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Deepest Meanings

A/N: Hiya and welcome to my first attempt at writing a Swat Kats fic and the first fic that I've decided to take up since my short hiatus from writing. It's not much right now, but I seriously hope to get it going before too much longer. I hope that everyone enjoys the read and I'll see ya afterwards.

Prologue: Who am I?

At one time, I knew for certain what I was and my sole purpose in life. I, along with my many brothers and sisters, was meant to serve my Master. My single goal in life was to ensure that he was safe and that any plans he created were carried out to the fullest. Nothing else in the world mattered, not even my own life.

It was such a simple time for me and despite what has since happened to me, one that I often find myself wishing that I could return to. Back then, it was so much easier just to follow what my instincts, follow my Master's orders and not worry about anything else but that. If only that time could have lasted. I know that I would have been a lot happier than I am now.

Unfortunately, such times are not meant to last for me. Other forces that I would have been powerless to fight against even had I known about them had a different fate in store for me. What that fate is to be, I have no idea. But is that which has led me to this dark void which I now inhabit.

My home, and I use that term loosely since this place is more like a prison than anything else, is a place where there is nothing but darkness and the only sensation is the constant feeling of pain that I feel coursing through my body. Where the pain comes from, I have no clue. Nor do I know why I am continually exposed to it or how I came to be in this place. I know only that I am here and that the pain comes and that I have no choice but to endure it.

Yet at strange as it sounds, I would rather feel that pain than feel nothing at all. It is one of the few things that still remind me that there is a world somewhere beyond where I am. The others are the images of my many siblings and the Master that we used to serve together.

Of course, the images that I remember often come in a jumble that's hard for me to comprehend. Sometimes, I see my brothers and sisters. We're either in some place sleeping or fighting for dominance or food, or with Master, fulfilling whatever commands he had given us.

The images, or more rather, the memories I hold of my Master are among the clearer things that I can still remember. In my mind, he is an enormous and imposing figure who holds sway over everything that happens in the lives of my kind. To us, his will is absolute and we have no choice but to obey the orders he gives us.

That was an accepted fact among my kind that no one ever bothered to question. After all, what would be the point? It would just be going against what our species' purpose in life is. The very purpose that I no longer seem so certain of and it is that that brings me to the final piece which reminds me that there is a far greater world than I know right now.

And it is this that frightens me more than any amount of pain that could be inflicted upon me. Since I came to this void, my thoughts have changed from what they once were. What I once accepted without question as everyday knowledge, I now find myself questioning.

I have begun to wonder why my life had taken the course that it had. Why did I have to accept my Master's orders without question and why did he even have us as his servants to begin with? Why was he so determined to conquer others and to gain more power? What was the reasoning behind it all?

All questions that I never asked before and ones that now scare me beyond belief. Like so many things, I don't have an answer for any of these. All that I can understand is that somehow, being in this place has changed me. If it is for better or worse, I have no idea. I know only that it is making me more aware of things that I never before considered and that this may lead me to something I am even less prepared for than this. Including a question that I have never before asked in my life: Just who am I?

A/N: Very short and confusing I know, but that's just to keep people guessing until I can get the other chapters going. Hopefully that will be soon, but I can't really promise anything. In the meantime, I'm willing to take any suggestions others might have for this story. And if anyone wants to, they can take a guess as to who is speaking and just what's happening to them. Good luck either way and thanks for reading. ^.~