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Oh yeah, before I get started, here's a bit of the bios on the characters I added.:

Hallie Age: 15 Codename: Cloak Gift: Invisibility and she could turn objects invisible

Josie: Age: 14 ½, Codename: Whirlwind Gift: Ability to control the elements ( weather and elements like fire, water, earth, wind )

Irma Age: 14 Codename: Nightcat Gift: Teleportation and the ability to create a strong electrical current

Ginger Age: 12 almost 13 Codename: Fire-fly Gift: Ability to create and manipulate fire



"RUN! JOSIE! RUN!!!" yelled a voice. Josie ran like the wind, heck, she ran like crazy, until something struck her. She looked at her hands in awe as she saw scarlet red blood oozing out of her hands. The pain was so intense , she would have almost cried. But that wasn't her, that wasn't her nature.

"God! I swear! I'll kill them!" she yelled in rage. Her eyes turned pale, her voice lowered. She looked back at her friends, who were staring at her in awe.

"Let me show you who's boss around here!" she mumbled

"Get them Josie! Kick their ass!" cheered one of her comrades.

A clash of lightning, a streak in the sky, thunder struck the police cars.
In one minute, it was over. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*********************~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A normal weekend at the institute, all the students would be having fun and laughing, doing their homework ( like that would happen ) skate boarding or polishing their cars for the fifth time that day . It was a hot summer day, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. But just 5 minutes, strange enough, the sky turned a violent grey and clashes of lightning were in the sky and resounding thunder filled the air.

"Ok everyone! Inside the institute! I want everyone to be in their dorms until I or any other teacher says otherwise." Bellowed Scott Summer

" I bet you'd like Jean to be in your dorm!" a girl yelled

" I heard that Tabitha! It isn't very nice to be mean to your superiors." Taunted Scott in a girlie kind of way.

Everyone giggled because they knew that Scott thought that he was superior to everyone else, but if they said anything else, Scott would probably shoot of their toes. Everyone slowly walked into the institute without another word to Scott. Scott ran threw the crowd and ran up to Jean Grey.

" What do you think happened? It definitively wasn't a regular thunder storm. Too fast.Let's go ask Storm if she had anything to do with it!" said Scott as he pulled Jean to Storm's room.

When they found the door, they started to knock on the door like the madmen that they are.

"Yes! YES! Come in!" said Storm. She looked at the dented door, " YOU TWO! THAT'S THE LAST STRAW! NO MORE KNOCKING! I'm GETTING A DOORBELL!" She yelled

" Storm we're really sorry, but we needed to ask you a question." said Jean

" OK, ask away!" said the enraged Storm

" We needed to ask you if you created the thunder storm! Because one minute it was beautiful, and the next, IT WAS RAINING!!! " yelled Scott, " And I just finished waxing my car! I'm gonna have to wax it AGAIN!" And then Scott started to have a hissy fit while rolling on the floor.

" I always knew he was gonna crack!" muttered Storm and she saw Scott attacking and biting her bed, she yelled " NO! Scott! Stop attacking the bed!!! I said STOP!" And Scott was zapped by a lightning bolt.

"Owie!" said the now burnt Scott.

" DO YOU WANT ME TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION!?" roared Storm. Scott and Jean nodded. " Alright. I did not tamper with the elements today, but I do remark that I can feel some sort of presence that is controlling the elements, but I am not sure who or what is doing such a thing." Said Storm as her eyes fluttered out of the conversation and looked out the window.

" I have the feeling that things around here are going to change drastically." added Jean. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*********************~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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