Author's Notes and Explanations (everyone shouts OH NO NOT MORE !!!!!!!!!!)

This is my first LOTR fanfiction. As I have stated to a few people, I have only recently seen the first movie and have yet to see how this series ends so my knowledge about this series is limited. I have read the books but it wasn't until after the movie that I am able to put names to faces.

There are some great LOTR fics around and some of the author's make my efforts look very poor indeed. Some of them are no less than fantastic.

This story will follow the first movie pretty much with the parts that I would have liked changed until I get more familiar with this fandom so I apologize to anybody in advance that doesn't approve of the way I have changed the first movie.

I normally restrict my writing to SeaQuest and Bonanza and am able to call myself an ELF (Evil Lucas Fan) but not an EFF (Evil Frodo Fan) yet. My stories normally go down the trail of something dire or drastic happening to the main character - in this series I have chosen Frodo (just picked randomly - so I say !!!!!!!!).

My characters in the past have been whipped, stabbed, shot, poisoned, attempted hanging, played Russian roulette and various other afflictions that go make them angsty. Hurt/Comfort is the recipe that I thrive on from day to day and I need a constant supply to feed my addiction.

So if you don't like that sort of story - please fresh your page and try another later. I also give them a steady dose of emotional trauma and mental anguish together with their physical injuries.

Although my stories are normally quite long - so are the chapters that I post - except this story. I wanted to gauge reader's reactions to what I was doing first before continuing. Hoping that people will like what I am doing with their favourite characters.

This story was devised as I watched the movie and for all intense purposes Frodo was supposed to be the one that would lead them all to victory but whenever I saw him, he always seemed to be behind them or somewhere up the front where he could have been an easy target for picking. My evil mind started working overtime.

It takes place in the mines and although I want to include a variation of the Cave Troll scene (my favourite), it will be somewhat different and the trail afterwards may have a few twists and turns before they make their way out - if they ever do.....

If you do like this, please let me know with feedback and I hope that I will learn more about the series to create others - the mind already has a few ghost ideas that could turn into later stories but nothing more than that at the moment.

If you do like my work please feel free to see some of the other ones I have written on my author's page under JULES6. I would love to know what you think of those as well.


AND SO WE BEGIN..........

Takes place just after the fellowship have escaped the tentacles of the creature outside the collapsing entry to the Mines or Moria.

Gandalf placed a strange looking crystal on the end of his staff. He informed them that the light would be there as long as it was needed and not fail them in their darkest hour.

The other members of the fellowship were most grateful for the small amount of illumination that allowed them to where they placed their feet. Problem was that what they walked on made them want to run screaming in terror.

The floor was littered with the skeletonised remains, armoury and weapons of those who had fought long and as bravely as they could before death took them swiftly and painfully. The bodies of the dwarves that scattered the stone floor were embedded with the tell tale arrows of the orcs.

The shear number of arrows that lay in the dwarves and or elsewhere in the room told of the number of enemy that the people had tried in vain to fight off before their destruction and massacre.

Not for the first time, Frodo started to wonder just how much of a sheltered life he and the other hobbits had been afforded living in the Shire before now. Death was not something new to them, but back when they were children it was something reserved for the very old or very young or the frail.

Right where they all stood now there was no getting away from it's horror or macabre appearance. Even now, the skeletons held the expressions of pain and agony that these men had endured before finally succumbing to such a fate.

They had scarcely begun this journey of the utmost important and it had been impressed on him back in Rivendell over and over once he had offered to take the ring to Mount Doom and cast it back to whence it was born of fire.

Now as he was forced to take the only path they had at present through this sea of unending long ago decomposed bodies of an army, he couldn't help but feel the incredible weight of the burden that had been bestowed upon him.

In addition to that was the guilt that he had carried with him from the moment they had set out from Rivendell. Although the other members of the fellowship had vowed to protect him as ring-bearer and see him safely to complete his task. Frodo could help but think that if anything should happen to any one of his companions along the way then he would be the one responsible, even if it was not carried out by his own hand.

For someone who had been called a Halfling his entire life, Frodo came to feel as though the things asked of him were bigger than any mountain he could hope to climb or ascend.

"Watch your step there Mr Frodo," came the warning voice of Sam Gamgee, Frodo's trustworthy friend as the young ring-bearer almost lost his footing from trying to avoid the many scattered remains under foot.

"Thanks Sam," Frodo replied with a genuine smile. If truth be known, Frodo didn't think he would have made it as far as he had now without the watchful eye of his hobbit friend.

A few of the others ahead had looked behind them to see if the little hobbit was alright at Sam's warning but then returned their concentration to where they were putting their own feet.

Pippin and Merry were huddled close together in front of Boromir and often took to hiding behind the man's shielding frame if they came across something they felt frightened at. The two little hobbits almost moved as one as they clung to each other and shared their fear.

After what seemed like an eternity, the group was finally able to walk upon stone floor that wasn't covered with the fallen army of dwarves. The baron floors didn't make them feel any less threatened though as they pushed on.


When the orcs were to attack the fellowship down in the dark Mines of Moria that day, they had but one plan in mind. To confuse and divide. The group numbered only nine but together they were a formidable force even though their bedraggled appearance said otherwise.

The Ring-Bearer known as Frodo had come to rely on the stronger members of the group to protect and guard them all. None of them dared let their guard down for even a second or they may risk death. But there some of them possessed abilities that were not comprehendible or explainable to all.

Sauron knew that if the young Halfling could be somehow separated from the others then he would become an easier target and the Dark Lord would be able to wield the hobbit's fear to his own advantage and regain possession of the thing he desired most: The Ring that Ruled them all.

The darkness within the Mines themselves was enough to disorientate most who were foolish enough to keep travelling within the bowls of such a fiery hell. The stench of the vast corridors made each and everyone of them what to retch until their stomach's hurt and their nostrils were red from the acrid smell of decay.

Aragorn was a born leader. The ability to rule over others and guide the way best for all had been bred into his descendants many generations before now. The real test came whether that ability was to be used for the good of all or whether it corrupted the leader into an existence of avarice and self- destruction.

Aragorn had been there at the Prancing Pony in Bree when the hobbits had only just begun their vast adventure. He had known back then the peril that the naïve youngsters were putting themselves in without realising it.

Legolas, although you could never tell from his facial expressions, was always alert for the servants of the underworld who sort the power of the ring for both the glory of Sauron and themselves. He was a valued ally to have on such a dangerous quest. This accuracy with the bow he carried had already saved Frodo from his death whilst at the entrance to the mines.

The elfish people had a mystery about them that even Legolas now displayed throughout their journey. Frodo had found himself growing weary from their travels on a number of few occasions though he didn't complain out loud.

Whenever he would look to the others group members to see how they were fairing, Legolas would be posted just on the edge of the group, waiting for the unexpected and the unseen. Always ready to defend his companions. Frodo was unsure if he had even see the elvan man sleep for more than an hour at a time.

Gimli was exactly the opposite in personality. If the man was laughing, you could hear his belly deep drawl from metres away. If he was angry, his face would be as red as the beard that grew upon his face and his axe would be overhead, ready to wield at anybody would dared tested him.

Frodo couldn't fault the dwarf's loyalty though. There had been differences already displayed between Gimli and Legolas back in Rivendell but still he had given his word to accompany the ring-bearer and see that what needed to be done was.

Boromir held a different curiosity in Frodo's eyes. It wasn't fear of the man exactly and he had to be grateful for the rescuing that had been afforded to him from the tentacles of the Watcher earlier. Still, there was something about this member that had Frodo hadn't been able to put his finger on since the council meeting with Elrond. Boromir had talked about allowing the power of the ring to be used against the Dark Lord Sauron to free all those who required it. He had been told under no uncertain terms by the other members of the secret council meeting that the ring was to be destroyed.

There had even been something in his eyes as he handed Frodo the ring back on the pass of Caradhras. Aragorn had been able to smooth over the situation and Frodo had indeed received the ring back but he couldn't help but think that there might be other darker forces stronger than all of them travelling amongst them.

Only time would tell over the rest of their journey if Boromir would stay true to his companions or if there was a darkness burning within him that nobody else could see.

Gandalf was their steady rock on this journey. If they could believe in any one's word that everything would work out fine then it was this man. Frodo had come to learn that he knew very little about the greying old man that visited him back in the Shire on infrequent occasions.

Over the last few days Frodo had seen the wizard command respect without even asking for it. The man had to but enter a room and it seemed that his presence was enough to reassure some that there would be a way found to defeat the forces that lurked within Mount Doom.

Back in the Shire, Gandalf was known for conjuring all sorts of small time tricks to amuse the local children, including those of fireworks that had been used at Bilbo's birthday party.

Now they had left Rivendell with a journey of life and death, Galdalf's tricks would need to be more substantial and see them through some of the horrific places they were yet to come across.

No now was definitely not a time for tricks of any kind Frodo reminded himself.


The group seemed to be making a slow but continual pace through the mines when Gandalf in front suddenly stopped and peered into the blackness that they had yet to pass through.

"What is it Gandalf?" Frodo asked as he made his way to the wizard's side and tried to see what his friend was looking at.

"I have no memory of this place," Gandalf finally answered to all. His words were directed at no-one in particular and seemed like a distant though rather than a statement.

"You mean we are lost," came the worried question from Pippin would still wouldn't let go of Merry's cloak.

"It's alright Pip, Gandalf will lead us out of here okay, you'll see," the older hobbit said, trying to reassure the smaller one.

Frodo had walked back the way they had just come for a few steps. The columns that loomed overhead were very formidable. They gave the impression of strength but as the young ring-bearer looked around that strength had still somehow been dismantled by the hate and wilful destruction of Sauron and his orcs.

How could he possibly come to think that he and the quest that he promised to carry out would be enough to overcome the same forces that had been bred inside these walls.

The concentration of the other members of the party were focused up the front where Gandalf continue to stand. Frodo was now but a few paces behind the others. He had not sensed the danger before it was too late......

Aragorn and Gandalf cried out to Frodo as the scream came of the hobbit. For a second they had seen the tattered ends of what remained of his dark green cloak. They had seen the boy's curly head turn around to face something behind him.

The blue eyes were wide with fear. His fear consumed him as though paralysed and unable to move.

What Frodo had seen they did not know, but the scream made them hold a breath. What had happened to make Frodo to scream like that and now there seemed to be no sign of the young ring-bearer.

He had only been a few feet away. Surely even if something stalked him in the darkness one of them would have been quick enough to snatch him back to safety or at least get a look at his assailant.

When the others looked at where Frodo had stood but a few seconds ago, now there was nothing but the echoing of his scream through the tunnels.


There you go - my first attempt - hope you like it - I know I haven't included the part where Gandalf talks to Frodo about Gollum - didn't really like that part anyway.

Don't know where this story is headed yet - got a few ideas.......

I apologize for any errors in spelling or grammar (I am Australian so we spell some things differently from others) that I have missed or any parts of the story that I may have gotten wrong with the storyline so far - not word for word the movie - tried to add some of my own in there.

Oh did I mention that I am known in my other stories for leaving my chapters with cliffies ??????????????

What do you think hunts Frodo ?????????????

Need to go and spend some time on my other stories now - just finished one SeaQuest one today and better do some more hurt to Little Joe before a posse of angry readers try and lynch me for the next chapter.

Hope to update soon if you like it.