Title: The Wish

Summary: Two N/J Shippers get transported to the VIP verse. Wackiness ensues.

Rating: PG

Flavor: Humor/Drama/Romance

Disclaimer: Pam, SPE, J.M Lawton own VIP

Timeline: VIP Season Three

Dedicated: This is dedicated to every n/j shipper who screamed at the TV "Just say it already' while throwing the remote in the same general direction during that infamous scene in Run Val Run.

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Chapter Two: Famous last words

When last we left our two heros, I mean shippers, they were in the fight for their lives, in a white windowless room, where you could cut the tension with a knife..A really really sharp knife...with sharp jagged edges and....Umm..anyway...Like I was saying when we last left our two heros they were feeling a range of emotions from olging Johnny to sheer terror. Alas let us see what challenges our heros are facing....On with the show..I mean story....:

"Well Nikki, I guess you're not the one only who thinks Johnny is totally hot." Kay says using her digibra.

"What? When did I? I never…Well I might've but…I didn't…that was completely different." Nikki says blushing slightly.

Noticing Nikki's reaction Johnny put his arm around and her says " Aww…Nikki I didn't know you thought I was totally hot?" with a huge grin on his face. Meanwhile Nikki's face is slowly turning beet red.

"Aww that's soo sweet…" Dawn and Faith say at the same time.

"I hate to interrupt this very touching moment, but you've got a job to do." The Spider says by way of a video camera from his office.

"He's going to tell us his evil plan now"-Faith whispers to Dawn

"Yeah but why do they always tell them their evil plan?I mean dont they know that its not going to work?" Dawn whispers back

"Well you know you cant make it too complicated...I mean the show is only 1 hour, 45 minutes without the commercials, so there's only so much they can do in that amount of time" Faith explains. Dawn nodds in agreenment as she and Faith prepare to hear the Spiders "evil plan".

But before he could explain his evil plan, Tasha upon heaing the word show decided it was time to grill the girls again...show...Show? What show? I knew these girls must know more than theyre telling Ill just have to find out what exactly theyre up to with that she began her interrogation of the girls once more " Show? What show are you talking about?" she said with her trademark you-better-tell-me-what-youre-up-to-or-else voice.

Terrified once again the girls just stood there for a moment until Faith gathered all her courage her voice shaking expressing the sheer terror that was welling up inside her "Uh...well...Like we said before...We were..umm..watching tv...and wham now we're here...." as she spoke Dawn grabbed her arm as they cowerd in fear bracing for the wrath of Tasha.

"Uh huh, that still doesnt explain why you said show? Now what show are you talking about? Answer me!?" Tasha said with a meancing look on her face.

But before either of the girls could answer her Johnny who had moved from his position next to Nikki spoke up said "Tasha, I think I should be the one asking them the questions okay?" Not wanting the spider to think that there was dissention in the ranks, Tasha reluctantly obliged, and allowed Johnny to be where the girls were. He went up to the terrified girls and with a soft voice said " I think what Tasha wants to know is how exactly you got here...Can you tell me exactly what happend?" ...

Relaxing a little Faith replied" Well first we were studying for our midterms you know,but then we decided to take a break f-from that s-so we c-could watch our favorite show...."

"And what is your favorite show?"

"V-v-i-p" Faith replied

"VIP?" Johnny said with a confused look on his face " Whats that?"

Both girls looked at each other, for a moment until Dawn finnally said " VIP is a s-show, about umm..this girl who works at a hot-dog stand, when this movie star guy asks her out a date to this function thingy, and when they get to the function thingy she saves his life from these..bad guys, and hes soo grateful t-that he tells everyone that shes the worlds greatest bodyguard..B-but s-she isnt..S-so....." she nudges her friend to finish the explaination " Y-yeah shes not so..umm..like shes this figure head type person, a-and umm... yeah...Ooo..there's this really hot guy on the show..hes all Jet Li... -ish and...all...." she stops abruptly when she notices that Nikki is giving her the evil eye again, confused at first for a moment, until she realizes that she had been staring deep into his eyes again, embarrassed she shys away.

"Uh huh and whats this girls name?" Johnny continues, still not putting all the pieces together...

"V-vallery Irons..." Faith responds looking down the whole time, so she wouldnt get lost in his eyes again.

Vallery Irons? No...they couldnt be talking about....Not Val?! Tasha thinks Hmm...Let me make sure Im hearing what i think im hearing.... " So youre telling me that this whole thing is a t.v show?" she says in a firm but not threatening tone.

Faith looks at Dawn, and nods.

"Uh huh so explain to me the events that led to you being here?" Tasha says questioningly...

"W-well..Like we told you before we were watching our favorite show VIP, a-and umm...w-we were waiting for umm Nikki to tell Johnny that she loved him, but she didnt and we were umm..really mad..so we..um...said that we wished we were on the show s-so we could give her a piece of our minds....Cause they so belong together...." Dawn says looking at Faith waiting for her to finish for her..."Y-yeah ever since t-that incident last season with the van and the kissing.." Faith continues still trying futilely to not ogle at Johnny...

"Y-you know about that?How?When did...? But I wasnt...that..wasnt...I..." suddenly Nikki was at loss for words, which only got worse when she turned around and saw that Johnny had a huge grin on his face, slowly her face turned the color of the lipstick she was wearing.

"See we arent the only ones who think you guys are meant to be" Kay says using her digi-bra.

"Ahem! Now...this is all very touching...But can we please move on here...Sheesh..." The Spider says exasperated

"He's finnally going to tell us his evil plan" Dawn whispers to Faith, who for the second time eagerly awaits what diabolical plan this particular villain has in store.

"Enough with the evil plan...!You people watch too much tv..Anyway..like I was saying...You guys have a job to do..." as he was about to divulge his diabolical scheme, Dawn piped up and said "Well what is it this time? Global domination?Its global domination isnt it..?"

Taken aback by her comment for a moment, he regained his composure and responded by saying "Its not global domination for your information...Its more like revenge...Payback..."

"Thats it?!Sheesh you villians sure arent very original...Revenge is soo last season..." Dawn says annoyed.

"Yeah some evil genius you are..Ive heard better evil plots on Kim Possible..Atleast Dr. Drakken is original...although hes not too bright..alot like some people I know..."Faith says agitated...

Hearing this exchange Tasha speaks up and says to the girls in her patented you-better-cut-it-out-whatever-it-is-youre-doing-or-else voice "What are you guys trying to do?Get us all killed?!"

"Oh calm down Tasha.Dont have a cow...Look we know how this episode ends cause we watched it on kazza last night." Faith says confidently no longer fearing the wrath of Tasha.

"Kazza? whats that?" Johnny questioned

Dawn was about to reply when Kay interupted her and said using her digi-bra " Kazza is a website in which you pay a monthly fee to download unlimited episodes of your favorite tv show, before and after its already aired."

Tasha curious to know exactly how much the girls know about the 'show' restarts her interrogation but with alot less bite " So...how does this 'epidsode' end?" she asked matter-of-factly.

Dawn gave Faith a look that said 'You do it" and she relunctantly obliged and started her explaination ..." Well lets see...it ends with the bad guys getting their butts kicked, followed by partying at Foam, in which Kay asks Nikki what exactly she was going to say to Johnny as they were facing an early date with death, and of course she didnt say what you wanted her to say which was that she loves Johnny...But noo....what does she say...something lame about buying her a drink if they get out there alive...We were soo mad...The whole time we're like 'shes finnally going to tell him' but as usual the stupid writers give us hope of a nice shippy ending and then dash our hopes all in one fell swoop...Its really beginning to get on our nerves...I mean first with the van and the kissing, and now with almost saying it but not saying it...We've had..Enough with the flirting and denial of said flirting....Either she loves him or she doesnt...Honestly some people...." she ends her speach with a glare of her own at Nikki..

But I do love him...I love him soo much...I mean hes not unlovable...I mean hes really cute....more than cute..Hes hot!....Hes lips are just...I wonder what would happen if I kissed him again...Bad Nikki. stop thinking about kissing Johnny...even though hes sexy and hot...and...those abs..are..stop it..stop it..Oh come on Nikki you cant stop yourself..I can so..Can not.."Can so!" Nikki blurts out revealing the inner turmoil thats going on inside of her, with everyone staring at her she quickly covers up her outburst by saying" I mean..We can so get out of here..yeah..." her face still turing beet red from embarrassment..

"Yeah whatever I like I was saying before I was interupted, you guys have a job to do....Youll be taken to a van where there will enough weapons to arm a small army..If any of you try anything funny Ill restart your wristbands and its bye bye VIP.." The Spider said laughing evilly..

Faith and Dawn both rolled their eyes and realized that they had had knowledge that the Spider didnt..And they were going to use it to their advatange..When they first got there they jsut wanted to go home, but now they wanted to make some changes..First of which was to get Nikki to admit that she had feelings for Johnny.Maybe this wasnt soo bad after all...The villian seemed as competant as the evil Dr Drakken on Kim Possible...Maybe just maybe itll all work out. after all..Perhaps theyll have that nice shippy ending afterall..As soon as they foiled the spiders evil yet tragically flawed plan..

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