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---Aoiya Dinner Table---

Everyone was laughing and eating. The atmosphere was lighter and happier than ever before. Yahiko sat down next to Tsubame and grabbed some rice. After filling his plate he served Tsubame a generous portion. The two shared a sweet smile, making Yahiko blush a faint pink before he dug in to hide his embarrassment. Sano, next to Megumi, snickered. "Oy, Yahiko- chan, having fun with your girlfriend?" Yahiko blushed but said no more. Sano, expecting a loud denial, was silent, and then burst out laughing. Everyone stopped to stare at him. "Yahiko-chan has a girlfriend!"

Kaoru grinned and laughed too. "Awww, my little deshi is growing up!"

Misao snickered along with Sano, "Yahiko-chan, you're growing up!" He blushed a deeper red and dug into his rice again to hide his blush. Tsubame giggled and he smiled at her.

Megumi, who was sitting very close to Sano, smiled. Yahiko grinned. "So," he drawled, "When's the wedding?"

Sano's eyes widened. "Nani?"

Yahiko snickered back, "You two look like a married couple, and you sure as heck argue like one."

Sano scowled, "Do not."

"Do too."

"Do not."

Yahiko grinned, "Do too. Look, Tori-atama's getting married! Sano and Megumi, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-"but fell silent when Sano reached across the table and stuffed a dumpling into his mouth.

"Shaddup, Yahiko-CHAN."

"Stop calling me –chan!" he yelled once he had swallowed the dumpling. Sano smirked.

Omasu looked curiously at them. "So, are you two getting married?"

Sano blushed slightly, but Megumi cut in before he could say something stupid, "Hai." Sano blushed harder as he caught Yahiko's smirk. Everyone 'oohed' and 'aahed' at the news.

Misao scowled at the attention they were getting. Omasu smiled kindly at her. "Why don't you tell everyone about you and Aoshi-sama?" She winked encouragingly. She cleared her throat to get everyone's attention. The table fell silent again.

Yahiko grinned, "Nani? You're getting married too? To the icicle?"

Misao glared at him. "Who you calling icicle?"

"Aoshi, of course. Who did you think I meant, itachi?"

"Who you calling itachi? Angry demon bird kick!!" Luckily, Aoshi cught her struggling form and set her quietly down beside him. She sighed and smiled lovingly at him, then resumed her dinner.

Yahiko laughed and looked at Kaoru, then did a double take. He peeked under the table and saw Kaoru's hand in Kenshin's. He smirked. "Busu...?" He left the question unasked. She blushed slightly.

All eyes turned to her. Okon smiled, "Lemme guess," she said half-dryly, half-amusedly, "You're getting married to Himura-san, ne?" She blushed some more and nodded. Everyone smiled and clapped for them.

Megumi smiled, "About time, ne, Ken-san?"

Misao laughed, "Finally, it took you two long enough!"

Kaoru grinned evilly, "I wouldn't talk, Misao-chan. I was beginning to think you and Aoshi-san were hopeless!" Aoshi coughed lightly to hide his blush and Misao pouted slightly.

Finally everyone was happy.

---2 months later---

Misao screamed in delight, startling Aoshi, who barely managed to mask it. "Aoshi-sama! Aoshi-sama!" He sighed, she had never gotten out of the habit of calling him 'Aoshi-sama'. "Kaoru-san's having a baby!" Aoshi smiled. Misao was the only one who ever saw him smile.

"Congratulations to Kamiya-san, then." She grinned. "Is it a boy or a girl?"

"Ano..." she paused, reading through the letter, "A boy...hai, a boy."

He smiled again, "Aa, he'll have a lady friend, perhaps."

Misao grinned mischievously, "I'll make sure he does."

---Same time at the Kamiya Dojo---

"Kenshin!" Kaoru cried.

Kenshin came hurrying over, "Hai?"

"Misao-chan's having a baby! It's a girl!" She winked roguishly.


Kaoru sighed, "Misao-chan's having a baby girl. We're having a baby boy. Boy and girl..." She left the sentence hanging, hoping he'd figure it out himself.

"Oh!" he said in realization, "Now you and Misao-dono can compare having a baby boy and a baby girl." He smiled.

Kaoru slapped herself on the forehead. "Baka! Misao-chan's 2 months pregnant with a baby girl. That means they'll be born around the same time and Misao-chan's baby girl can be our baby boy's girlfriend." She smiled.

"Oh!" he said his eyes widening. Kaoru looked at him incredulously. "Kaoru, I'm kidding," he assured her, kissing her softly on the lips, "Of course I knew that!"

"Suuure," Kaoru said sarcastically, but she didn't say anymore as Kenshin caught his lips on hers.

-----THE END-----

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