Anywhere But Here, Anyone But You

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Summary: Ginny and Draco accidently grab a portkey that brings them to their worst nightmare- bieng trapped alone...together...

Chapter One: Desperation


Ginny silently walked along the corridor leading to her common room. She was alone, as she always was, considering that she had not the time nor courage to go out and make new friends, so she was forever inseperable with Harry, Hermione, and of course, her brother, Ron. She was quite beautiful and of the most attractive girls in Hogwarts, though she'd never think it. Shy and modest as they come, Ginny Weasley.

She had accomplished more than ever expected of her, though her heart only longed one be granted true love at an early age. She believed within every fiber of her being that she had found that love...even if he didn't feel the same about her. The famous Harry Potter...he had plagued her mind for five years...she thought of nothing one else.

Her secret enemy was the only thing standing in the way of it, she was sure. How he looked at her...she could see the longing in his eyes every time he laid them on her. Cho Chang...everything Ginny was not. Everything she wanted to be.

Her obsession with Harry grew each day. She had a hard time paying attention to anything else. Surely he knew...he must must show in some way. Or maybe he is too blinded by Cho. The jealousy was consuming her to a dangerous point. She didn't want to feel like that. She didn't want her happiness to depend on someone...especially him. She hated him for all he was worth for not loving her, but loved him with all her being for being the person he is.

She clutched her books and sharply turned a corner to find herself slam into a hard being. For a second she thought she had run into a wall, but when she opened her eyes, she yelped inwardly to find herself lying on top of a grey-eyed Slytherin...not to mention, her family's worst mortal enemy. He coughed, having the wind obviously knocked out of him. She just lay there and stare at him unbelievingly.

"You can get up now, Weasley," he choked. She snapped out of her trance quickly.

"Yeah...I'm...I'm sorry," she said as she got up, dusting herself off. Still laying on the ground, a smirk played across his face.

"Unless you were more comfortable, of course," he got up and got close to her face. He was so close she could feel his breath on her. Ginny felt goosebumps ripple down her back as her own breath became shaky. He leaned in and whispered in her ear, "And don't try to dust off your robes, Weasley...they're a hopeless case."

Ginny felt herself blush violently. Draco caught her hand, painfully, just before it had time to come in contact with his face. He twisted it, making Ginny yelp. He pinned her against the wall. He was dangerously close to her again.

"I wouldn't do that, Weasley, for we both know who would win that battle," he whispered icily, and with that last statement, he was gone, leaving a very shaken Ginny standing as he left her, stunned with intimidation. She broke her trance, mentally slapping herself. She wouldn't be the one who was weak...she refused. Looking around, seeing as how there wasn't much she could do about it, she declined herself and gathered her scattered books and walked the rest of the way to her common room with no other interuptions.

"Wizard-wax," she muttered to the Fat Lady. The door swung open and she crawled into the portrait hole. Considering the late hour, the common room was rid of most students. She spotted Harry and Ron playing an animatedly competitive game of wizard's chess. She walked past them, catching Harry's eye. He smiled at her warmly. She meekly smiled back and retreated to her dorm room.

All the thoughts of Draco disapeared, as she lay on her bed wishing with all her might that she could just walk out there and tell him how she felt. She wished he knew everything...the late nights she stayed awake crying in desperation, knowing she could never have him...the hours wasted daydreaming about him...and all of the emotion hating him for not being able to see it.

Her eyes fluttered open to see daylight and hear birds chirping outside her dorm room window. She must've fallen asleep thinking of Harry, as she often did. She got up and put on a clean pair of clothes and performed a cleaning spell on her hair. She was very gifted at cleaning spells. Her mother taught her all she knew.

It was a Saturday, so she didn't have classes to attend. She walked down to the common room. Harry and Ron were sitting on the couch talking, and Hermione, as always, was engulfed in a book twice as big as her. She walked down and sat on the couch next to her brother.

"Morning, Ginny," Harry told her. She gave him a shy smile.

"Morning," she said, tucking her hair behind her ear. Ron smiled at her before getting back into the conversation with Harry about Quiddich. The day went by quickly. She basically just stayed with Ron and Harry in the common room, playing wizard's chess, and gobstones, then going down for the occasional meal. The sun soon started to set.

"Oh, God- I forgot! Snape told me to meet with him at," she looked at the clock, "seven! God- I'm late! He's gonna kill me!," she exclaimed, getting up. No one really payed any attention. Harry nodded at her, and Ron didn't stop talking, so she just climbed out the portrait hole. She jogged at a slow pace to the Potions classroom in the dungeons. She had goosebumps it was so cold. She always thought of the dungeons so depressing. So damp, cold and dark. Horrible place, it was. She never went into them if she could avoid it. She reached the door, and knocked.

"Come in," a slimy voice said that could only be Professor Snape. She was out of breath from jogging. She opened the door.

"Professor- I'm- I'm so sorry I'm late! I lost track of..." she stopped suddenly when she saw who was standing with him.


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