Royal Task

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Royal Task

It was a peaceful morning for Princess Chihiro Ogino of the Ogino Kingdom. The sun streamed through her pale green lace curtains to land softly on her face. Outside the birds were singing their morning songs and inside, the sleeping princess snuggled deeper into her down pillow. She sighed happily, preparing herself for more sleep.

Everything was peaceful all right……that is until a frantic young woman with ebony hair came barging into the royal chamber.

Walking over to the dozing princess, she yanked back the covers and tugged on her arm. "Chihiro, you have to hurry up! You're going to be late!" cried Kasumi as she rushed about, fussing over her friend.

"I know, I know! I'm trying," came the groggy reply.

Kasumi paused in the middle of looking through her wardrobe and glanced at the young brunette. She sighed as she saw her friend still lying in bed.

"Come on! Your parents are gonna kill me if you're late for this," and with that, she rushed over the lump that was her best friend and rolled her off the bed.

"Ah! Kasumi, that hurt…" Chihiro groaned from her position on the floor. Kasumi smirked, "yea well if you'd gotten up when I told you to, this wouldn't have happened. Now hurry up and get dressed. Their Majesties are waiting." With a sigh, the rudely awakened princess dragged herself to the bathroom.

After washing up and finally dressed to Kasumi's approval without too much trouble ("No way am I gonna wear that!" "Don't make me force you…" "I said I'm NOT wearing that!!" Muffled shrieks can be heard…), Princess Chihiro and her lady-in-waiting finally reached the Great Hall (AN: Creative, I know…--;) where the king and queen and most of the court were seated.

As the two young women reached the elegantly carved oak doors, the guards announced Chihiro, "And now presenting, the lovely and graceful, Princess Chihiro." And bowed her into the giant room.

Chihiro frowned at the announcement, she never liked the court rules and manners. Lovely and graceful my butt, she thought.

Oh, it wasn't that Chihiro was ugly, she was pretty enough, but you wouldn't call her beautiful. Her chestnut hair (AN: yes it switches colors. From dark brown to light brown, chocolate brown to mahogany brown…I just can't stick with one, ^_^;) hung in thick waves down her back, so unlike her usual style of a plain ponytail held with a purple hair tie. Her pale skin that stood out against the lavender material of her gown was more like somebody who hadn't seen the sun in awhile than ivory. And there wasn't much of a figure to speak of, but she was a maturing young woman so her parents didn't worry.

In truth, she didn't look much of a princess, but there was something about her that always made her seem regal.

The crowd watched the young woman as she approached the thrones. Giving a passable curtsy, in which she managed to stay standing, she seated herself on the right side of her mother, Queen Yuuko.

As she settled herself, King Akio boomed out in a deep voice, pausing every now and then for effect. "Today (pause) we have much to rejoice. (pause) Our princess has finally turned 15!" At this, the court cheered and Chihiro flushed at all the attention.

"She is now at the age (big pause) where she is able to marry…" Oh damn…she cursed to herself. Her father continued, oblivious to his daughter's mental banter and the ill expression she now wore.

"But before she is able (even bigger pause) she must complete a task (unneeded pause) that would prove her (…this is starting to sound choppy….oops I mean…pause^^;) worthy of the throne." Chihiro's expression went from ill to surprise. Her friend Kasumi, who was standing beside her, gave her a discreet pat on the shoulder.


She cast a bewildered look at her mother, who smiled sympathetically. Having gone through the exact same thing when she was 15, she knew how her daughter felt.

Meanwhile, Chihiro was chanting curses inside her head. Ah damn, damn damn damn damn da- her father unexpectedly cut her off. "She is to leave tomorrow morning at dawn."

Chihiro stared at him in disbelief. If she hadn't known better, she'd think her parents hated her. But no, her father was sporting a huge grin that just showed how proud he was of her and her mother was happy to tears.

It wasn't the first time Chihiro thought about what an odd family she came from.

"You're going to be just fine," Kasumi whispered comfortingly.

Chihiro nodded, grateful for her friend's support. Yes, she'd be fine. As long as I don't have to do anything major…like kill ogres, save villages, sacrifice my sanity…pfft, yea I'll be just fine. She thought dryly.

The court was dismissed and everybody sent home. Chihiro was told to go pack and get ready for her early departure the next morning. How was it that the once wonderfully peaceful morning had gone so wonderfully wrong?

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