Sweet surrender


 Darien Volpe was on top of the world, rich, successful and very handsome. His perfect world built on money, power and beautiful women, suddenly falls apart when his ex-wife Valessa dies, leaving him a full time father of a beautiful but under loved 4 year old, Ayane. A child he had turned his back on many, many years ago, simply because Valessa had said that he was not the father. Now he had to turn from billionaire tycoon to understanding father. And this could not have come at a worse time; his company is in the middle of a huge deal, a deal that needed his full attention. So he did the only reasonable thing, he hired a nanny.

Serena Lane was down on her luck, no money, no job, and no place to live. Her last hope an ad for a stay in nanny. She didn't know what to expect when she walked into Volpe towers. Certainly not to be offered a job by Mr. Volpe himself. In a matter of days Serena had Ayane, cleaning up after herself, singing, drawing and doing everything other little girls did. Ayane no longer acted as if she were a doll. She even started calling Darien daddy, pleasing him immensely. Serena had done everything Darien had hoped she would, and then some. She made him think of something he had refused to even dream about, she made him think of a family. Could it be? Was the old tycoon in love with a nanny?

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