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A/N: This is the sequel to Putting the Pieces Back Together, which you can find if you click on my profile. I say you read that before you read this, so it makes sense. Also, I'm Australian. I'll use the word mom (just because this is set in America) but the rest of my spelling, like flavour, colour etc will be the Australian way. So there :p

Wyatt and Melinda, Piper and Leo's kids are still 7 & 3. Phoebe and Cole's daughter Grace is still 6. Some new characters will be appearing, mainly just Paige's baby. This is set three and a half months after PTPBT ends. Prue is now six and a quarter months pregnant. Piper and Leo are alright (for now), Cole and Phoebe are still divorced, though Phoebe's split from Jason and is hitting the dating scene. Prue and Andy are still whitelighters.

*Sugar Rush*

'My god Piper, Phoebe, how the hell did you manage? I've gained respect for you on a whole new level, especially Piper.' Prue Halliwell announced as she flounced (as best she could considering her pregnant stomach).

Piper looked up from stirring a pot of soup with raised eyebrows, and Phoebe from her laptop.

'How so?' Phoebe asked.

'Cravings!' Prue exclaimed. 'I can't control them! I mean, when you guys were pregnant I never saw you hitting the kitchen every hour!'

'Well that might have had to do with the reason you were forbidden from seeing us when Wyatt was inside of me.' Piper replied, an amused smile on her face.

'But I was watching over!' Prue objected, as she opened the fridge. 'We better have them.' She muttered.

'Well Prue you've just gotta be strong.' Phoebe said with a smile, as she sorted through letters for Ask Phoebe (which was now published throughout the country from the Bay Mirror's success. Phoebe even went on radio sometimes, but liked her job as it was in the paper, for it's flexibility.)

'I can't be strong!' Prue complained, as she found what she was looking for. Going to the cupboard, she grabbed a spoon, before returning to the fridge and taking out a large tub of ice cream.

'What flavour is that?' Piper asked, looking at it. Prue looked down at the label.

'Double Chocolate Brownie Fudge Mixture.' Prue read aloud. 'Ah. My favourite.' Prue opened the tub, and sat at the island, beginning to dig in.

Piper's three-year-old daughter Melinda skipped in. 'Hi Auntie Prue!' She exclaimed. 'Hi mommy. Hi Auntie Phoebe. What are you eating Auntie Prue?' She asked, as she clambered onto a stool beside Prue.

'Ice cream. Want some?' Prue asked, offering some to her niece.

Piper widened her eyes to signal NO! to Prue, but it was too late. Melinda took a bite of the big chunk on the spoon, and giggled. There was another spoon lying on the counter top, and Melinda began to dig into the tub immediately, at the speed of light.

Prue looked surprised, but Phoebe just grinned at her niece's eating rate.

'You might choke or get indigestion sweetie.' Prue told her, concerned.

Piper was already swooping down. 'Melinda Halliwell!' Piper scolded. 'You had sugar before dinner?'

Melinda bounced up and down. 'Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh!' Melinda climbed off the spoon and raced out of the kitchen. Piper stared after her in a daze.

'Oh great. Now she'll have a sugar rush.' She said with a sigh.

'Sorry.' Prue said apologetically, though it was hard to understand since her mouth was full of ice cream.

* *

'Okay so I'm stuck in the mud. So you freeze my legs.' Grace instructed.

'Alright.' Wyatt said, shrugging and waving his hands at Grace's legs.

A moment passed before, 'Wyatt! You're not doing it right!' Grace complained.

'What am I doing wrong?' Wyatt asked, frowning.

'I can still move my legs!' Grace protested. 'You call that freezing?'

Wyatt frowned. 'Well I don't know then.' He shrugged. 'This game is dumb anyway.' He added, before wondering off.

'What do you want your legs frozen for anyway?' Paige asked, lowering her book (entitled 'So Your Baby's Almost Due').

'It's the better way to play Stuck In the Mud.' Grace explained, as she plopped onto the couch beside Paige.

'If you say so.' Paige said, shrugging. She grinned. 'The baby kicked.' She told her, before frowning.

'Is something the matter?' Grace asked, looking at Paige. Paige was making a face.

'Uh huh. Contraction. It's probably a false alarm though, considering the last three times in the past few weeks.' Paige told her cheerfully.

'Okay.' Grace said, though she continued to look at Paige, who was making faces again. 'Aren't your contractions close together, so you're having the baby?' Grace asked, thinking back to the video she'd overheard Aunt Prue, Aunt Paige, Uncle Andy and Uncle Glen watching together.

'You know what? You're. right.' Paige said, grimacing.

Grace stiffened. 'Um. Aunt Paige? Did you just.?'

'No I did not wet myself.' Paige interrupted. 'But. I think my water just broke.'