast from her bokken which lifted him through the roof into the sky as she called him a 'vile perverted male '

"They don't seem to like me at all…How could someone not like a superhero unless they are super-villains. Or maybe I'm a super villain. Scratch that a perverted super villain. That would really suck if it was true."

A young woman with short brown hair lying on the couch giving him a cute smile.

"She must be close to me."

The same young woman partly clothed swinging a large bottle of sake before collapsing on him. When she collapsed on him, her hand just happened to reach into his wallet and "borrowed" a little money

"A thief who must know my weakness."

A somewhat foggy image of a young brown-skinned blonde with a banana floated into his mind. At first it showed her attacking him with what appeared to be robot turtles with weapons, but it soon fogged over. Now it showed the same brown-skinned girl with her arms around his neck as if he was giving her a piggyback ride. No wait a minute, now she was choking him.

"She must be an assassin with a fetish for bananas."

A young, short dark haired girl working hard in the kitchen preparing what looked like a feast.

"Do I have chef?"

The same young girl was smiling as she hung out the laundry until a strong gust blew them all down and she began to panic. He sees himself helping her, both smiling as they complete her task together.

"A maid, no maybe she's my little sister"

A dark haired women smoking a cigarette smirking at him.

"Even though she seems strange there's something comforting about her."

The same dark haired women with the same smirk hitting him on the head with a newspaper.

"She must enjoy that."

A little old woman talking to a young girl with a cat on her shoulder.

"I can't remember where I know them from, but I'm sure I haven't seen them in a long time"

A young blonde girl accompanied by a tall man with glasses in a van.

The girl kicking him in the shin and running away. The man with the glasses crashes his van and steps out of it with blood running down his face.

"A daredevil and an evil circus midget? No, probably a business associate and his daughter."

A cute young woman walking toward him with a turtle on her head and a watermelon in her hand.

"I feel like I've known her for a long time, but what is with the turtle."

The same woman collapses but is caught by him before she hits the floor.

"I remember her. She called me Kei-kun or something like that. Well it's a start."

A playground

A sandlot

A large university

A promise

A long stairway leading to large building with all the girls from the previous images waving at him


Keitaro realized that he had stopped walking as he tried to organize his thoughts. If he stayed preoccupied with his thoughts he wouldn't be able to get anywhere.

"What was I doing anyway? As a matter of fact where am I now"

Inside of Keitaro's mind, the sounds of maniacal laughter could be heard throughout.

"It's really not that funny, Bad Keitaro."

"What do you mean, it's not that funny. This is hilarious and yet somewhat depressing. Just look at us."

Good Keitaro looked down at himself and over at Bad Keitaro just in time to see him slap his forehead and slide his hand down his face.

"Figures. No doubt that's where his obliviousness to stuff comes from. Constantly taking stuff literally."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean look at Keitaro, he's a total goofball even after he lost his memory. I'm sure most rational and intelligent people who worry about their location, food, and survival. Guess what Keitaro's main concern is…whether or not he's a superhero."

"He has…

"Shhhh…I'm not finished yet. He's remaining extremely calm for a person whose life might be in danger, yet put in front of a female and he panics like the world's coming to an end. I mean can you truly say you like being like that."

"I guess you have a point"

" Of course I do. You may have the heart, Good Keitaro, my boy but I've got the brains."

"Well Mr. Brains, what do we do about it."

"I think you already know what we need to do."

"You can't mean what I think you mean. Come on Bad, that is just too risky and there's no guarantee we can retrieve the other memories if we do it."

"Could it be any worse than the life he's lived up until right now?"


".You know what to do."

Good Keitaro stepped to the console and input the commands needed for this risky operation, but he also initiated a backup command to store all current memories and any others that might appear. He gave one glance to Bad Keitaro and hit enter. The entire room was bathe in a crimson red light as a solo column rose from the floor. Atop the column was an enclosed red button.

"Hey Bad, you know I'd never thought we'd ever have to use this and hopefully we won't ever have to do it again. So why don't you do the honors.

Bad Keitaro looked stunned as his good alter ego lifted the case and exposed the button. Bad Keitaro hand trembled as he reached out to press it.

"I'm a tad bit scared myself, but I think it has to be done. Tabula Rosa must be done. These bad memories must be flushed and we must start anew. I think I might miss the old idiot"

One last look at Good Keitaro, and he pressed the button and the entire system shutdown. Only time would tell now.

Author's Notes:

Ding-dong this fic's not dead; Ding-dong this fic's not dead. Immortal Keitaro is back after months of inactivity. I am looking for pre-readers. If you're interested just email me You can start pre-reading this and let me know about any errors. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Not much else to say until it's redone. That is if anyone is reading this, but you're probably not. Oh well..