Title: The Song Remembers When 1/?

Author: Christen (purplehaysc@hotmail.com)

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"I was standing at the counter

I was waiting for the change

When I heard that old familiar music start

It was like a lighted match

Had been tossed into my soul

It was like a dam had broken in my heart"

(The Song Remembers When by Trisha Yearwood)

Natalie put down the cup of coffee, looked at her watch and then sighed. She had to leave now. But she liked just sitting here and being able to think. This was only time during the day when she wasn't either exhausted or busy. She grabbed her keys and headed for the car. She got in and turned on the car. She started to back out of the driveway when the song came on and Natalie's mind went to another moment in time.

"Cristian?" Natalie asked as she entered their room of the their apartment which was now Cristian's art studio.

"Yeah, I'm back here." Cristian said.

Natalie walked over to him. "So what happened to our dinner tonight?"

"I decided on some other plans." Cristian said as he took out a rose from behind his back.

"Really? And what are these plans?" Natalie asked as she put her purse down and took the rose.

"It means a picnic dinner on the roof with just you and me. How does that sound?" Cristian asked smiling.

"That sounds very romantic." Natalie said smiling.

"Great that's what I was hoping you'd say." He said as he started leading her to the roof.

Cristian was snapped out of his thoughts when the door to his studio opened.

"Mr. Vega?" The man asked as he entered.

Cristian turned off his stereo and went over to the man. "Mr. Sloan, it's good to see you sir." Cristian said as he extended his hand.

Mr. Sloan took it. "So how about you show me some of these painting I'm paying for you to show at my gallery?"

"Sure sir no problem." Cristian leading him over to the paintings.

"This is some nice work." The man said as he looked at some of them. "Who this beautiful women, your wife?" He asked looking at one of his paintings.

"No, I the pictures of my wife aren't in here yet. That's one of my x-girlfriend's. I did that not long after I started to paint again."

"Well she's a looker that one, no doubt about that one." Mr. Sloan said.

"Yes, that she was." Cristian said as his thoughts when to Natalie for the second time that day.