Reggie got her hair just perfect and put the dress on, finally her first prom. Otto stood at her door and stared in disgust. Reggie looked away from her mirror to Otto "Look Rocket Boy I will still be the same ass kicking chick on the block tomorrow, just give me one night to be a girl."
"Reg, I love you and all but it is just too hard I mean come on I don't care if you want to be pretty sometimes especially for Prom but Reg why Lars?"
"Otto you wouldn't understand he isn't just perfect he has a nice side too," Reggie said getting mushy.
"Whatever Rocket Girl I am out," Otto said walking out with disgust.
Reggie kept getting ready though she liked Lars a lot so she wanted her prom to be perfect. Reggie then looked at her clock it was five o'clock already and Lars would be here any minute now. Reggie then grabbed her coat and purse and ran downstairs. When she reached the door Lars was already waiting in front of a limo. Reggie turned around and hugged Ray then said bye to Otto as he leaned against a doorway in distaste.
"Regina Rocket I never would have imagined going to prom with you."
"Lars is that good or bad?"
"Reggie it is good I think you are very beautiful I am glad you want to go with me," Lars said opening the door and handing Reggie a rose. Reggie got in the limo and gasped the floor had yellow and red rose petals all over. When Lars got in Reggie kissed him right on the lips.
When they arrived at a nice seafood place for dinner Reggie got out and Lars followed her grabbing her hand and walking by her side Reggie smiled. When they got inside Lars argued with the Hostess about if they have a reservation or not. When they finally got seated Reggie ordered Iced Tea and Shrimp Pasta and Lars ordered a soda and Crab Linguini. It was an hour before their food finally arrived and Lars was furious but he didn't show it. Reggie smiled after dinner and the limo took them to a hotel where the dance was.
When they got inside they were amazed this year's theme was 'Moonlight Sonata.' The ceiling had black fabric on top with lights underneath it. There were streamers of dark blue and black coming down and the balloon sculpture was of a star. Reggie was in love and happy. She turned to her left and saw Lars gazing up at the ceiling and smiling he turned to look at his date they kissed and went to the floor. The first song was 'To Make You Feel My Love' by Garth Brooks and Lars held Reggie by the waist and Reggie rested her head on his shoulder.