Dragon of Fire and Ice

By Gozilla

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This is a Hiei and Yukina-centred story following my previous fanfic "Burden of Sin". If you haven't read the previous story, I would recommend you to read it before starting this story, though not necessary. ^-^

Just a hint of background to those who haven't read the previous story: here Yukina knew Hiei was her brother and Hiei had reincarnated by Reikai (similar to the one Yusuke received at the very beginning of the whole Yu Yu story) after receiving a death sentence.

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Chapter 1 - New Life x Reikai Beast x Departure



~Outside of Genkai's temple~

In everyone's amusement, a gigantic dragon, with purple-black and shining- silver whirling-strip pattern on its body, charged with tremendous speed towards the water demon standing in front of it. The dragon's mouth wide open, sharp fangs revealed, determined to destroy the enemy and. protect its masters...


~Three months ago, in an afternoon~

~Inside Genkai's temple~

Yukina held a tray of food and drinks as she walked slowly along the corridor, with a smile on her face. *I hope he will like the food... * the koorime thought as she approached a room at the end of the corridor.

She stood at the door, listening. She heard the sound of steady and slow breathing, someone was sleeping peacefully inside. She smiled to herself before knocking lightly at the door and slide-opened the door.

There was a futon placed in the middle of the room. Curled into a ball, a small figure slept underneath the sheet.

Yukina kneeled beside the futon, setting the tray of food in front of her, "Are you awake, Oniisan?"

"Hn?" whispered a deep voice under the sheet. A pair of sleepy-crimson eyes revealed themselves from the sheet, meeting the identical ones on the koorime's warm smiling face.

It had been a week after an extraordinary day, the day Hiei was granted with his new life. In brief, Yukina killed a human while defending herself. In order to protect his twin sister, Hiei confessed as the murderer and received a death sentence by Reikai. He was subsequently granted with a new life and reincarnated from his death as his death was unexpected by Reikai (A/N: similar to Yusuke's case. Please refer to "Burden of Sin" for details).

Hiei was still very weak after his reincarnation. He spent most of the week sleeping. Yukina insisted her twin brother to stay in Genkai's temple with her so that she could take care of him. The fire demon did not object due to his exhaustion and, more importantly, deep in his heart, he wanted to spend some time with his sister, who he almost lost forever.

"You hungry? You have been sleeping for a whole day without any food or drink already. I couldn't wake you up to eat this morning." said the koorime gently.

The fire demon looked at his sister, heart warmed by his sister's love and care to him, "Hn. A little." He struggled to sit up but his limbs felt like jelly.

Yukina helped him to sit up and handed a bowl of hot miso soup to the fire demon. The fire demon took the soup instinctively and sipped the soup slowly, not yet completely awake.

Just before the fire demon could finish the soup, he sensed the ki of a familiar group approaching. He put down the bowl and fixed his glare to the door, fully awake, "We got visitors."

Yukina looked at the fire demon in confusion before someone knocked and opened the door.

Kurama, Koenma, Yusuke, Kuwabara and Genkai stood at the door, all smiling and greeting the twins.

"Yukina-san!! I miss you sooooo much!! Are you all healthy and happy? " shouted Kuwabara. He ran towards the little koorime and ready for a bear- hug. He was only stopped with a huge sweat-drop by several life- threatening death glares, with an invisible message 'touch her and you die', darted at him by the fire demon.

Kurama looked at the two boys, smiling. He interrupted the deadlock situation and walked slowly towards his best friend, "You feeling better?"

"Hn." said the fire demon. Knowing his friend well, Kurama told it as a "yes" and smiled.

Hiei looked at the group, "What brings you all here? I don't feel like having a party." a little frustrated by the group's interruption of his private time with his twin sister.

Yusuke stepped forward, a not-too-friendly grin on his face, "Well, we come to visit you. It has been a week and we guess you have had enough sleep to wake yourself."

The fire demon looked at Yusuke, knowing that it was more than just a visit, "Be honest, what do you want?"

Koenma moved forward, "There is one more task you have to do before your reincarnation is complete." His hand reached the inner pockets of his cloak and handed out something about the size of a tennis ball to Hiei.

The fire demon took the thing from Koenma's hand. He looked at it, confused, "It's an egg."

"Yes, it is the egg of your Reikai beast." said Koenma, looking serious, "It is a ritual for a special reincarnation like yours. The egg will absorb the elements of your heart and soul to grow. In around a month's time, it will hatch. I have to warn you, if a person's heart is evil, his Reikai beast will be hatched as a monster and consume its master upon its birth. I hope it will not happen to you."

The fire demon looked at the egg, drown in his thoughts, *A person will be consumed by his own Reikai beast if one's heart is evil? Does that mean I am destined to die and to leave Yukina even after this reincarnation thing? One month is not enough... *

Hiei was snapped back to reality when he felt a cool hand caught his own. It was Yukina. She gently squeezed the fire demon's hand and gave him an encouraging smile, "I am confident that your Reikai beast will be a lovely one. Just like Puu. (A/N: Yusuke's Reikai beast - the once penguin-like creature, now a phoenix-like bird) " said the koorime, as if she could read his mind.

Softened by his twin sister's smile, Hiei relaxed and started feeling very tired. He found it difficult to keep his eyes open as his body urged him to rest. He struggled to open his eyes but he was losing the fight. He started to limp over before Kurama caught him and placed him gently on the futon.

Kurama looked at the fire demon, who was struggling to stay awake, "Rest now. You will be fine." Without a word, the fire demon obeyed and closed his eyes.

"Guess it's time to leave." said Yusuke, scratching the back of his head. The group moved towards the door, leaving the twins in the room.

Koenma turned and looked at the twins, "I will be back in a month's time. We will know the result by then..."


~One month later~

~In the forest outside of Genkai's temple~

At non-human speed, flashes of light shone across a small open space in the middle of the forest. A small figure stood in the middle of the open space, slowly sheathing the sword. The trees around the figure slowly fell to the ground, being cut into hundreds of pieces.

Satisfied with the healing progress and the recovery rate of his speed and power, the fire demon smiled a little. His smile fainted as he sensed someone approaching. He fixed his glare to the depth of the forest.

"Someday I should charge you for destroying my forest." an old lady with curly pink hair appeared, hands behind her back, "Anyway, we are short of fire wood. You will bring them back to the temple later on."

"Hn." was Hiei said. He did not object to Genkai's request as he knew that she had spent a lot of time gathering herbal medicine for Yukina to make the healing potion for him.

"They are waiting for you in the temple." Genkai continued, "Your Reikai beast is about to hatch." She turned and started walking back to the temple.

Hiei looked at the back of the old lady and sighed, *Time to face the truth ... * he thought, *my true heart and soul ... *


~5 minutes later~

~In the backyard of Genkai's temple~

Yukina, Kurama, Yusuke, and Kuwabara circled around Koenma, curiously inspecting the egg of Hiei's Reikai beast, which was now the size of a volley ball.

Kurama touch the egg gently and felt some faint movements inside the shell, "I wonder what kind of Reikai beast will be raised by Hiei's heart and soul."

Yusuke looked at the egg, "I just hope that it will not be some kind of stupid beast like mine." as he thumb-pointed at the huge blue bird standing behind him.

"Puuuu.." protested Puu, who usually stayed inside the massive forest outside of Genkai's temple, as it would initiate chaos if it showed itself around Yusuke's house. Yusuke brought Puu along to witness the birth of one of its kind, as there were not many Reikai beasts in the whole three worlds afterall.

Kuwabara poked the egg, looked at it suspiciously, "I am sure it will be a horrific, mean, ugly creature. We better stay away from it when it hatches. I don't want to be its side-dish when it consumes that shrimp." (A/N: Kuwabara couldn't change his habit in calling names to Hiei even after knowing that he is Yukina's brother. Sigh...)

"Kuwabara-san!" protested Yukina, "I am sure it is not the case. Oniisan's Reikai beast will not be like that."

"If it is a creature like that," said a deep voice from the top of a tree, "I will make sure it will have you as its first snack." Hiei jumped off the tree and landed gracefully beside the group.

Koenma stepped forward, "Looks like you have fully recovered from the reincarnation process." He handed the egg to the fire demon, "Now, the moment of truth..."

Hiei hesitantly took the egg, not knowing what to do with it. At first, he felt some faint movements inside the egg. Suddenly, with a more violent movement, a small crack appeared on the eggshell.

Everyone, except Kuwabara (who actually jumped a few feet away from the egg), got closer to the egg, watching and waiting.

Slowly, the crack widened. A flash of strong bright light blinded everyone in the scene before it eventually died out.

When they could finally open their eyes, they saw only pieces of eggshell scattered on the fire demon's hands and on the floor. But no sign of the Reikai beast.

"Where is it?" yelled Kuwabara nervously searching the area, worried that the beast might jump out of nowhere and consume him. Everyone, except the fire demon, looked around, searching for the unknown creature.

Hiei held up his left arm and stared at it. Kurama noticed and looked at Hiei's left arm, uncertain tone in his voice, "What's that?"

Everyone turned and looked at the fire demon's arm. His left arm had a black dragon tattoo on it ... Something's not right, it should be his bandaged right arm which had a black dragon tattoo on it, not his left arm.

All of a sudden, the black dragon tattoo on the fire demon's left arm moved. It whirled around Hiei's body and landed again on his left arm.

Amused, Kusama said cheerfully, "It's a black dragon. Hiei, your Reikai beast is a black dragon."

The little black dragon was covered with shiny purple-black scales over its body. On its back, black flame burned gently, waved like black fur along its spine. Its eyes were ruby-red, like its master's. It looked around curiously while whirled tightly to its master's arm.

Yukina sighed, cheerful smile on her face, "It's so adorable."

Yusuke bended down and looked at the dragon, "How come your Reikai beast is so much more normal than mine?", he poked lightly the dragon's head with his index figure.

The dragon tried to avoid Yusuke's finger but no avail. Annoyed, it snapped at his finger, revealing its mouth-full of sharp fangs. Yusuke was able to retrieve his finger just in time, "Hey! Don't be mean!"

Sensing no immediate danger from the creature, Kuwabara finally joined the group, inspecting the dragon, "I told you to be careful. This ugly thing is as mean as its owner..." Before he could finish the sentence, the black dragon breathed a fireball right to Kuwabara's face, leaving him a charcoal- black face with eyes blinking in confusion.

"Why you little..." yelled Kuwabara, swinging his fist to hit the dragon. With ease, Hiei moved his arm, together with the newborn dragon, out of the way. He looked straight to the eyes of the orange-headed ningen, glared deadly, "What do you think you are doing?"

Kurama stepped in, "Calm down. It's just a baby." He held out his hand to the dragon, with a friendly smile on his face.

The dragon looked at the hand and the person standing in front of it. It reached out slowly and whirled around Kurama's outstretched arm, searching and sensing his youki. Kurama stroke the dragon gently and it closed its eyes as if it was enjoying.

"The dragon is really hot." said Kurama, "I mean, its temperature is really high. I guess it is because of its master." He looked at the fire demon as the dragon returned to its master.

"Of course." was the response.

Yukina moved forward and looked at the dragon, "Welcome to the group. You are Oniisan's Reikai beast." She turned to the fire demon, "Oniisan, what are you going to call it?"

Hiei murmured, "A name?" He thought for a while before he turned to the koorime, smiling, "Why don't you name it? I am sure it will like it."

"How about if we call it Blackie? As his body is shiny black." Yukina looked at the dragon, "Blackie, do you like the name?"

As if it understood the question, the dragon let out a cheerful roar and flied to the koorime, whirling around her body.

"Ouch!" As a koorime, the temperature of the dragon was too much for Yukina. Burning marks left on her arms where her skin had direct contact with the dragon.

The dragon got scared and returned to the fire demon. Hiei approached his sister, concerned, "You alright?" keeping his arm with the dragon away from the koorime.

"I... I am OK. Don't worry." Yukina said as she smiled.

Kuwabara rushed to the koorime and held her arms protectively, "See, I have told you guys! This creature is dangerous!"

Kurama turned and looked at the fire demon and his Reikai beast. He could sense the very same sadness inside their eyes, *Amusing, the Reikai beast really reflects the heart and soul of its master... *


~Five days later~

~Outside Genkai's temple~

"Do you really need to go?" said the koorime, disappointment in her eyes, "You have just recovered. Maybe you should rest a bit more before going back to Makai."

The fire demon looked at his twin sister, "I am sorry Yukina. But I have to go and report duty with Mukuro. I have been away from duty for over two months already." Hiei gently reached out and held Yukina's hand, "I promise I will come back as soon as I can."

A black dragon unwrapped itself from the waist of the fire demon and whirled around his body, carefully avoid touching the koorime. It had been staying close to the fire demon for the whole time. Hiei continued, "I will leave Blackie with you. It will look after you. Though I don't quite know if it has the power to do so."

The fire demon turned to the dragon, "Listen, take good care of Yukina. But keep a safe distance, OK?" The dragon nodded. It flied towards a wooden pillar outside of the temple and whirled around it, keeping its crimson eyes on the twins.

The twins looked at each other's eyes for a few more seconds before the fire demon left with a flash of black.

Unaware by anyone in the scene, a pair of blue eyes hidden in the forest were watching every move of the twins, an evil smile appeared on the hidden face.


End of Chapter 1

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