A/N: Why you didn't find out the gender of the baby? Easy. For one, it was a kind of cliffhanger. Two, those of you who haven't noticed, I've already stated one would be a boy and one would be a girl. Demonstrated when Prue goes baby shopping, in the first story, when Serena is born.

A/N part 2: One more thing. If I write a fic more kid-based, what would you all think of them aging 3 years? This would mean Serena, Charlotte and James are now the 3 year olds. Also, I'd be skipping a lot of the others lives - including the ending of this story, but you'll see what happens later. Plus Melinda would no longer be little and cute - though the others will. Let me know stat! Because babies bore me. I prefer them to be toddlers. With babies they're like objects that need to be counted but that you can't do anything with but coo at. In stories that is.

*Final Chapter*

In the waiting room.

Grace was getting a mischievous spark in her eye. 'Hey Mellie.' She whispered. 'Want to do something fun?'

'Sure!' Melinda perked up. Grace was always fun.

'O-kay but you can't tell your mommy.' Grace instructed, crawling towards Melinda, who sat beside Piper's chair.

'Uh huh. What about Wyatt?' Melinda pondered.

'Not him either.' Grace shook her head. 'Nope. Nobody.'

'Okay.' Melinda agreed.

'Lets play explorers.' Grace said excitedly. She'd wanted to last time they'd come, but she'd never gotten the chance. Now that nobody was watching - Piper was reading a magazine, Leo was tickling Serena under the chin, while Glen proudly held his daughter, and Paige was talking to Phoebe about stretch marks from her pregnancy.


'See that.' Grace pointed at an elevator. 'Let's go in.'

Melinda looked worried. 'Gracie, those things are scary.'

'I was scared of them when I was little too, but then my mom helped me. So I'll help you' Grace said solemnly, 'besides it's faster than the stairs. Daddy takes me on one all the time to get to the penthouse. It's easy. It's fun too.'

Melinda hesitated. 'Okay. let's do it.' Grace grabbed her cousin's hand and led her to the elevator. The two climbed aboard. Luckily a bunch of people had just exited, and now it was empty. Grace was just tall enough to hit floor 4 - Intensive Care.

* *

Andy flew out into the hallway and ran to the waiting room. 'She's had them!' He panted. Everyone leapt up.

'How is she?'

'How are the babies?' Piper asked worriedly. 'They're so premature, they aren't even completely developed yet are they?'

'They're. stable.' Andy paused. 'They're tiny.' He added.

'Have you named them yet?' Phoebe pestered.


'Where are the babies?'

'They're okay. They don't need to go intensive care. At least I hope not.'

'Names? Hello?' Piper waved a hand, accidentally freezing Andy. 'Oops.'

Andy unfroze and blinked, none the wise. 'Charlotte and James.'

'James?' Phoebe puzzled. 'Where'd that come from?'

'It's my grandfather's name.' Andy explained, leading them to Prue's room. She was asleep, exhausted.

'Where are the twins?' Wyatt whined. 'Where's the boy? FINALLY.' He added. Andy chuckled and ruffled Wyatt's hair. 'This way.'

They headed to the maternity ward. Everyone stood by a window looking in as Andy went inside. First he scooped up a tiny baby boy with dark hair, and stood by the window, for them to admire.

'He's the spitting image of Andy.' Leo proclaimed.

'How unfortunate.' Glen joked.

'Nah, I see a bit of Prue.' Phoebe disagreed.

Andy made a face at them, before returning his son, and picking up his daughter.

'Oh. she's beautiful.'

'She looks like Prue.' Piper agreed. 'How sweet. The children look just like their parents.' She cooed at the tiny baby in Andy's arms.

* *

'Why hello there.' A young nurse with beautiful shiny strawberry blonde locks looked at Grace and Melinda in surprise. 'What are you doing here?'

'I'm here to show my cousin around.' Grace said proudly.

'I'm Mellie. You have pretty hair.'

'Aren't you just adorable! Where are your parents?'

'My mom is somewhere around. My Aunt is having twins.' Grace told her seriously.

'Maternity ward.' The nurse said with a nod. 'Okay, come on you two rascals. Let's get you back to your parents.'

* *

Days later Prue was back home with the two tiny newborn twins who were already sparking interest among the elders at their already budding whitelighter powers. Andy could have sworn he saw a picture book move the slightest fraction when Charlotte was looking at it.

One particular evening found everyone in the lounge room. Prue and Paige were rocking Charlotte and James to sleep while Andy and Glen fussed over Serena. Piper had Melinda on her lap, while Leo had Wyatt on his. The four sat watching the Cosby Show (though Piper had to be extra careful.)

Only Grace sat alone - Phoebe was working late at the office. The front door closed quietly a few minutes later and Phoebe stepped into the manor.

Softly she walked over to the lounge room and peeked inside. Everyone was there, although Grace sat alone on the floor, quiet.

Phoebe felt her heart break for her. 'Oh Gracie.' She mumbled. She knew it killed her daughter to see Phoebe and Cole apart. The two couldn't even speak to each other without fuming.

But Phoebe knew they couldn't go on like this. Slowly she picked up the phone and dialed a very familiar number.


'Cole? It's me. We need to talk.'