Woot! It's me! I've reemerged in the land of fanfiction...hopefully on a semi-permanent basis this time. I know this isn't an update to "Judgment of the Heavens" (which is being worked on, have no fear. I'm writing the three parts of that story simultaneously and don't want to post it until the first one is done), but this story is good in it's own way, or at least I think so.

My younger sister and I came up with this idea late one night and laughed our asses off about it. Essentially, Gohan runs out of regular clothes (you know, the ones that make him look cute-dorky) and has to wear clothes that make him look hot (gasp! never!). Needless to say, a whole bunch of girls suddenly take notice to the young Son Gohan, who unknowingly starts a school-wide war over his clothing! Add this to Videl's new attraction to the demi-Saiya-jin and a mother who just doesn't have time to do his laundry, I'd say poor Gohan as a lot to deal with!

Basically, this is me trying to put an original spin on the whole Gohan-Torture genre that seems so popular these days and I think I succeeded rather well. So, without further ado, I present to you, "The Clothes Off Your Back"!

But, first, a disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own DBZ. I tried to get my name added to the list of those who do own it, but I was laughed at and escorted out of the building. I guess it wasn't meant to be, eh?

------The Clothes Off Your Back------

It was a cool winter morning outside, clear skies and crisp air. It was the type of morning that Gohan loved to wake up to, the morning where he was grateful for the warmth held underneath his blankets. On this day, Gohan woke up about 15 minutes before his alarm was set to go off. He turned onto his side and stared out of the window, admiring the day. He could feel it; it was going to be a good day. A smile settled onto his face as he looked out the window, looking forward to the day ahead.

After a few minutes, Gohan stretched, his muscles loosening up as he readied himself to get out of bed. He got out of bed and turned off his alarm, not needing it to go off that day, and walked over to his dresser, a small smile still on his face. He opened the drawer that contained his school clothes and the moment he peered into the drawer, the smile faded from his face; it was suddenly looking like a crappy day.

"MOM!!!" Gohan yelled, horror staining his voice. Down from the kitchen, Chi-Chi could hear the estranged cry from her son and, worried like only a mother can be, she dropped what she was doing in the kitchen and rushed up the stairs. She came to a screeching stop in front of her oldest son's door and opened it, her eyes scanning the inside of the room quickly, looking for the source of the problem.

"What is it, Gohan? What's wrong?" she said, breathless. She spotted Gohan standing by his dresser and approached him. Gohan turned around, his face pale beneath his tan that he obtained from working outside.

"Mom, I have no clean school clothes for today. I don't have anything to wear to school!" Gohan said, as if it were the biggest tragedy on earth. Chi-Chi's brow furrowed.

"That's ridiculous, Gohan. Of course you have clothes. What about all those clothes I bought for you to wear to school that you haven't worn yet?" Chi-Chi asked, gesturing towards his closet. Gohan looked at her as if she had grown another head.

"Are you kidding mom? Those clothes that you bought me will expose everything! I wear the clothes that I do to hide my muscles from the other kids. If they saw what I really looked like, all the kids at school would think I'm a freak!" Gohan exclaimed.

"Well, no wonder you don't have a girlfriend," Chi-Chi said, "I mean, if you don't show off that body of yours, those girls will never know what they're missing out on." Gohan blushed to the roots of his hair.

"MOM! I thought I told you not to say things like that in front of me!" Gohan said. Chi-Chi merely cast aside Gohan's words with a shake of her head.

"Now, Gohan, you have plenty of clothes. But, if you want to wear those baggy clothes you always wear, I'll just have to do your laundry today and you're going to have to put up wearing the clothes I bought for you to go to school in," Chi-Chi said, walking over to Gohan's closet and pulling out a couple articles of clothing.

"Now, here," Chi-Chi continued, shoving the clothes in Gohan's unsuspecting arms, "Go take a shower and get dressed before getting breakfast." Chi-Chi left the room in her usual rush, hurrying back downstairs to finish breakfast. Gohan sighed and pulled out a clean pair of boxers from the top drawer before retreating to the bathroom. Dropping the clothes on the bathroom counter, Gohan stripped, his clothes dropping to the floor, and turned on the shower spray, stepping underneath the warm water, allowing it to relax him.

Maybe things won't be so bad, Gohan thought as he stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel hanging of a rack to dry himself off with. He dressed in the clothes his mother picked out for him and, upon seeing himself in the fogged mirror, nearly died from shock. Stumbling downstairs, Gohan walked into the kitchen, his bare feet padding on the floor, and stared at his mother.

"Mom, I can't wear this to school," Gohan said, his voice weak. Chi-Chi turned around and inspected her son. She ignored the bare feet and allowed her gaze to sweep over the outfit she picked out for him. A pair of nice, dark jeans adorned his lower body, hugging slightly to his built lower body, while his upper body sported a tight, ribbed black turtleneck, showing off the shape of his muscles for all the world to see. Stars appeared in Chi-Chi's eyes as she looked at Gohan, clearly impressed.

"Oh, Gohan, you look so handsome!" Chi-Chi exclaimed, completely ignoring or just not noticing the despaired look on Gohan's face, "You should dress like this every day!" Gohan grimaced at Chi-Chi's words before his face fell once more.

"But, mom, everyone will look at me funny!" Gohan said, "I'm just not going to go to school today and I'll go back to school tomorrow once my laundry's done." Gohan immediately regretted his words as Chi-Chi sprouted a pair of devil horns, literally.

"Son Gohan!" she yelled, "You are not skipping out on school today and that is final! You either go to school in those clothes or you go to school naked! Do you understand me, young man?" Chi-Chi advanced on her son, literally standing over him, forcing her son to cower on the floor.

"Yes, ma'am," Gohan squeaked, "I'll just go upstairs and put on socks and shoes before eating breakfast." Chi-Chi backed off Gohan and nodded.

"Good," she said, "Now, hurry up. You don't want to be late to school, do you?" Gohan shook his head and scurried upstairs, hoping to keep his mother from growing angry again. Pulling on a pair of socks and black shoes, Gohan came back down to the kitchen to see breakfast waiting for him at the table and Goten already wolfing down his portion. Gohan hurried to the table, getting to his share before Goten got to it, and ate at the same pace that Goten maintained. Chi-Chi looked on with pride as her two boys ate her food with gusto.

They're growing so fast. Gohan is almost 18, but mentally an adult in his own right. I just can't believe it, Chi-Chi thought, walking over to the closet and pulling out a jacket. She went back over to the kitchen table and handed the jacket to a standing Gohan.

"Here," she said, "I know you can use your ki to warm yourself, but I still think you should have a jacket on a winter day. People might wonder if you don't." Gohan took the coat from his mother, a black pea coat, and put it on.

"Thanks mom," Gohan smiled, leaning over to kiss his mother on the cheek, "I should get to school now." Gohan gave his mother a quick smile before going over to the door. He picked up his school bag and, slinging it over his shoulder, opened the front door. Chi-Chi followed Gohan outside and waved good-bye to him as he took off into the air, flying at a fast speed to get to school. (AN: I am not having Saiyaman in this story. I think he's ridiculous and I refuse to have Gohan be that much of a dork.) The flight to school took a mere 25 minutes and Gohan landed in his usual alley, a rarely frequented part of the city, yet close enough to the school so that Gohan only had to walk about 10 minutes.

Before stepping out onto the sidewalk, Gohan removed his jacket, finding the weather to be a little warmer than his mother predicted. He slung it over his shoulder, holding it by two fingers as he pulled out a book from his bag, thumbing it open to where he had doggie-eared a page the night before. Gohan then emerged from the alley, engrossed in his book as he walked to school, completely oblivious to the lustful looks several women were giving him as he passed them by. Gohan operated on autopilot as he approached school; he had tuned out the world around him.

As he walked up the steps to the school entrance, he passed by Eraser, who didn't recognize him at all. Needless to say, Eraser was taken immediately when she saw the dark, handsome stranger. Her mouth dropping open in shock, she couldn't resist checking out the hot, new student as he walked past her, as every other girl and the occasional gay guy did so too. She didn't even feel a twinge of guilt as her eyes lingered on his butt.

As he disappeared from sight, Eraser squealed with excitement and rushed off to the interior of the school to find Videl and tell her the news at once. She finally spotted Videl, out of breath from running, and proceeded to tell Videl the whole thing in one, ragged breath, talking at speeds normal humans couldn't even understand. Videl rubbed her temples as she stood in front of her locker.

"Ok, Eraser," she said patiently, having dealt with Eraser's mood swings for years, "Slow down and try it again." Eraser nodded and closed her eyes, regaining her breath before trying it again.

"Ok," Eraser breathed, "You won't believe what I saw this morning." Videl cocked an eyebrow.

"What?" Videl asked, afraid of the answer.

"I saw the cutest guy on the face of the planet!" Eraser squealed, "He was so hot! He had on this black turtleneck that showed off everything! And those jeans…oh my god! His ass was perfectly showcased in those jeans! And he was tall with this gorgeous black hair. And his face…" Eraser trailed off, sighing at the memory. Videl rolled her eyes.

"I bet it's another new student," Videl grumbled, "He's probably not as good looking as you think. You're probably just on a caffeine high." Eraser glared at Videl.

"I'll have you know that I only had one cup of coffee this morning, thank you very much!" Videl sighed at Eraser.

"Whatever," Videl said, "Let's just get to class." Videl shut her locker and the two girls began walking to class, not noticing the cute guy behind them. But, unfortunately, a certain group of girls noticed the cute guy.

"Like, wow!" a high-pitched blonde exclaimed, looking at Gohan as he passed.

"I know. Isn't he, like, totally gorgeous?" another one sighed, her companions all nodding in agreement.

"Definitely," a red-head piped up, "Girls, we need to find out who he is. He is, like, the hottest thing ever!" The Orange Star High School cheerleaders giggled at the prospect of the cute guy before separating to go to their separate classes (AN: like they even pay attention anyway. Oh, by the way, I mean no disrespect to any cheerleaders out there. I'm just using the stereotypical image of them as a plot device. One of my best friends used to be a cheerleader, so I mean no disrespect!). Back to Videl and Eraser, the two of them had just sat in their seats, Eraser stealing Videl's usual seat, forcing Videl to sit in the seat next to Gohan's.

"Eraser, why did you do that?" Videl asked, not willing to beat up her best friend in order to get her seat back. Eraser winked at Videl.

"Because I know you like Gohan," Eraser exclaimed, "You're always wondering about him and staring at him, you know? I just thought that sitting next to him would give you a better chance to get to know him." Videl almost exploded at Eraser's words.

"I don't like him! I'm just curious about him, is all." Eraser looked like she didn't believe Videl for a minute.

"Sure, Videl," she drawled, "You say whatever you want. I know your real feelings." Videl just shook her head and set the issue aside; she knew that she was never going to convince Eraser of anything different, so she might as well just shut up about the matter, despite the fact that something about Eraser's words struck something in her heart. The pair was silent for a few moments before Videl heard a loud gasp from next to her. Videl looked over at Eraser, a confused look on her face.

"What is it, Eraser?" Videl asked. Eraser pointed down to the front of the classroom.

"That's the guy I was telling you about earlier!" Eraser exclaimed. Videl looked in the direction of Eraser's pointed finger and was blown away just as Eraser had been. Videl whistled softly.

"Damn, I may not want to admit this, Eraser, but you were right. He is hot!" Videl exclaimed softly, but Eraser didn't even hear her words as she stared at the new guy, leaving Videl to admire him as well.

Look at how built he is! Wow, Videl thought, unable to tear her eyes off of the guy and ashamed at her actions. Her shocked, admiring look disappeared as the guy walked up the stairs towards their row. Videl became quite irked when the guy just sat in Gohan's seat without even asking if he could sit there.

He may be cute, but he's a jerk! Videl thought, her opinion of the guy sitting next to her doing a complete 180.

"Excuse me," Videl said, "But that is someone's seat, you jerk, and I don't think he would appreciate it if you just took it from him." The guy turned to look at her, a perplexed look on his face.

"But, Videl, this is my seat," Gohan spoke, Videl still not recognizing him.

"Yeah, well I-" Videl cut herself off as she got a closer look at the guy sitting next to her. She paled with shock as she realized who it was.

"Gohan!" she exclaimed, alerting the whole class as to who the mysterious, yet handsome stranger was. Gohan sighed.

"Yeah, I know, I look like a freak. Well, I had no clean school clothes, so I had to resort to wearing these. I look pretty weird, huh?" Gohan asked, his tone sincere. Videl just nodded, but inwardly was confused.

Maybe he isn't like all the others. I mean, I'd think with a body like his, he'd be showing it off every chance he got. But, from the look on his face, it seems like he just wants to hide. How interesting, Videl mused, turning away as a blush arose on her cheeks. Eraser leaned over Videl and stared at Gohan.

"Gohan, is that you?" Eraser breathed. Gohan nodded.

"Yeah, it's me, Eraser," Gohan said. Eraser nearly fainted.

"Wow, Gohan, you look so hot! I never knew you were hiding something under those clothes of yours!"

"Didn't I tell you," a male voice said from the other side of Eraser; it was Sharpener, "I told you he has muscle. I mean, I've seen him change in gym class. But you didn't believe me!"

"And I'm sorry I didn't!" Eraser exclaimed, openly staring at Gohan's form. Gohan blushed under the scrutiny.

"I don't think I look THAT hot, Eraser," Gohan admitted, his voice barely higher than a whisper, "I feel more like a freak than anything else." Sharpener, magically, heard Gohan's words and laughed slightly at his friend.

"Well, dude, you don't look like a freak. I mean, have you noticed all of the girls staring at you today? They think you're 'like, way hot'," Sharpener said, his voice rising to a high falsetto as he imitated some of the girls on campus. Gohan's blush deepened still and he found himself burying his face in one of his textbooks, trying to hide from the stares of the girls around him.

Gohan finally became aware of what was going on around him, his sensitive Saiya-jin ears picking up the whispers of several of the girls around him. He was grateful for the book hiding his face; he knew that his face was turning shades of red that didn't even exist in nature. Luckily, for Gohan, the sensei walked in and class commenced, forcing the rest of the students to pay attention to the sensei's words. He sighed in relief as the whispers he had been hearing before quieted down to nothingness before tuning in to the sensei's words, letting his mind focus on the material.

Morning class went by rather smoothly for Gohan, nary a thing happening to further embarrass Gohan. He smiled in relief as the bell rang at the end of third period, signaling the beginning of lunch for Orange Star students. With excitement over food that only a Saiya-jin could muster, Gohan practically floated all the way to his locker, putting his bag in there as he pulled out the capsule that contained his lunch. Pocketing the small capsule, Gohan turned around and screamed at the sight in front of him. Surrounding him, wearing the orange and white uniforms, was the Orange Star High School cheerleading squad, all of them looking like they wanted to rip the clothes from his body.

"Well, hello," the squad leader purred, sidling up to Gohan, pressing her body against his in a very provocative manner.

"Uh, hi," Gohan said, his voice meek. He squeaked in surprise as he felt several pairs of hands grab his body, pinching him in several places, a couple of them inappropriate. The squad leader put a hand on his upper arm, squeezing the muscle there.

"Well, Gohan, I never expected you to have quite so much muscle," the squad leader said, her deep brown eyes looking up at him sweetly, shaking her head a tiny bit to allow a few strands of her auburn hair to fall in her eyes in an attempt to seduce Gohan. Gohan, however, was not seduced. Instead, he was utterly terrified.

"Um," Gohan said, "Do you think you could take a couple of steps back?" The squad leader, whose name, if Gohan remembered correctly from Videl's tirades, was Kimberly, only smiled up at him.

"But Gohan, I only want to get to know you better," Kimberly said.

"Well, maybe he doesn't want to get to know you at all," a rough feminine voice yelled. Gohan turned his head and looked at Videl, grateful for her presence. At once, the cheerleading squad backed off, all of them afraid of Videl, and left, tittering about how they got to touch Gohan. Gohan sighed with relief as they left, watching them leave to make sure they actually went away, and turned to Videl, sighing.

"Thank you so much, Videl, they were really scaring me. I mean, the only girl I want that close to me is-EEP!" Gohan clasped a hand over his mouth, the deer-caught-in-headlights look ruining the handsome visage. Videl's eyes narrowed.

"Is who, Gohan?" she demanded. Gohan removed his hand from his mouth and shook his head.

"Uh, no one you would know, Videl," Gohan rushed to say, thankful that he had caught himself in time.

I almost spilled my secret of being in love with Videl to Videl herself! I am such an idiot! Gohan thought. Videl rolled her eyes.

"You're lucky that I'm in a good mood today or else I would be forced to beat that piece of information out of you. Now, come on; let's go to lunch." Gohan's mood brightened at the thought of lunch.

"Ooh, lunch. Don't need to tell me twice!" Gohan exclaimed before the two went out to the courtyard to join their two friends. They found Sharpener and Eraser sitting under their usual tree. As usual, Gohan decapsulized his lunch, a little larger than normal, and his three friends picked out from his vast assortment of foods what they wanted to eat that day. It wasn't too hard to convince Chi-Chi to make a little more food to feed his friends, especially seeing how they ate nowhere near as much as Gohan did.

Once they had taken what they want, they let Gohan go at the rest, all of them amazed at how much Gohan could pack away. Gohan finished the feast made for a small army in no less than 10 minutes. Leaning back, Gohan patted his sated stomach, unaware of the disgusted and shocked looks of Sharpener, Eraser, and Videl.

"Gohan, I'll have you know that that's disgusting," Sharpener said. Gohan looked over at Sharpener, all innocence.

"What's disgusting? The way I eat?" Gohan asked, feeling offended for a second before brushing it off, "Yeah, well, I guess you could say that my eating habits are hereditary. My father always ate like that and my little brother is just like him."

"Your poor mom!" Eraser exclaimed, "She has to make so much food everyday." Gohan smirked.

"Yeah, she does, but I think she likes it. Cooking is always something that my mother has loved to do and she gets to do it in mass quantities," Gohan explained, leaning against the tree for support as his stomach digested his meal. His friends finished their lunch, deciding not to think about Gohan's large and unusual appetite, and began talking to each other to occupy the time until the bell rang that signaled the end of lunch. The four stood up and went back to class, Gohan hoping that the rest of the day would go by smoothly. Luckily for Gohan, it did; there were no other major incidents that would have resulted in Gohan's utter embarrassment.

The final bell rang for the day and Gohan and Videl stood up and went down to their lockers, which were only a few apart from one another's. Videl quickly rummaged through her locker, making a quick assessment of what she would need that night, before closing the door. Looking over to her left, she sighed in annoyance.

"Hey Gohan, you're Stripleaders are here," Videl dryly commented. Gohan looked over at Videl before turning his head to look in the direction she was looking in, his eyes widening with fear. Strolling down the hall, not caring about anything going on around them, were the Orange Star High School cheerleaders. They passed Gohan, all of them winking at him as they went by. When they disappeared out of sight, Gohan sighed in relief and turned to Videl.

"Hey, why'd you call them Stripleaders?" Gohan asked. Videl smirked.

"Well, when I saw them crowd you earlier today, they looked like they wanted just to strip you of all you're clothing. Hence the change from cheerleaders to Stripleaders." Gohan had to chuckle, though it sounded full of apprehension.

"That's actually pretty funny, though I have a bad feeling about the rest of the week," Gohan said, his eyes narrowing slightly. Videl just waved her hand at him, pushing away the idea.

"I'm sure it was only this day," Videl said, "I'm sure tomorrow will be fine. But, you do look very nice in that outfit." Gohan blushed slightly. Videl was complimenting him? That was a rare occasion, indeed. Gohan smiled.

"Thanks, but don't expect me to dress like this very often. I feel like a freak when I dress like this and I don't like the unwarranted attention." Videl raised her eyebrows at Gohan.

"Unwarranted?" she questioned, "Gohan, I hardly think that the attention you got today was unwarranted. The general populous was just very shocked and very pleased to find out that you had so much muscle. Hell, I didn't even recognize you when I first saw you this morning!" By the time Videl had finished, she had gone into full tirade mode, her breathing slightly labored as she had ended her little speech with a loud voice. It was Gohan's turn to raise his eyebrows, confused by Videl's little performance.

What is it about out of the ordinary days that always bring out secrets I'm not willing to share and other interesting events? It's like Dende has it out for me up there, or something, Gohan thought, thinking Videl's heated reaction very interesting, not knowing what to make of it. (AN: Well, my dear Gohan-chan, Dende isn't the one controlling your life today. I am! That's right! FateChica has kicked Dende off the Lookout, become Kami and she is controlling Gohan's life. It's so good to be Kami…) Gohan shrugged the incident aside and smiled slightly at Videl.

"Well," Gohan said, "I better get home. I have something to check at home that's rather important." Gohan was purposely vague in his explanation. Videl sighed, not having the energy to dig for an explanation.

"Then you should go," Videl said.

"Right," Gohan smiled, "I'll see you tomorrow." Gohan gathered his stuff, closed his locker, and ran out the door, running a few blocks before ducking into the same alley he arrived in, taking off like a shot into the sky. It wasn't long until Gohan arrived at home, only to come to an empty house. Upon entering his home, he noticed the silence that permeated from everywhere in the house. Gohan's face took on a look of confusion as he moved into the kitchen.

"Mom?" he called out loudly, looking around for signs of his mother. A few moments later, Gohan spotted a piece of paper on the kitchen table. Walking over to it, Gohan picked it up and read it.

"Gohan," it read, "I've taken Goten to Bulma's while I go shopping. I'm planning on staying the night there, so I made dinner for you already. It's in the refrigerator; just heat it up in the microwave. And, I'm sorry, but I forgot to do your laundry today. I'll just do it tomorrow. I picked out something else for you to wear; it's on your bed. Love you, honey, and I'll see you tomorrow. Mom." Gohan groaned.

Since when did I have to have my clothes picked out by my mother? And she forgot to do my laundry? I'd do it myself, but the last time I did my laundry, I ended up ruining all of my clothes. I still don't know how I did that! Gohan thought to himself, decided to just brave whatever outfit his mother picked out with him than to risk ruining his clothes by trying to wash them himself. Gohan sighed loudly before trudging upstairs to do his homework.


Ok, side note. My sister (yes, the same one who helped create this little baby...she and I are addicted to DBZ. I do fanfiction, she does fanart) and I have come to the conclusion that we use Sharpener for our own purposes. I mean, you have Nice Sharpener, who appears in this story, Asshole Sharpener, who always seems to be angry at Gohan for taking away Videl from him and swearing revenge, and Annoying Sharpener, the general form of Sharpener that appears in all other fanfics out there, only serving as a simple obstacle between Videl and Gohan. I swear, Sharpener's like Barbie. He has many different forms/identities and you can choose to use the one that suits your mood the best. Poor Sharpener...