Dragon of Fire and Ice

By Gozilla

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Chapter 4 - The Dragon x Unconscious x Birthday Present



~Inside Genkai's temple~

"Oniisan!" cried the koorime, terrified to see her twin brother fell to his knees.

"It's going to be over very soon." said Kime coldly, arms crossed, "Akana is invincible. That fire demon is not strong enough to defeat Akana. He is going to die of exhaustion in a few minutes."

"No he is NOT!!!" yelled Yukina, a surge of youki surfaced from the depth of her body, freezing everything around her.

"Nani?" Kime watched her body froze into ice, *A koorime should not have such power...* was her last thought before her body gave in to the ice attack.

The wands around the temple disappeared as their applier died.

The koorime rushed towards the falling fire demon, "Oniisan."



~Outside Genkai's temple~

Hiei felt he was floating. His vision clouded, other senses closed to total shut down. There was only one thought in his mind, the only thing which supported him to that very moment, *I have to protect Yukina...* He began to fell to the ground as his knees could no longer support him. He never hit the ground as he was caught by a pair of cold arms.

He raised his head towards the owner of those cold arms. His crimson eyes met the ones identical to his.

"Hang on, Oniisan." came a gentle voice. Hiei's eyes wide opened as he realised the person holding his body, "Yukina..."

"We will fight together, Oniisan." said the koorime, holding his hand by hers. The fire demon looked at his twin sister, nodded in determination.

They turned in unison towards the water demon. They gathered all of their youki, both fire and ice youki, and pumped it all into the purple-black dragon, "Go Blackie!" they cried.



~Outside of Genkai's temple~

The dragon shivered violently. It let out a thundering roar that shook the earth as blinding bright light shone from its body.

When the light died out, in everyone's amusement, a gigantic dragon, with purple-black and shining-silver whirling-strip pattern on its body, flew with tremendous speed towards the water demon standing in front of it. The dragon's mouth wide open, deadly-sharp fangs revealed, determined to destroy the enemy and... protect its masters...

Akana cried in terror as the dragon charged towards him. As the dragon and the water demon contacted, instead of the high heat, extreme coldness attacked the water demon. Akana watched in horror as his body froze into ice within split seconds.

The dragon flied back a little, flaming crimson eyes piercing the frozen water demon, and plunged towards its victim. This time, extreme heat attacked the water demon, evaporating every single water molecule once existed within the water demon.

Roared in victory, the dragon flied up to the sky and circled around the area, watching over its masters, the twins, who were lying unconscious on the ground beneath it, their hands holding tightly together.


~Six days later~

~Inside of Genkai's temple~

A small heavily bandaged figure laid still on the futon placed in the middle of the room, very still.

Yukina slide opened the door and entered into the room. Kurama, Yusuke, Kuwabara and Genkai followed her into the room. They sat down around the fire demon, without a word.

Yukina looked at her twin brother. She gently ran her hand across the battered face of the fire demon, no response. She held back tears in her eyes. Her hand reached for the fire demon's hand, holding it tightly.

"How is he?" asked Yusuke, looking at the still figure laid in front of him.

"He stays unconscious since the battle." Genkai replied, "And he is not doing well."

Kurama looked at the figure, his green eyes filled with worries, "He was severely injured in the first battle in Makai and he used up all his youki to fuel the black dragon in the second battle. Not to mentioned that he fired two Dragons of Black Fire within three hours."

Kurama concentrated and search for his friend's youki, only to find a very faint trace of it. He inhaled deeply, "His ki level is too low. It is only enough the keep his vital organs working. Whether he will wake up or not depends very much on himself. He will wake up only if he is strong enough to support his youki to regenerate itself again."

"Oniisan..." said Yukina, holding the fire demon's hand to her face, "I am sorry Oniisan. Only if I am strong enough... Only if I am strong enough to heal you..." Tear gems started falling from the koorime's eyes, hitting lightly on the face of the fire demon, before rolling down to the floor.

"Yukina-san." Kuwabara stepped closer to the crying koorime, lightly putting a hand on her shoulder, "You should not blame yourself. You have used up most of your youki fuelling the dragon in the battle. You yourself had been unconscious for two whole days. It is not surprising that you have temporary lose your healing power."

Kuwabara looked at the battered face of the sleeping fire demon, "He is not going to give up so easily. His life force is as strong as a cockroach."

"Watch you mouth, baka." a deep voice whispered, only barely audible.

Everyone turned to look at the fire demon lying on the futon, cheerfully surprised. Hiei slowly opened his eyes, lightly whispered, "Can't you use some better descriptions? Stupid ningen."

"Oniisan!" said Yukina, happiness filled her tearful eyes.

"Don't worry." whispered the fire demon, a weak smile appeared on his battered face, "I am not ready to leave you yet." He raised his hand, with difficulty, and wiped away the tears of his twin sister.

Suddenly, Hiei felt a slight movement inside his futon. A small dragon, with purple-black and silver-white strips pattern on its body, flied out of the futon and whirled around the twins excitedly. Eventually, it rested around the koorime's arm.

"Hey, dragon! Stay away from Yukina-san! You are going to burn her arm!" yelled Kuwabara.

"Kuwabara-san, it's alright. Blackie's temperature is not high anymore." said Yukina, gently stroking the dragon, which closed its eyes and enjoyed the touch.

Not only the temperature of the dragon had dropped dramatically since the koorime pumped her ice youki in it during the battle, the black flame burning along the spine on its back had been replaced by black and white fur, waving gracefully in the air.

The dragon roared happily and returned to the fire demon, whirling around his battered body smoothly before settling loosely around his neck. Yukina turned to the fire demon, "Oniisan, Blackie has been staying with you all the time when you are unconscious."

"Is it so?" said Kuwabara, trying to touch the dragon and check its temperature. The dragon looked suspiciously at the approaching ningen with its ruby-red eyes. It raised its head and breathed a small fireball surrounded by a ring of white cloud to the approaching face. Leaving Kuwabara, yet again, a charcoal-black face with a ring of ice around it.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Hot, hot, hot!!! Cold, cold, cold!!!" yelled Kuwabara as he ran around the room, hands waving in the air.

Everyone laughed, except for the twins. Hiei whispered, "Baka." while Yukina was polite enough just to giggle.


~About nine months later~

~Inside of Genkai's temple~

Yukina was preparing food in the kitchen, together with Keiko and Botan. There would be a party in about an hour. The guys were about to finish decorating the dining room.

It was the first birthday of Blackie, Hiei's Reikai beast. The dragon had become the master of the massive forest outside of Genkai's temple. It spent most of the time patrolling its 'territory', keeping orders and, occasionally, driving off uninvited demons.

Despite of its tiny size, it had the power to drive off upper C-class demons on its own. Fortunately, one of its neighbours, Yusuke's Reikai beast Puu, was more interested in taking naps. So no conflicts had ever occurred between them.

Back to the temple, the girls were setting table in the dining room.

Yukina turned to Kurama and asked, "Kurama-san, is Oniisan coming?"

Kurama looked at the koorime and smiled, "I have invited him to come along about a month ago. Though he didn't give me any solid reply, I am sure he will show up today."

Yusuke jumped in, "That's right. No worries, Yukina. By the way, we haven't seen him for almost 8 months since he recovered from the battle and returned to Makai. I am sure he misses you and will come to see you today."

Kuwabara also jumped in, "Well, even if he does not come, we can still have a great time partying..."

"What makes you think I am not coming?" came a deep voice behind Kuwbara, which sent Kuwabara a chilly feeling along his spine.

"Oniisan!" cheered the koorime.

"You... when did you arrive?" shouted Kuwabara, "And stop sneaking behind people!"

"Hn." the fire demon turned to Yukina, a small smile on his face, glad to see his twin sister happy and healthy, "Where is the dragon?"

Yukina pointed outside, "It's in the forest. Look, it's coming this way."

The group looked outside, a dragon flied with great speed towards the temple. The black and white dragon didn't slow down as it approached the building and crushed into the fire demon, knocking him off his feet. "Hey, calm down!" shouted the fire demon as the dragon whirled excitedly around his body.

Everyone laughed. In the chaos, Kurama noticed something different with the fire demon - both his arms were bandaged, instead of just his right arm.

"Hiei, did you hurt your left arm?" asked Kurama.

"No." the fire demon replied, getting up on his feet. The dragon settled on the fire demon's shoulders and whirled loosely around his neck, looking curiously at his left arm. "I got a present for Blackie." he unwrapped his left arm, revealing a black dragon tattoo.

"This is the black dragon which attacked Akana with Blackie." said the fire demon, "I have another dragon with my right arm. It took me half a year to learn to support two dragons at the same time."

The fire demon concentrated and gathered his youki to his left arm, a purple cloud of energy formed around it. In everyone's amusement, the black dragon tattoo on his left arm started to move and departed from the arm. It flied around the room at its own will.

With an excited roar, Blackie joined the black flame dragon, whirling and dancing in the air. "I guess it may feel lonely. So I have decided to get Blackie a friend." said the fire demon, smiling.

Hiei looked at the two dragons, which were chasing each other across the room, satisfied, "I have injected my youki in the black flame dragon and should be able to support it to stay in Ningenkai for a few months. When it need re-fuel, it will go to Makai and come to me. It will know where to find me."

Yukina approached her twin brother and hugged him tightly, "Thank you Oniisan. This is the best birthday present I have ever seen."

Hiei blushed, but he loosely hugged back, enjoying the love from his twin sister.


The End

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