This continuation was inspire by the story of Shinji Huntin' Season by: Raiden X. Yes I have official permission by the author Raiden X in which I must thank to. That is after

putting up missing signs of him around the globe and he had turn himself in.

Raiden X's email address is His email address works but I have received no reply from him. Also I fear he has stopped since according from his update of his website on 05/18/02 he had Chapter 5 of "Adventures of the 600,000,000,000 Purple Knight" 80% done. But it hasn't been posted yet. His fanfics mentions that he updates his website every few week but it's been over a year already. If anyone is able to contact with him, that would be great. I highly suggest you to email him asking him politely the progress of his work. It's unlikely he has quit but again I hope not. You can look for him by the user name Raiden X or you can click on my profile and click on favorite authors. You will find him listed in the favorite author section. If Raiden X doesn't like what I'm doing, I willing to take it off with no questions asked. After all it is his story but at least I am acknowledging his works.

I highly suggest you to read the 5 chapters of Shinji Huntin' Season before reading this story cause it's continuing the story. The story is hilarious and it's sad to see it not finish since it's a great fanfic. Also I'm really anxious for him to keep working cause I have idea that he could write about Shinji. But the wait is too long. Warning there is a lot of lime in his stories. I will in a way tone down the lime stuff to lower the rating but keep the humor. I will be using many elements of the story to make a good continuation to the story Shinji Huntin' Season that would also his side stories. I also will use his style of writing as well such as codes he had set up which will be listed at the next chapter here. And no I don't own Evangelion.

The next paragraph will tell about the previous chapter and pretty sums up all his chapters (just the main idea). If you don't want to know about it don't read it.

To sum up all the chapters together it's about the girl trying to court Shinji being their boyfriend. All attempts they have done have failed. Now in the previous chapter Asuka is having a slumber party. Six girls are at her apartment hiding in his room waiting for Shinji to come in order to surprise him with their "new late night clothes" They are hoping to get Shinji in that way. Now onwards with the next chapter.