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~Nothing More~

by: Emiru Yagami

It was an early morning in Gryffindor tower, the first hints of the sun's rays were peeking through the window and just a handful of students and professors were up and about. Among this handful were 5th years Remus Lupin and James Potter.

James was already dressed for his early morning Quidditch practice. They had the first game of the year versus Slytherin later that day. And Remus was checking himself in the mirror and adjusting his prefect badge for what seemed like the hundredth time. James eyed Remus and then smirked,

"You're really proud of that thing aren't you Moony?"

"What?" Remus replied as he turned around to look at James, "What are you talking about Prongs?"

"That..." James stabbed with his broom at the spot on Remus' robes where a scarlet and gold 'P' showed.

"Oh yeah, " Remus replied sarcastically, "I'm so proud to be chosen for the honor of prefect. Especially since this title was bestowed upon me because I have two uncontrollable trouble makers and a twitchy little pest for friends, whom they expect me to control...."

Suddenly an arm wrapped around Remus' shoulder's and a hand was messing up his hair, "Well, good luck controlling me Moony!" Sirius had just woken up but already had a huge grin on his face, "You couldn't control me even if you really wanted to..."

The three laughed as Remus pushed Sirius off of himself and began to groom his now untidy hair in the mirror,

"Thanks a lot Padfoot, I now look worse than you on a bad-hair day..."

"Me? Bad-hair day? Impossible....." He winked sarcastically, "Can you imagine me ever looking bad Prongs?"

"Oh never!" James playfully gasped to make the statement seem shocking. After a few seconds of 'awkward' silence the three cracked up once again, almost loud enough to wake up the rest of the Gryffindor boys' dorm.

"BLACK!! POTTER!! LUPIN!! KEEP IT DOWN!!" Professor McConagall's voice echoed up the stairway from the common room.

Sirius eyed the stairwell then asked, "How does she know it's us?"

"Because it's always us...." Remus replied with a grin still on his face. Suddenly the conversation was interrupted by a series of loud snores.

"And she tells us to keep it down?" James commented as the three walked over to Peter's bunk.

As usual he was always the last one up, the last one to get a joke, the last to finish his exams, he was last in everything....(fyi: I have an undying hate towards Peter Pettigrew, so if I make him sound worse than he actually is, it's because I hate him so...^_^;;)

"Hey Wormtail..." Sirius said as he nudged the sleeping boy, "Wake up."

"Nhnn......" Peter groaned as he subconsciously wiped some drool from his face and rolled over.

"You're such a twit you know that...." James shook his head in shame as he said this.

"I know...." He replied although he was still obviously asleep.

"They're serving breakfast in the main hall already....." Remus said.

He shot up from bed in an instant. "Breakfast? Where?"

The other three marauders were laughing again when the still sleepy Peter asked, "Did I miss something?"

"Oh yes Wormtail!" Exclaimed Sirius trying to get Peter excited, "You missed absolutely everything!"

"I did!?"

"No you twit, what in bloody hell do you think you could miss this early in the morning?"

Peter shrugged innocently, "I don't know, you never know with you three."

"Oh so true isn't it my dear Padfoot?" James exclaimed to Sirius.

"But of course Prongs, but of course!"

Even though Remus did find this amusing he shook his head, "I think you two overdosed on the sarcasm potion...." He headed towards the stairway to the common room when a topless Sirius put a hand on his soldier and stopped him.

"Is something wrong today Moony? You don't seem yourself..."

Remus looked up at Sirius and gulped for a second when he noticed the half- naked boy giving him a deep look of worry. The rising sun behind him gave him a sort of godly aura. Remus shook his head free of these thoughts and sighed, "Nothing's really wrong, I'm just not really looking forward to today's Quidditch match."

Sirius' straight expression disappeared and then asked, "But why not? It's going to be a bloody brilliant match! And you know that James and the rest of the Gryffindor team is going to kick some serious Slytherin ass!" He smiled triumphantly and seemed to raise his fists in victory.

Remus laughed, "I'm not saying that I don't think we're going to win," His voice changed to a much more serious tone, " it's just that, since it's a Gryffindor vs. Slytherin match you know those sneaky Slytherin bastards are bound to start some trouble."

"Yeah, you're right, and since you're a prefect now, you have to help keep these things under control....."

Remus rolled his eyes, "Please don't remind me....."

Suddenly Sirius' eyes lit up as he smiled and gave Remus a pat on the back to signal he just thought up something, "Hey don't worry, mate. Old Wormtail and I will help you out at the match today."

"Wormtail? The little bugger can hardly control his bladder, much less a group of rowdy Slytherins..."

Sirius laughed again as he started to turn and head for his trunk, "Well then," He said as he rummaged through his trunk for his robes, "I guess I'll help you then, we'll make a triple P, and we'll have them begging for mercy in no time...."

"Triple P?" Remus gave an odd look to his friend.

"Yep, a 'perfect prefect pair'......"

"But you're not even a prefect Sirius......."

"That's ok," He finally pulled out his robes and laid them on his bed, "you'll be the prefect, I'll be the perfect," Then he turned to Remus and winked, "And we'll be the pair....."

A light shade of pink swept across Remus' cheeks at this comment. He scratched his head in an effort to escape the awkwardness of the moment, but it only got worse when he heard, "If you don't mind, I'm going to change now Moony...."

"Oh, no I don't mind at all......"

"Just wait for me ok? I'll walk with you to the main hall for breakfast....."

"Yeah, of course...." Remus replied.

He looked to his friend that was now removing the navy blue flannel pants he wore to sleep that night. His eyes widened and even though he kept trying to focus on other things in the room, his gaze kept averting to Sirius who was now standing in a pair of maroon boxers with his back facing Remus.

He turned around holding up his robes against himself when he started to speak again, "You know, I think the school robes would look so much better if.......Hey what's wrong Moony?"

Remus was staring at the floor. Trying to hide his face that was now nearly as red as a tomato. He kept thinking to himself, "Please just put your clothes on Sirius. I'll be all better once you're not half-naked in front of me...." Too bad Sirius can't read his thoughts.

Sirius started approaching Remus, once again with a concerned look upon his face. He had his robes hanging on his arm and slowly step by step he got closer to the blushing boy.

"Don't get any closer Sirius, please...." Remus once again repeated inside his head, but to no avail.

The dark-haired boy got closer and was now slouching to try and get a better look at Remus' face. "You're looking a bit red in the face there Moony, are you sure you're feeling well? I can take you to see Madam Pomfrey if you like."

"No, no I'm fine. Positively fine." Remus replied, "Just as long as you don't get any closer...." Remus finished in his brain.

"But, I think you might be getting a fever, come here, let me feel your forehead."

"I'm fine Padfoot, trust me, I don't have a fever..."

"Just let me make sure....."

"No, there's no need for that....."

"Come on, letting me check your temperature isn't going to kill you!" Sirius said as he dropped his robes and started reaching for Remus' face.

"I know it won't, but I know I'm okay!" Remus protested.

But it was too late, Sirius was already cupping his face with his hand, pushing his bangs away with the other and pressing his forehead against Remus'. His eyes were closed, but Remus' eyes just kept widening. After a tortuous 30 seconds the dark-haired boy opened his eyes and smiled a little, "You're right, there's absolutely nothing wrong with you....."

Remus' was too speechless to respond and now resembled a beet in color. Their faces were still mere centimeters apart when suddenly James screamed and a sound like a stampeding herd of buffalo came approaching from the next rooms. The two boys looked to their left together and saw James running like his life depended on it....

"Shit! I'm going to be late to practice again!!" James bounded towards the door to the common room, "Katherine is going to kill me!!" (AN: Katherine is the Quidditch team captain.....I couldn't think up a name ^_^;;)

He pushed his way through a couple of other students and then just as he reached the archway that the two were standing in, he accidentally pushed Remus into Sirius, and their lips met for an instant. Both boys jerked back and then there was moment of awkward silence between them.

"Sorry Moony!" James apologized without even looking back as he descended the staircase. You could tell when he reached the common room when a couple of girls screamed and another exclaimed, 'Why don't you get a watch Potter?! Maybe then you'll actually be on time for once!'

Sirius looked at Remus who looked back at him. Then as if on cue both started laughing awkwardly and then stopped at the same time...

Remus scratched his head and said, "Well....I'm, uh......going to wait for you in the common room okay Padfoot ?"

"Uh.....yeah, sure......I'll be down there in a sec Moony." Sirius bent down to pick up his robes, "I...............just need to get dressed......."

Remus forced a smile and waved as he began to descend the staircase. When he reached the common room he spotted his favorite seat next to the fireplace and took a sigh of relief when he rested in the comfy chair. He thought to himself as he blocked out the rest of the students who were now beginning to rise from their slumber. Remus rubbed his head in frustration and then touched his lips that could still feel Sirius' against them. He mumbled to himself,

"Since when do I like Sirius that way?......."



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