Title: The Wish

Summary: Two N/J Shippers get transported to the VIP verse. Wackiness ensues.

Rating: PG

Flavor: Humor/Drama/Romance

Disclaimer: Pam, SPE, J.M Lawton own VIP

Timeline: VIP Season Three

Dedicated: This is dedicated to every n/j shipper who screamed at the TV "Just say it already' while throwing the remote in the same general direction during that infamous scene in Run Val Run.

Chapter One: I wish…

The sun is shining and the leaves have turned their beautiful fall colors. It's a beautiful fall day in the town of College Park. It's the middle of the fall semester at the University of Maryland, and students on and off campus are busy studying for their midterm exams, that coming week. Two friends are taking a break from studying for exams. In a two-room apartment two girls are sitting on the couch in the living room watching T.V. The two girls Dawn and Faith have been inseparable since they came to the university. They are alike in every way, except that Dawn is a few inches taller than Faith, and has a lighter complexion. Faith on the other hand has a darker complexion but that never mattered to them, they were practically like sisters. They are watching their favorite T.V show VIP just like they did every Saturday afternoon. But little did they know that two little words would change their otherwise normal day. They like millions of other girls in the country are ogling over the incredibly hot actor Dustin Nguyen who plays Johnny Loh on the show. While they were watching the show, they were having one of their many discussions about which actor was hotter James Marsters who plays Spike on Buffy or Dustin Nguyen who plays Johnny Loh on VIP. "What do you mean Spike's hotter than Johnny?" Faith says with a look of disbelief on her face.

"Well…I mean Johnny's hot and all, but Spikes all immortal and a vampire, and plus who else could pull off that look anyway?" Dawn says with a semi defiant look on her face.

What is she talking about? Faith thinks then she says, " Have you lost your mind! Johnny's way hotter than Spike" with that she throws a pillow at Dawn.

"Hey! What was…? Oh no…that's it! This means war!" says Dawn trying to sound angry. She picked up another pillow and threw it back in Faiths direction.

That one act of 'war' escalated into the two girls running around the apartment chasing each other with pillows in their all the while trying to watch the show.  This went on for a few more minutes, until Dawn realized "Oh my god we're missing it!" With that both girls quickly made their way to back to the couch.

"You do know its all your fault, Faith"

"What? My fault! I wasn't the one…." Faith was about to finish her 'defense' when Dawn shushed her.

As they're watching the screen, what's taking place is beginning to frustrate and annoy them. They both sit silence for a few seconds until Faith speaks up and says" This is soo annoying! I mean sheesh! Why doesn't she just say it already!"

"Tell me about it I heard she never really says it…I hate it when they do that…build up the suspense for nothing…"Dawn says agreeing

"Oh my you I know what? I wish we were there so we could give her a piece of our minds" Faith says angrily as she launches the remote at the T.V screen.

Meanwhile in an apartment one floor up from the girls apartment a young woman is growing increasing irritable at the all the commotion that seems to be happening in the floor beneath her. Halley seems like every young college student, but she really is not. You see Halley is a wish granting demon, and right now her wish is for these girls to be quiet, so as soon as she heard Faith utter the words 'I wish" she morphed into her demon visage and said "Done".

With that word Dawn and Faiths apartment is filled a white light, and suddenly the girls find themselves on the floor of a white windowless room. They look around and realize they aren't alone in this room. There are about four other people in there with them.

"Uh…Dawn? I hate to sound cliché but I don't think we're in Kansas anymore?"  Faith says slowly getting up

"Do you have any idea where we are?" Dawn whispers, while getting up off the floor.

"Um I don't know…" Faith says looking around, and what she sees leaves her speechless. Dawn is getting tired of waiting for Faith to tell her where they are, turns around and looks in where Faith is looking at says " Oh. My…We're, we're…that-that's…oh, my…He-he…he's sooo hot!" as she's speaking she's beginning to hyperventilate.

"It-its okay Dawn, breathe, breathe… Its, its..he-he , he…." Faith says trying to come up with more to say but she cant so she just stands there with her mouth open.

Meanwhile Nikki is getting quite agitated at the girls admiration of Johnny so she gets in their faces and in a semi threatening voice says "Who are you and how did you get here?"

"Well…umm…I-I'm F-faith, and this…is-is…D-dawn…"Faith says grabbing Dawns arm and backing away slowly from Nikki.

"Yeah , we, we're um…um…watching…TV… and…and…now… we're…here.." Dawn says still holding on to Faiths arm.

"OW! What the hell was that!" Tasha says rubbing her head with her hand. She began to look around to see what it was exactly that hit her. As she's looking she sees a T.V remote on the floor. How did this get here…Hmm…Maybe our two visitors know…With that she begins her interrogation of the now terrified girls.

"Now remind me again how you two supposedly got here? Yeah you were watching TV, and as you put it, now you're here. Uh, huh likely story, so tell me who exactly do you work for? Did he(pointing to a camera in the wall) put you up to this?" She says walking menacingly towards the girls.

Not liking the way this was going Johnny speaks up and says " Hey, that's enough. I mean they don't look like a threat to me. They just look sacred"

" Sacred huh? Well they didn't look too sacred when they were ogling at you." Nikki spat

"Now, Now Miss Franco there's no need to get jealous." Says a voice seemingly from above.

"Jealous? I'll show you jealous….I…."

"Now aren't you a feisty one. Now these two weren't in my plan, but what can I say the more the merrier." The voice laughs evilly.

Now the girls seemingly normal Saturday afternoon has turned into a fight for their lives.

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