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Your Wildest Dreams

by Kristen Elizabeth


It was supposed to have been a simple trip to Africa. But it turned into the true beginning of his life.

Although she'd never know if it was because of her politics or the public sympathy she'd earned after the attempts on her life, three months later Relena won the presidency in a complete landslide. The night of the elections, after her victory was announced and once the celebrations had died down, Heero found her in the silent, empty office she'd spent her time as Foreign Minister in. She was strangely subdued for someone who'd just become the most powerful person in the world.

"You didn't touch your champagne," he said, announcing his presence.

She didn't seem surprised that he was there; since returning to the world after their impromptu safari, a whole new world had opened up for them, the world of dating. She was more than familiar with it, but Heero was not. However, with a little help from Duo, he was well on his way to perfecting yet another part of his persona: the boyfriend.

"I didn't eat anything today. It would have gone straight to my head." Relena turned away from the windows and smiled at him. "Were you hoping I'd get tipsy so you could take advantage of me?"


"I'm not sure if I want to take that as a yes or a no."

Heero walked towards her with slow precision. "I don't want to take advantage of you. Ever."

"Like you could take advantage of the President," she teased him. He was so close now, close enough for her to smell his plain soap scent. His Preventer uniform was clean and crisp, although the buttons at his throat had been undone. Relena got the strangest feeling, like she was a doe being sought by a buck. She looked up at him. "Have I ever thanked you?"

He frowned. "For what?"

"You saved my life a hundred times in Africa."

"And you saved mine a hundred more." Heero slipped one hand around her waist. "That's not why I'm here, Relena."

Her mouth was suddenly dry. Making love with Heero was definitely something that had been on her mind recently…and if she were being totally honest, had been on her mind for years. Now that it was so close, she found herself hesitant. It would be good. It would be powerful. It would be binding. There wouldn't be any quick affair for them. Once they crossed the line, it would be forever.

"So…you're here to talk about…the trial?" she asked when he dipped his head to nuzzle just under her jaw. With the information provided by the man who had shot her at the falls, the right-wing party of colonists who'd sought to assassinate her had been scouted out, and now rotted in jail awaiting their trial. It promised to be the court case of the century; Relena was not at all looking forward to it, but with Heero by her side, she was prepared for anything.

"Hardly," he whispered. His breath on her skin was the most delicious sensation imaginable, and no matter how many times he was this close to her, it was always a surprise how her body reacted. "I don't know how to go about this, Relena." Heero's mouth traveled up to her ear; her eyes closed. "I just know what I want."

"What do you…want?" She grabbed his arms to keep her balance.

"What do you think?"

Relena opened her eyes. Heero had pulled back slightly; they stared at each other for a long, breathless moment. Finally, she made up her mind. "Come home with me."

She'd been right, she realized later. It was good. No, better than good. It was everything she'd ever hoped it would be.

Relena fell asleep that night in the arms of the man she'd loved and woke up the next morning to a new world. He was already awake, waiting for her with a well thought-out, yet completely out of the blue question.

Saying 'yes' to Heero's proposal of marriage was the first decision she made as President and by far the easiest.


On the wide screen of one of the Presidential mansion's televisions, Heero watched a tape of Relena delivering her annual speech, updating the world and the colonies on the state of their government. Given only the night before, it had been her fourth such speech, marking her fourth year in office; her first term as President would be over soon. And to everyone's surprise, it would be her last. She had announced, only a few minutes into the speech, that she would not be running for the position again. She was ready to hand over the responsibility to someone else, she'd told everyone. But only Heero knew the real reason.

"Heero?" Relena entered the bedroom dressed quite differently than the woman on the screen. The world's President wore a navy blue suit; his Relena had on a summer dress and sandals. Her long, blond hair was pulled into a casual ponytail instead of a severe braid.

But perhaps the biggest difference between the politician and the woman was the two year-old boy seated on her hip wearing a baseball cap, a gift from his 'Unca Duo', that was at least three sizes too big for his head of brown curls. Austin Yuy squirmed in his mother's arms, eager to be let down onto his little sneaker-clad feet.

She held on, though; she'd just gotten his shoes tied for the fifth time, and wasn't about to give him an opportunity to untie the double knots. Because somehow, Austin was always able to.

"We're as ready as we're going to get." Relena glanced at the screen and shook her head. "All right, I order all tapes of that speech destroyed. I look horrible."

Heero turned the TV off with the remote control, flicked it onto the neatly made bed, and stood up. "Give yourself a break. You were sick five minutes beforehand."

His wife of just over three years gave him a look. "And who's to blame for that? Here." She held out their wriggling son. "He's getting really heavy."

"Zoo, Daddy," Austin said, looking up at his father with his mother's eyes, although Heero could barely see them underneath his cap. "We're going zoo!"

Heero turned the hat around so that the bill faced backwards. "What'll we see at the zoo?" he asked.

"Wions!" Austin's euphoria was short lived as Relena began rubbing sunscreen all over his delicate skin. "No, Momma. No yucky."

"Yucky keeps us from being toasty," she told the little boy. "And in this family, we don't see lions until we're completely yucky. Right?"

Her husband nodded even when Austin's little lower lip protruded. "Right. Sorry, kid."

When Relena finished, she wiped the excess lotion across the bridge of Heero's nose. "You always forget," she explained, giving his cheek a kiss. "All right. Now we really are ready."

"Zoo!!" Austin announced again, the yucky already forgotten.

"Zoo," Heero said, shrugging his shoulders at his wife.

"Zoo," she sighed, one hand on her lower belly.


Going anywhere in public with Relena, the most admired, and consequently the most scrutinized woman in the world, was always an exercise in patience for Heero. He'd long since gotten used to the press who seemed permanently camped outside the Presidential Mansion. He'd learned how to get his family through them as quickly and as safely as possible, and he'd even learned to ignore, rather than hit, any reporter who got too close, or asked a question better left unasked.

"You've come a long way, baby," Relena told him when they left the mob behind at the gates of the zoo. "But don't think I didn't see your fist ball up when that one guy asked if I wasn't running again because you were unsatisfied with our sex life."

Heero settled Austin into his stroller with a scowl on his face. "Where do they come up with that shi…" He glanced at his son. "Stuff."

"They're just looking for the reaction, you know that."

"I was going to hit him, Relena. He kept looking at you." Heero shook his head and straightened back up. "I haven't come that far."

"You held back; that's what counts." Her eyes twinkled. "Although it would have been fun to have my honor defended."

"Momma!" Austin broke the moment, reaching up towards his parents. "Want some juice."

Relena pulled a plastic cup of juice out of Austin's bag, but her thoughts were still back on the wayward reporter. "I didn't think there'd be so much curiosity about me not running again."

"They love you. They want to keep you all to themselves." As they started into the zoo, Heero watched his son drink. The little things Austin did that were so commonplace, his first smile, steps, words, were tiny miracles to him. He was a genius child according to Heero.

He never stopped to wonder if it had all been worth it. The plane crash, the days in the savanna, the snake bite that had nearly taken his life…he wouldn't have changed a thing out of fear that perhaps it might not have all worked out as it did. And going back to a life without Relena or Austin was unimaginable.

"Well, they can't have me anymore," Relena replied, tartly. "Having Austin while in office was unavoidable, but I'm not taking any of my attention away from this baby for campaigning and then a whole new term." She rubbed her flat abdomen with the hand that wasn't steering her son's stroller. "That's the right choice…isn't it?"

"You know that whatever makes you happy is the right choice as far as I'm concerned," he told her. "If you're worried about public reaction, make a statement about the baby."

Relena nibbled on her lower lip. "I will. As soon as possible." She looked down at Austin. "What's first, sweetie?"

"Wions!" he promptly replied, abandoning his juice cup.

"Had to be the lions," Relena muttered. "You couldn't get the child obsessed with dinosaurs or something a little less…"

"Real?" Heero shrugged. "It wasn't me."

A few minutes later, they entered the elaborately designed walkways through the lion habitat. Although six inches of shatterproof plastic stood between them and the actual display, Relena kept a close hand on her baby's stroller.

She needn't have been worried. The midday sun had proved too hot for the animals, and they remained out of sight in the shadows of their dens.

Austin craned his little neck all around, searching. "Where the wions, Daddy?" he asked in a tiny, worried voice.

"I don't know, kid." Heero knelt down to his son's level. "They must be sleeping." The completely tragic disappointment on Austin's face was heart-wrenching. "Maybe they'll be out later." The boy seemed unconvinced; a fat tear appeared at the twin corners of his blue eyes. Heero thought quick. "Maybe someday we can go to Africa and see them for real."

Relena kicked him. Hard.

"Maybe not."

His wife pursed her lips. "Let's go. Perhaps the gorillas will be out and you can take your place amongst them." With a flounce of her hair, she pushed Austin towards the exit.

Heero caught up with her and pulled her around for a deep kiss. "You always wanted to go on safari," he reminded her.

"The desire has been appeased." She turned her head to avoid a second kiss.

"You wouldn't go into the savanna with me again?"

Relena looked back at him. "Oh, baby." She cupped his handsome face in her hands. "I'd do anything for you. I'd endure hours of excruciating pain to bring your children into the world. I'd…" She whispered something entirely inappropriate for a zoo into his ear, making his eyes grow a bit wider. "But I will never…" She kissed his right cheek. "Ever…" She moved to the left. "Ever…" Her lips found his. "Go to Africa with you again."

Heero lifted his shoulders. "Fair enough."

"Now what, Austin?" she asked the little boy, giving Heero a little wink.


Relena's face paled. Heero held up his hands, innocently. "That wasn't me either."

Her eyes narrowed as she remembered Duo's last Christmas present for Austin, a plastic picture book of wild animals.

The braided one was going to pay.


The End