I promised you all that I would carry on with my poetry, at the same time as writing my story, and I have.

Another Sam poem By Michelle Frodo

Sam could have gone anywhere, could have stayed with any of his friends and been safe, but instead he followed Frodo.


Where I'd Rather Be


I loved my home in Hobbiton

I'd go back anyday,

but it wouldn't be the same

If you weren't going to stay.

Merry and Pippin were always good fun

their jokes made me laugh and smile,

But I couldn't go away with them

I'd miss you after a while.

The Inn of the Prancing Pony

Stood in the centre of Bree,

I suppose there could be worse places

But that didn't matter to me.

I know Strider would give me protection

He'd die if he felt that he should,

but he cannot go any further

Though I rather wish that he could.

Rivendell rich elven kingdom

Home to the fair elvish race,

but sadly it isn't where you are

And so I don't stay at that place.

Legolas strong elven archer

And Gimli the dwarf was Gloins' son,

both went in the other direction

But I'll stay by your side till it's done.

Moria dark and forbidding

But probably safer then here,

but you carried on so I followed

Despite my great anguish and fear.

Gandalf fell down into darkness

Both fire and shadow defied,

though needless were non-of his doings

In Kazad-dum he sadly died

Lothlorien wood of the lady

There I would gladly have stayed,

but ask, and I will gladly follow

As I see that your will starts to fade.

Boromir steward of Gondor

Seemed very noble and true,

but I could never forgive him

As he tried to do harm to you.

No oath held me to follow you

I could stay anywhere,

but instead I'm off to Mordor

My doom awaits me there.

I didn't have to come with you

But Frodo don't you see?

Despite it all, right by your side

Is where I'd rather be.


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