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" You don't mean we're going to go to the institute?!" said Josie, " AW man! I was really enjoying not having to be surrounded by rules!!!" said ( or more like whined) Josie as she stretched her legs out.

" Well, it's your choice! Tree, or food? Tree or comfy bed? Tree or----" said Hallie as she was cut off by Josie

" Ok! Ok! I get the point! What's the plan Irma!?" said Josie

" Well, I was thinking, I could go to the institute, ask my brother if he could arrange something with the head poncho of the school, and that we could stay there in till the cops are not so careful and always guarding everything." Said Irma as she took a deep breath.

" Ok, but what do you mean by "I"? There's no I in team!" said Ginger

" Yeah!!! We're coming with you!" said Hallie as she jumped up and nearly fell off tree.

" WOA! Hallie watch it! We don't want to take you to the institute in a match box!" said Josie as she lifted Hallie back on the tree.

" Ok, but who are we going to get there? That's what I couldn't figure out!" said Irma

They all looked at Irma like she had gone crazy.

"What?! I can't teleport you ALL there!" said Irma, " But how about I teleport Hallie and myself, and Josie flies Ginger to the institute." Proposed Irma

" Alright!" said Josie and Hallie in unison.

" Hey! But what about the rain! I'll get all wet! You guys know I hate water!" cried Ginger

" What if I stop the rain dig nuts! Have you forgot what your sisters gift is?" said Josie as she snapped her fingers and the rain stopped but the thunder and lightning keep going.

" Right." said the slightly embarrassed Ginger, " But are you sure we won't get zap----" But Ginger couldn't finish her sentence. Josie went up, threw Ginger on her back, then flew up into the dark grey clouds and Irma held Hallie's hand and they disappeared in a puff of black smoke.

They left they're stuff at that tree, because just in case the plan didn't work out they could just come back here and get it. But that wasn't all that they left behind, there was someone on the highest branch of the tree, and he was spying on them the whole time.

" I better tell the gang looks like new recruits to me. Hey, they left their stuff here too. I'll take it with me, but first, a light snack. Mmm. house flies."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*********************~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

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