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------The Clothes Off Your Back------

Gohan felt like hitting his head against his gym locker as he got undressed after PE.

"Look, Gohan," Sharpener said from across the aisle, putting his clothes in his respective locker, "It could have been much worse." Gohan groaned.

"No, it couldn't have, Sharpener. I broke both the basketball and the hoop when I tried to make a shot!" Gohan exclaimed. Sharpener chuckled at the memory.

"It was kinda funny when the deflated basketball floated down and landed on Sensei's head," Sharpener said, smiling at the memory.

"You're not helping, Sharpener," Gohan said as he placed his clothes in his locker and wrapped a towel around his naked body. Sharpener followed suit and, together, the two walked to the showers.

"Sorry, dude, but it was funny!" Sharpener exclaimed, holding his hands out pleadingly. Gohan sighed.

"Let's just forget it, ok?" Gohan asked.

"Sure, no problem. Now, let's hurry up. I wanna go eat lunch," Sharpener said. Gohan nodded. For all that Gohan sometimes found Sharpener's womanizing attitudes annoying, Gohan had to admit that Sharpener was one of his close friends at Orange Star High and that they had a lot in common, including a similar love for food and wanting to be clean after physical activity. Together, they joined the rest of their male classmates in the showers, quickly scrubbing themselves clean after two hours of PE.

While Gohan was in the showers, he couldn't hear anything outside of them due to the running water and sounds of conversation floating around him. It was unfortunate that he couldn't, though, because he didn't hear the locker room door open and the hushed giggles that followed.

"Come on girls, I know where his locker is," one girl whispered and, together, they made their way to his locker. After finding it and securing their prize, they left, leaving the locker area quiet once more. Gohan finished his shower quickly and after drying off, he wrapped his towel around his waist while he walked over to his locker. When he got there and looked inside, he nearly passed out.

There, sitting on the top shelf was everything that Gohan had carried to school with him that day, his wallet and other such items, but not what they were carried in.

"My clothes," Gohan whispered, too shocked to speak, "Where did they go?" Gohan sank to the bench behind him and laid his head in his hands, thinking about who could have taken his clothes. It didn't take him long to think about who it was.

"Stupid cheerleaders," Gohan grumbled, "Stole my clothes and now I'm never getting them back." Gohan felt like crying. Sharpener approached Gohan a few moments later, looking freshly cleaned, and noticed Gohan's dejected attitude.

"Hey, what happened, Gohan?" Sharpener asked. Gohan looked up at Sharpener.

"The cheerleaders snuck into the locker room and stole my clothes," Gohan explained simply. Sharpener blanched.

"That sucks," Sharpener said, "But I can't help you this time dude. I have no extra clothes to give you today. But, what I can do is tell the PE sensei after I get dressed and maybe he can let you call home so someone there can bring by another set of clothes." Gohan looked at Sharpener gratefully.

"That would be awesome, Sharpener," Gohan said as Sharpener got dressed.

"No problem," Sharpener said as he finished, "I'll go find him right now." With that, Sharpener walked away, leaving Gohan alone in the locker room. Sharpener searched for the PE sensei, finding him in the gym talking to Videl.

Good. Maybe Videl can help comfort Gohan, Sharpener thought upon seeing Videl. He knew there was a mutual attraction between the two and hoped they would do something about it sooner rather than later.

It would make everyone happy if they would stop dancing around each other, Sharpener thought as he approached the two.

"Excuse me, Sensei," Sharpener said. The older man turned from Videl, whom he had been talking about the upcoming martial arts segment with, and looked over at Sharpener.

"What is it?" the sensei asked.

"I have a favor to ask. You see, someone stole the clothes out of Gohan's locker and now he has nothing to wear. Do you think that he could use your phone to call someone so he could have some clothes for the rest of the day?" The sensei nodded.

"Of course," he said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a set of keys, "Videl, you go with him. You're the only one I trust with these keys. Gohan may wait in my office for someone to bring him more clothes. I would like these keys back after the young Mr. Son gets dressed. Now, I'm going to go eat lunch. Tell Gohan I'm sorry." With that, the PE sensei walked away, leaving Sharpener and Videl alone.

"Is he ok?" Videl asked as they walked towards the guys' locker room. Sharpener shrugged.

"As well as can be expected for someone who just got his clothes stolen. The funny thing is that they left everything that was in his pockets," Sharpener said, "So Gohan figures that it was the cheerleaders who just wanted his clothes, not what was in his pockets." Sharpener heard Videl growl in anger at the mention of cheerleaders. It was no secret around Orange Star High School that the cheerleaders weren't exactly Videl's favorite group of people.

"They have got to stop this senseless clothes pilfering," Videl said as the two entered the locker room.

"Good luck trying to stop them," Sharpener said as they rounded a corner, coming upon Gohan quickly.

"Hey Gohan," Videl said. Gohan sat up straight at the sound of Videl's voice and looked over at her.

"Hey Videl," Gohan greeted, his words a mumble.

"I heard about what happened to your clothes. The PE sensei gave us the keys to his office so we could call your house and you can wait in there until your clothes get here," Videl explained. Gohan sighed in relief.

"Finally, something is going my way today," Gohan said. Sharpener looked back and forth between Gohan and Videl before clapping his hands together.

"Well, you two kids have fun. I'm going to lunch," Sharpener said. Gohan's brow furrowed in confusion.

"But, Sharpener, you have no lunch," Gohan mentioned. The blond boy shrugged.

"No biggie. I have money on me. I'll just brave the lunch lines today. See you guys later." Waving at them, Sharpener turned and walked out of the guys' locker room, leaving Videl and Gohan alone.

"Come on, let's go to sensei's office. Luckily, his office is inside the guys' locker room, so no one has to see you in just a towel," Videl said. Gohan nodded.

"Good." Gohan stood up and the two of them walked through the guys' locker room to the PE sensei's office. During the walk, Videl couldn't keep herself from stealing glances at Gohan. Wearing just a towel, his figure was clearly outlined. Her gaze drifted down his broad shoulders, lean hips, and muscular legs.

Kami, he's hot, Videl thought, not afraid to admit it to herself.

"Here it is," Videl said as they approached the door. It took several tries, but Videl eventually found the right key and the door swung open.

"After you," Gohan said, still managing to be courteous even scantily dressed as he was. Videl smiled at him before entering, Gohan following her into the small office. Videl sat down in one of the chairs in front of the small desk in the room as Gohan walked over to the phone that was perched on the corner of the desk. Quickly dialing his own number, Gohan waited for someone to pick up.

"Hello?" the response came a few seconds later. Gohan chuckled; how did he know that Goten was going to pick up the phone?

"Hey, Squirt. Is mom around?" Gohan asked.

"Hi Gohan! Aren't you at school?" Goten asked.

"Yeah, Goten, I am. But, I need to talk to mom. It's an emergency." Gohan heard Goten gasp in worry.

"What's wrong, onii-chan? Are you hurt? Are you being attacked?" Goten asked hurriedly. Gohan laughed.

"No, Goten, I'm fine. My clothes got stolen and I need new ones," Gohan explained.

"Oh," Goten said, his voice dropping to a whisper, "Are you nakie?" Gohan looked down at his towel clad form and shrugged.

"Yeah, I am, Goten," Gohan said, knowing that Goten wouldn't think it that big of a deal if Gohan had a towel on; Goten was in a stage where being naked around other people was a bad thing and would be more likely to help Gohan if he thought Gohan was naked.

"Oh-no, onii-chan. You have to have clothes right now!" Goten exclaimed.

"I know," Gohan said, "That's why I'm calling. So, can I talk to mom?" Goten let out an apprehensive whining sound.

"That might be a problem, onii-chan. Mom's taking a nap," Goten said.

"Oh," Gohan murmured, seeing the problem. A rule at the Son household was that Chi-Chi was not to be disturbed while sleeping for anything less that nuclear war or the end of the world and Gohan's situation was neither.

"But, I can take your clothes to you!" Goten said, "I can use Kinto'un and follow your ki to where you are. You just have to raise it so I can sense it out here." Gohan considered Goten's words for a few moments.

"Ok, Goten. That sounds like a good idea. Do you know what clothes to bring?" Gohan asked. There was a long pause as Goten thought about it.

"Yeah, I do. I know exactly what to bring. Just raise your ki and I'll be there in a little while, ok? Bye onii-chan!" Gohan was taken aback as he heard a click on the other end of the phone. Sighing, Gohan set the phone down on its' receiver and sat next to Videl as he raised his ki so Goten could locate him.

"Well, that's all taken care of," Gohan said, "I just gotta wait until Goten gets here." Videl raised an eyebrow.

"You mean Goten's coming here to bring you your clothes? How is he getting here?" Gohan chuckled.

"Would you believe me if I told you he was going to fly on a magic cloud to get here?" Gohan asked. Videl gave him a funny look.

"Of course not! What kind of retarded answer is that?" Videl questioned. Gohan shrugged.

"I guess not," Gohan said. Videl harrumphed.

"Well, if you don't want to tell me, that's your choice," Videl pouted. There was silence for several minutes as they sat there waiting for Goten to arrive. Videl looked over at Gohan and was struck by the look of absolute misery on his face.

"Hey, Gohan, what's wrong?" Videl asked. Gohan sighed sadly.

"My life's one big joke, Videl," Gohan whispered. Wanting to comfort him, Videl walked over and sat down on his lap, not her brightest move, but the only thing she could think of. Smiling down at him, she drew him into a hug.

"You're life's not a joke, Gohan. You're just on the receiving end of a lot of bad events. Your life could be much worse," Videl said. Gohan pulled away from the hug and smiled up at her, liking having her so close.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, Videl." Videl's face took on a smug look.

"Of course I'm right," she joked.

"'Cause you're always right, huh?" Gohan asked. Videl nodded.

"Exactly." Gohan chuckled.

"You're so funny, Videl," Gohan said, reaching up to brush away a stray strand of hair that had fallen in her face. Videl jumped as Gohan's fingers touched her skin as he tucked away her hair behind her ear. As soon as he did it, Gohan immediately realized what he had done and his face fell into a look of panic.

"Oh, Kami! Videl, I'm so sorry. I wasn't aware of what I was doing!" Gohan exclaimed as he pulled his arms away from their position of encircling her, his eyes cast downward. Videl blushed.

"It's ok," she whispered, "I didn't mind." Gohan smiled in relief.

"Really?" he asked, lifting his head to look at her. Videl, from her position on his lap, had to look down slightly to look him in the eye.

"Yes, I didn't mind," she said, leaning in a bit. It was at this point that they both realized that their faces were only centimeters apart. With no distractions or anything to disturb them, the two teenagers just looked at each other for several moments before slowly moving towards each other. Their lips met in what seemed an eternity later in a soft kiss, one that shocked the two of them at how good it felt.

Pulling away a few minutes later, they were both blushing at what had just happened. Videl stared at Gohan, unable to believe what had just happened, before the desire she had felt over him for the past few days took over. Suddenly, Videl pulled Gohan into a passionate kiss, crushing her lips up against his. Gohan froze for a few moments at the intensity of Videl's kiss before kissing her back with equal passion. Gohan brought his hands to tangle them in Videl's hair and quickly became frustrated when he found he couldn't due to her pigtails.

Growling against her lips, Gohan seized a hair tie in each hand and pulled them out of her hair, tossing them to the floor. Happy with the success of his mission, Gohan's fingers dove into Videl's hair, tangling among the silky black strands. Videl moaned as Gohan's fingers moved through her scalp and she placed her hands behind his neck, playing with the hair at the nape. Slowly, Gohan's fingers left her hair and drifted down as he caressed her back and arms, familiarizing himself with her.

They sat their like that for a long time, Videl's hands having started to wander as well, their passion escalating until both were ready to do something they weren't prepared for. Gohan pulled away sharply, his chest heaving as he tried to calm himself down. He looked up at Videl, taking note of her flushed cheeks and swollen lips.

"We should stop," Gohan said, his voice ragged. Videl nodded.

"Yes, we should. But, Kami, I don't want to. I want you so badly," Videl whispered.

"I know," Gohan said, "I want you too. But we're not ready for that yet." Videl smiled.

"Happy to know you don't just want to be with me for sex." Gohan looked up at Videl, a shocked look on his face.

"Of course not. I mean, I want to do that with you. But I want to be with you not because of sex or because you're beautiful. I want to be with you because of what's in here," Gohan said, tapping the side of Videl's head slightly.

"I started out attracted to your personality. The rest is just a bonus," Gohan continued. Videl's smile broadened.

"You're probably the only guy in school who thinks that, Gohan. All of them want to be with me because of who my father is or because they're physically attracted to me. I try to cover up my looks, but I can't cover up who my father is," Videl said. Gohan snorted in disgust.

"No offense, Videl, but those who are chasing after you because of your father are being seriously misled by what type of person they think your father is." It was Videl's turn to be shocked as she down at Gohan.

"Finally someone who thinks of him the same way I do! Gohan, you're the best!" Videl exclaimed as she leaned down and kissed him. Gohan happily kissed her back, but was not too happy when he was interrupted.

"So, she IS your girlfriend!" a voice from the door called out. Both Videl and Gohan turned to see Goten standing in the doorway, a small bag in his hand.

"Ooh, kissy, kissy, kissy!" Goten sang. Gohan blushed and sighed.

"Very funny, Goten. Give me the bag." Goten complied and walked over to where Gohan and Videl were sitting.

"Are you going to tell mom?" Goten asked, "Because if you don't, I'm gonna." Gohan rolled his eyes.

"Of course I'm going to tell mom," Gohan said as he peered into the bag, "Just what clothes did you bring anyway?" Goten smiled broadly.

"Open the bag!" Goten exclaimed. Gohan reached into the bag and pulled out a very familiar set of clothing.

"Oh, thank you," Gohan groaned, "For bringing my gi." Goten smiled broadly, not hearing the sarcastic tone of Gohan's voice.

"You're welcome, nii-chan!" Goten exclaimed.

"Why did you bring this?" Gohan asked. Goten looked a little confused at his brother's displeasure.

"Well, because you needed clothes and you look just like dad when you wear that," Goten answered, all sincere innocence. Gohan couldn't help but smile.

"These clothes are fine, Goten. Thank you for bringing them here. Now, the two of you get out so as I can get dressed," Gohan said, gently pushing Videl off of his lap as he stood up. Both Goten and Videl exited the small office and Gohan closed the door behind them. As he changed, Goten and Videl stood outside the door, waiting.

"So, you're Goten, huh?" Videl asked, smiling down at the little kid. Goten nodded.

"Uh-huh. What's your name?"

"My name's Videl. You know, that was very nice of you to bring your brother clothes after his got stolen," Videl commented.

"Onii-chan would have done it for me," Goten said.

"You love Gohan, don't you?" Videl asked.

"Of course! Onii-chan is the coolest brother in the entire world! He's so strong and smart and everything cool. He's stronger than me, than Vegeta, even my dad," Goten said, his voice dropping to a conspiratorial whisper.

"What's your dad like?" Videl asked. A frown fell on Goten's face.

"I don't know," Goten said quietly, "He died before I was born." Videl immediately regretted asking the question.

"I'm sorry," Videl said, kneeling down in front of Goten so they were eye-to-eye. Goten shook his head.

"It's ok," Goten said, "Gohan is kinda like my dad, too. So I have a dad and a brother." Videl's eyes started to water at the sincerity of Goten's words. Suddenly, the door next to them opened and Gohan emerged in an orange and blue gi.

"Onii-chan, you look so cool!" Goten exclaimed, his mood a complete turn-around from what it had been only moments before. Gohan smiled.

"Thanks, Goten," Gohan said. Videl scrutinized Gohan carefully.

"Where have I seen that gi before?" Videl asked. Gohan looked at her innocently.

"Well, my dad used to wear one just like it," Gohan answered. Suddenly, it clicked; she knew where she had seen the gi before.

"Your dad is Son Goku?" Videl exclaimed. Gohan looked at her like she was insane.

"Yeah, I thought you knew that already," Gohan admitted, honestly confused as to why it was such a big deal. Videl shook her head violently.

"No, I did not!" Videl yelled, "Why didn't you tell me your dad is famous?" Gohan and Goten looked at each other quizzically.

"Dad was famous?" Gohan asked. Videl looked at Gohan like he was stupid.

"Of course he's famous! He made it to the finals at the Tenkaichi Budoukai when he was only 12 and won it when he was 18! He blew up the ring the time he won it," Videl explained.

"Yeah, I know," Gohan said, but Videl didn't hear him.

"So, if your dad's Son Goku, then your mother must be the only woman to have made it to the semi-finals, Chi-Chi, daughter of Gyuu-Mao." Videl was silent again. "You're only partially human?" Videl exclaimed. Gohan looked at her in surprise; how had she guessed about his Saiya-jin half?

"How'd you know that?" Gohan asked, his voice a whisper. Videl shot him a look.

"Well, your grandfather's a demon, you know. So that makes you about a quarter demon," Videl explained. Gohan looked thoughtful about that bit of information.

"Oh, I didn't know grandpa was a demon," Goten said.

"Neither did I," Gohan admitted. Videl about fell over.

"Wait, you guys didn't know about your grandfather being a demon, but you knew you weren't fully human? So is there something strange about your dad's side of the family." Goten and Gohan glanced at each other again; they weren't entire sure if Videl, an outsider, should know about their alien half. Gohan sighed as he decided Videl should know seeing how as she'd eventually find out.

"Videl, come here," Gohan said. Videl was confused, but complied. She walked forward until she was flush up against Gohan. Gohan grabbed her hand and guided it around so it was pressed against his back.

"Gohan, what am I doing?" Videl asked.

"Put your hand underneath my shirt and feel around my lower back a bit. I'm offering you proof before I make a claim," Gohan explained. Videl looked up at Gohan quizzically, but did as he asked. It didn't take her long of feeling around his lower back to find a small, round nub of flesh covered in soft fur. She heard Gohan gasp as her fingers ran over it and she figured it was incredibly sensitive.

"What is that, Gohan?" she asked. He looked down at her sternly.

"That is where my tail used to be," Gohan said simply. Videl was shocked.

"Your…tail?" Videl whispered.

"Yes, my tail. It was gotten rid of when I was about 5. My father had one, if you've seen footage of the 21st and 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai. It's genetic and it's a common trait of my father's race." Videl backed up at Gohan's words.

"You mean your father wasn't human at all?" Videl asked. Gohan shook his head, looking worried at delving this piece of information.

"No, he wasn't. My father wasn't even born on this planet, Videl. He's an alien, a Saiya-jin, to be precise, from a planet that was destroyed shortly after he was born. Remember that guy Vegeta from the phone? He's the last surviving royal from Vegetasei. Technically, he's the king, but, since he wasn't crowned, he's still considered a prince."

"So you're half Saiya-jin," Videl stated. Gohan nodded.

"I didn't even know until I was four. My father thought he was just a human with extraordinary powers. It turns out that the reason he was so strong was because of his Saiya-jin blood. He passed that on to me and Goten, just as Vegeta did to Trunks. Myself, Goten, Trunks, and Vegeta are the only four people in the universe with Saiya-jin blood and Vegeta is the only pure-blooded Saiya-jin left, or so we think. We haven't explored the whole universe, really, just a small part, so there could be other Saiya-jins elsewhere, but I doubt we would ever find them." Gohan stopped talking when he noticed Videl spacing out.

"Videl, you ok?" Gohan asked.

"I don't know why, but I believe you. I mean, the idea sounds totally ridiculous, but I know you're telling me the truth. Is that the big secret you were hiding from me?" Videl asked. Gohan smiled.

"One of the two," Gohan responded.

"What secret?" Goten asked. Gohan rolled his eyes and leaned over to whisper in Goten's ear.

"That I defeated Cell, not her father. Her dad's Hercule Satan, so I don't want her finding out yet that I beat Cell instead of her dad," Gohan said.

"Oh," Goten said out loud, "I get it." Videl eyed the two of them carefully.

"And when will I find out this secret?" Videl asked.

"When you're ready to believe that you're dad is not the strongest person on this planet," Gohan responded. Videl scoffed.

"I already know that," Videl stated, "I mean, I've never believed that he defeated Cell all by himself. The things that Cell did were just too inhuman." Gohan smirked.

"I guess you're ready for the truth, then. The truth is that your father never had anything to do with defeating Cell," Gohan said, pondering that statement for a second, "Except maybe for tossing a robotic head." Videl looked at Gohan carefully.

"Well, if my father didn't have anything to do with Cell's defeat, who killed him?" Videl asked. Gohan took a deep breath, figuring that a visual couldn't help with the truth. Concentrating intensely, Gohan turned into a Super Saiya-jin right in front of Videl's eyes. Videl didn't even need Gohan to say anything as she saw Gohan's spectacular transformation.

"You defeated Cell. Your father was the man who fought Cell after my father was knocked out of the ring. You were the little boy who fought your dad." Gohan nodded.

"That's right," Gohan said, "That's all my secrets, Videl. Everything else is just trivial." Videl looked confused.

"But, why didn't you take credit for what you did? Why'd you let my dad?" Videl asked. Gohan shrugged.

"Because my family and I never really wanted to be in the spotlight. Besides, how believable would it be if I said I had defeated Cell, even if it was the truth?" Gohan pointed out. Videl nodded.

"I guess you have a point. But, wow…" Videl trailed off as Gohan let the Super Saiya-jin transformation fade.

"You must have been really strong to have defeated Cell," Videl said. Gohan nodded.

"From what I hear, people across the galaxy could feel the fight between Cell and myself, that they could feel my ki and Cell's ki as we fought. I guess you could say that, in order for people across the galaxy to have sensed me, that I'm probably one of the strongest beings in the universe," Gohan said quietly. Videl looked on in shock and awe at Gohan, suddenly seeing him in an entirely new light.

"I mean, that's what I'm figuring. My father won the Otherworld tournament when he first got there, so he faced the strongest warriors to ever have lived and I'm stronger than him, so I'm just guessing on that," Gohan admitted.

"But, still…wow," Videl said. Gohan grimaced slightly.

"Do you still want to be with me even knowing what you know about me?" Gohan asked. Videl chuckled.

"What you are and what you've done doesn't change who you are, Son Gohan. It just makes you a bit more…special than everyone else. It'll take a little getting used to, the truth and everything, but it doesn't bother me that much."

"You won't tell anyone about me and Cell, will you? I really don't want people to know," Gohan said. Videl shook her head.

"If you don't want everyone to know, I won't say a word about it except around the people who already know, like your family and stuff," Videl said. Gohan let out a sigh of relief.

"Well, that's a good thing. I don't think the world's ready for that kind of truth and I don't want to be in the spotlight," Gohan admitted.

"Well," Videl said, "One of these days you're going to have to tell me exactly what happened during the Cell Games, ok?" Gohan nodded.

"Sure thing," Gohan said before looking down at Goten, "You better go home, Goten, before mom wakes up and finds out you're gone." Goten nodded, but pouted a little.

"Ok, onii-chan, but you're going to have to teach me how to fly one of these days. Kinto'un is kinda slow for important things," Goten said. Gohan laughed.

"Ok, I'll teach you how to fly," Gohan said.

"Can you teach me too?" Videl asked sheepishly, "I mean, can I learn how to?" Gohan nodded.

"Of course you can. You have more than enough ki to do it. It shouldn't be much of a problem teaching you how to," Gohan responded. Videl brightened up.

"Cool!" she exclaimed, "How about this weekend?" Gohan laughed at her excitement.

"This weekend sounds just fine," Gohan said, "Which reminds me, there's a big get-together at my house this weekend with all of my dad's old friends. You wanna come to that too?" Videl nodded.

"Sure, it sounds like it might be kinda fun," Videl said.

"And it's a good thing that you now know about my alien heritage and about my defeating Cell. That way, no one will have to watch what they say," Gohan said, sounding quite relieved.

"That is a good thing. No embarrassment," Videl remarked. Gohan nodded and turned down to Goten.

"You better get a move on it, Squirt," Gohan said.

"Ok, I'll see you later at home, onii-chan!" Goten announced before running off in an unknown direction.

"So, you weren't lying about him coming here on a flying magical cloud, were you?" Videl asked as she watched Goten sprint out of sight. Gohan shook his head.

"Nope, I wasn't," Gohan said, "Well, how about you and I enjoy a quick lunch before going to class. We still have at least 15 minutes and that's plenty of time to eat." Videl smiled and leaned up to kiss Gohan lightly on the lips.

"That sounds just fine," she said as they exited the guys' locker room.

"You are going to tell your mom about me, right?" Videl asked. Gohan laughed.

"As long as you help me keep people from stealing my clothes, we have a deal," Gohan said. Videl laughed as well.

"Deal, Son Gohan."


Aww, isn't that cute? I think I got a little carried away at the end of this, the whole Videl-finding-out-Gohan's-secrets bit, but I'm happy with it. Well, that's the end. Jaa matta, minna-san!