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Summery: What if Haruko and Mamimi came back?

Authors Notes: My first Furi Kuri fic. I'm calling the two boys that are friends with Naota, Gaku (the hyper one with glasses that overreacts all the time) and Matsu (the other one). Oh and you'll just have to wait and see what the pairing is. Its....a surprise. And its suposed to confuse you...so don't guess.......uh, what else, this isn't a one shot story...oh and Eri is Ninamori's first name, that is all ^.^

"And Then I Met You"

Chapter one


By : SNOW...........................

"Naota! Hey Naota! Wake up!" I grumbled lightly in my sleep. I was hearing things again.

"Naota-kun!? Naaoooootaaaaaaa! Hellooooo! Wake up you lazy bum!" I rolled over. Those imaginary voices were persistent.

"Naota, Naota, Naota, Naota, Naota, Naota, Naota," And it was begining to get on my nerves. I grumbled again.

"Naota, Naota, NAOTA-KUN!" "ALRIGHT ALREADY!!" I shot up and fell right off the bed. I blinked and rummbed my head looking around. No one was there. I had a feeling I was turning mental.

"Hey! Are you up yet!" Or maybe not. I got up and looked out the window. Eri Ninamori, Gaku and Matsu were standing outside the bread shop looking impatient. "Are you comin with us or what?" Matsu asked.

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes. "For what?" Gaku looked offended. "For what! We got a part time job, you idiot! Did you forget already?" Oh yeah. That. "Uh, no, just a sec I'll be down in a minute." I ran from the window but still caught Eri's coment. "Why should we wait a second if he'll be down in a minute?"


I ran outside with a piece of toast and we all headed down to the river side for the truck. Gaku's dad got a new one.

It had been three years since then. Since the truck was eaten by 'Ta-kun' and the city was left in near ruins. That was when Haruko and Mamimi left. Things weren't the same.

"We've gota drop off the big stuff first. Who does the television go to Ninamori?"

I started going by Naota. No one called me Ta-kun anymore. That was too much of a reminder. That I hadn't heard from Haruko and that Mamimi stopped writing last year.

"Mr. Harikotsu at the electronics store. He's about a mile from here."

Though Mamimi never actually wrote, she used to send pictures. Now I don't know where she is. Her pictures stopped showing up in local magazines, the reporters couldn't get interviews any more. But the last photos she sent were post marked America.

I sat against the edge of the truck looking out toward the water. We came up by the bridge. That bridge, that Haruko ran over me on. She was really weird. Like my weird older house keeper.

Eri handed Gaku the clipboard and walked over to my side of the truck, sitting down. I watched her pull her legs up to her chest and rest her arms on her knees. "So what are you thinking?" I made no expression, shrugging out of habbit. "Nothing imparticular. Just stuff."

She gave me that knowing look. That Ninamori You-can't-fool-me stare. "You were looking at the bridge." She knew she had me. I rolled my eyes. "Why do you ask, if you allready know?" She shrugged, tucking back a strand of violet hair and looking ahead. She'd grown it back out after sixth grade. After the whole ordeal.

"You know we're gona go get taco's after the rout. They have a new fast food place down the road. Across the bridge. It's pretty cool." The tone of her voice made me look at her. She wasn't so sure of herself right now. Not the regular un-wavered Eri. "So do you wana come? Go with us to check it out. They wouldn't have too spicy food."

That wasn't much of a lie. Taco's had plenty of spicy stuff. I hate spicy stuff. But she still was looking across the river. She wouldn't look at me. I had a feeling she really wanted me to come this time. I never did. She always asked. "Yeah, sure. I'll come." Her eyes sort of lit up and she bit her bottom lip to keep from smiling too much and looked at me. "Great."

I guess I could stand some spice.


In the afternoon we went back to the bread shop. Gaku had to go somewhere, but Matsu and Ninamori stayed with me. It was my shift to work at the counter, but no one really came in the afternoon's so we talked for hours. It was fun being with them. We made eachother laugh.

At about five Gaku left for dinner, and Ninamori stayed for another thirty minutes before her parents called. Then she left too. I didn't get off till nine. No one would come, but I had to stay put until we closed the store in the evening.

I leaned my cheek on the palm of my hand and stared aimlessly at the bread display. Dad was still selling that day old bread. Day old spicy bread. The kind that Mamimi bought.

Everything would remind me of them. One or the other, and then you couldn't think of just one. They were accociated together, becaue they left around the same time. And they were what changed my life the most.

Before I met Mamimi, things were different. At one time everyone was happy. That was the time a year before Haruko came. When Tasuka was still here. Mamimi was about as avid with that camera then, but surprisingly, she'd only taken one picture of the three of us.

It was at a funny angle, like all Mamimi's pictures, Onichan was on the left, Mamimi beside him, and me in the front smiling like an idiot and making the victory sign. Mamimi's arm was reached out, like she was trying to take it while standing there. Good old Mamimi, never lets anyone touch her camera.

Tasuka didn't write much either. I hadn't really heard from him in a while. Dad didn't really care, and Grandpa was too absorbed in other things.

When Haruko left, she just faded away. That's what happens sometimes. I told her I loved her. Pronounced it right there in front of who ever. And then she left. She said I was still a kid, and she was right. I still am just a kid. Love is too complicated kids to get. It's too complicated for anyone, but some people still seem to manage.

It made me wonder about how Mamimi felt. I realized that I let her down. I'd promise to stay by her side. But I gave up on her because I was jelous. And she left without spite toward me; I still felt awful.

It was getting darker. I looked to the dusty clock in the corner which read eight-fifty-five. I sighed and got up, grabbing a broom. I had to sweep up before we closed. I'd end up closing up too, cause dad wouldn't be back till late. Who knew where he was.


I was a little startled by a voice, but kept sweeping. "We're closing soon, come back tomorrow at eight." I didn't hear the person leave. Though I hadn't heard them walk in to begin with, so I could just be suffering from headphone hearing loss.


A person who knew my name?


No one called me Ta-kun anymore, but-

I turned around almost hesitantly.


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