Author's Note: This is a fluffy story from an old challenge on FAP.  Basically, just a little winter fun for Harry and Hermione.  It's not quite done, but I'm close to the end.  Hope you enjoy!


"You're a dead woman, Hermione!"

This bellow came from a certain redheaded male who, although looking quite fierce at the moment, realized that the effect was somewhat ruined by the snow in his hair, down his neck, and most irritatingly, down his trousers. Hermione running (more like slogging through the snow, really) away from him, cackling all the while like a madwoman, did nothing to improve his disposition.

"She got it down your trousers?" Harry asked interestedly. "I wonder how she managed that. She threw that snowball at the back of your head."

"Does it matter?" Ron growled. "I've got snow around my bits and someone's going to pay. Hermione's going to pay." He grinned and bent down to scoop up some snow. "One Weasley Special coming up." He took out his wand and muttered something under his breath.

Harry was a bit worried. Given Ron's relations, a 'Weasley Special' could range from merely humorous to truly irritating. Harry didn't want Hermione irritated. She was scary when that happened.

"Hey, Hermione! You may want to watch out for Ron!" Harry called to her. She was currently standing some distance away from them, a smile on her face. "Ron's got something—"


Something flew past Harry's face. He snapped his head around to track it, but the object had already found its target.

Well. Ron seemed to have quite the arm. Perhaps he should try out for a Chaser position on the Quidditch team.

Hermione was standing right where she was before, only with snow dripping down her face. Er, and the pink hair. And yellow spots on her skin. And the supremely irritated look on her face. Harry winced. This was going to get worse before it got better.

"Harry," she said calmly, "is my hair a different color?"

Harry nodded.

"Harry," she said calmly, "is my skin a different color?"

Harry nodded.

"Harry," she said calmly, "I know you're friends with Ron, but I need your help on something. Can I count on your help, Harry?"

Harry looked over at Ron, then shrugged helplessly at him. He looked back at Hermione. He nodded.

"You little traitor!" Ron hissed, looking a little scared.

"Ron, she's pink and yellow!" Harry started, but got no further as a giant ball of snow hit Ron in the face. He turned back to Hermione, only to see a mass of snowballs coming at him. He quickly dove out of the way, but some of the damned things followed him. "Hermione! I was going to help you!" he yelled as he ducked and weaved away from the snowballs. Ron, distracted from the first snowball, was simply being pelted on all sides.

"All's fair in love and war, Harry!" Hermione yelled back, grinning.

Harry shot her a dirty look, then smiled. Why should she be the only one to enchant snowballs? He fumbled for his wand and desperately tried to remember the spell. Ron had found the book in the library, and Hermione had scolded him for not studying properly then Ron had found that spell…With a triumphant yell, Harry shouted the spell and pointed his wand at Hermione. She screeched and started to run (slog!) through the snow, trying to avoid the flying snowballs.

Of course, by this time, Ron had been hit by all his share of the snowballs and was looking for revenge against both his friends. Unlike Harry, he remembered the spell right off, and in his vengeful state, sent an insane amount of snowballs toward both of them. "See how you deal with this, you bloody turncoats!"

Harry's eyes widened at this newest salvo. Hermione, in between ducking Harry's barrage, looked horrified. She had good reason to be. The sheer number of snowballs coming toward them was frightening. Suddenly, Harry had an idea. He ran (slogged!) toward Hermione, who seemed to have the same idea and was already moving toward him. "Hermione! Get over here!" he shouted.

They made their way toward each other as fast as they could. Hermione had her wand out and had just finished a spell when Harry tackled her. "Oof!" she wheezed, as she fell down with Harry on top of her, and not a moment too soon. The snowballs pelted them, and Harry attempted to cover the two of them with his cloak.

"What did you do?" he asked, his lips by her ear.

"Warming Charm," she gasped. "We'll get wet, but we won't freeze."

Harry chuckled as he brought his head up and gazed at her. Ron's charm must have been faulty. The yellow spots were already gone and the pink hair was rapidly fading to her normal chestnut brown. "Always thinking."

She gazed at him archly as the snow continued to pile up on and around them. They could hear Ron laughing. "You expected something else?"

Harry smiled happily at her, noting her flushed cheeks and bright eyes. "Of course not. You always know the right thing to do. Must be all that reading." She really was pretty, wasn't she?

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Charming, as always, Harry." She shifted slightly. "I wish I had done a protection charm. At least I would be dry then." She shifted again trying to get comfortable.

"But then you would be cold," Harry pointed out. He stifled a groan when she shifted for the third time. Having her wiggle beneath him was…disconcerting. But oh so fun in a when-did-she-become-a-girl sort of way. Now Harry shifted on top of her. Stupid hormones.

Hermione shrugged. "Well, with you on top of me, I'm warm enough." She blushed slightly, as if just noticing their positions and forced a small laugh. "Harry Potter, the human furnace."

Harry gave her a wan smile as the current state of affairs fully dawned on him. Attractive, laughing girl beneath him. Happens to be Hermione, his best friend. Surrounded by snow. Wet, but warm. Hermione beneath him and wiggling again. When had Hermione gotten so blasted attractive? If he just ducked his head a bit, he could kiss her.

Harry scrambled up suddenly. "Uh, I think Ron's attack has stopped," he mumbled and held out a hand for her. Ron was nowhere to be seen.

Hermione blinked. "Oh, alright," she said, a bit confused by his sudden departure. She took his hand and hoisted herself up. "Thanks," she said a bit breathlessly.

Harry flashed her a quick smile. "Shall we go look for Ron, then?" She nodded and they tramped off through the snow together.

But he didn't let go of her hand.