It went for a while till Erung's face burned purple and as Pan flew down for a closer look she actually thought he would explode. A moment later she realised he was still trying to escape, despite being in such great pain.

"Oh no you don't." Pan called. She grabbed it by the head and flew up high into the sky with it. She then did what she knew was the only safe thing to and swung it around, throwing it far into the upper atmosphere. Here she gave a final kamehameha to finish it off. She watched in some relief as Erung blew up into pieces through the flash of light. From down below it looked as though fireworks were dancing in the sky.

When it was over she paused to wipe sweat from her forehead and realised just how exhausted she was. She dropped, slowly at first, then faster towards the ground.

Chapter 7

Pan roused to quiet voices. She fought against sleep that would sooth aches and blinked slowly. The room she was in was fairly dimly lit. For a moment she waited till things became focused, then she jolted upright suddenly. She recognised the walls to be of Kami's place. Goku turned seeing Pan was awake and smiled.

"Dad! Where's dad? And Trunks!" Pan blurted, her mind still at the fight.

"They're fine Pan, calm down, everything is okay."

"They're not hurt?" she asked, pushing the cover back.

"They're as good as new now. Hey, that was quite a fight you put up. I'm afraid you might beat me soon." He said lightheartedly.

Pan looked at him in embarrassment, feeling her face turn a cherry colour. He must have known she had turned supersaiyan.

"Well you did great," he went on. "I'm really quite proud of you. And you did it on your own, Pan. You'll always have my respect you know."

She wished he would stop as she continued to blush furiously. It had recalled how she had defeated the monster and she stared at the covers for a few moments, remembering. Goku patted her head and left quite discreetly. She knew he was busy with his own things and coming down to see her meant a lot. She sat up feeling great, it was as if she were healed already. Swinging her legs over the edge of the bed, she considered getting dressed before going out for a fly but she could do neither as she saw Trunks lean his head in from the doorway.

Pan watched, a little bemused at the way he was behaving and hid a grin when he finally came in, hesitantly, followed by Gohan.

"Dad!" Pan exclaimed jumping up. "You're all right!" He beamed at her and she was relieved they were both so well. Gohan came up and sat beside Pan on the bed and put his arm around her shoulder. Trunks however remained standing at a distance.

"Thank you. And I should say I'm sorry." He said. "What for?" she asked vacantly. He adjusted his glasses, she hated when he wore his glasses and talked about fighting. It was almost as bad as when Trunks kicked her ass in training and he was still wearing a suit.

"I'm sorry I underestimated you, and that my expectations were never that high. I guess I still have to learn about being a father, huh"

Pan pulled him into an embrace, "I though I'd lost you dad." She murmered.

"You didn't you saved - oh, hey! Why didn't you tell us you could turn supersaiyan?"

Pan had been expecting this, but she couldn't think of any excuse, "I - uh, wanted to surprise you, yeah!" Gohan gave her a dubious look and Trunk was now looking up, slightly bewildered. "Okay," she admitted at length. "I didn't tell you, because I thought you never wanted me to accomplish it and become a warrior like you. I mean you never taught me how to advance further as I got older and I always wanted to be like you."

"It was my mistake. For not treating you as I should have. I never truly had the enthusiasm to fight like your grandfather, Goku and I suppose I wrongly assumed you would also, like me. You have too much Goku in you to stop you. It's a great accomplishment, Pan." He paused as she was now even redder in embarrassment. Pan suddenly wished Trunks was not there. "Have a rest now and we'll train together tomorrow, with Goku if he's not busy. You can show me properly then, just how good you are." Pan beamed at him. It had been a long time since they had all trained together, three generations of supersaiyans.

Gohan left shortly, Pan knew he would help the others to clear the mess Erung had caused in the cities. Trunks however remained, looking at the floor. Pan noticed the bandage covering his midsection and he still he still held a hand over it protectively. She broke the ice,

"Hey how long was I unconscious for anyway?"

Trunks looked up, "Uh, a good four days."

"Whoa! I have a lot of notes to catch up on then. I hope Bra helps me out."

"Oh yeah, she sent you these." He handed her a box of chocolates and some beautiful flowers. Pan suddenly remembered just how hungry she was but relinquished the urge to wolf down the chocolates. She looked down at the card instead, "Actually they're from me also." She smiled, she could tell he was finding it hard to express something else. "What I really wanted to say was - I'm sorry. Geez, I bet you're tired of hearing that." He looked a little sheepishly at her, not quite meeting her eyes.

"Come on, let's go for a walk." Pan said, hoping it would make it easier and stop him acting so oddly.

"You sure you're up to it?" he asked.

"Definitely. I've been in this bed way too long."

They flew slowly to the ground, both still weak from battle and walked leisurely around the secluded area by a lake. "I'm not sure where to start, but I am sorry, Pan for the way I acted. I understand if you don't wanna hang out an."

"What? Don't be silly Trunks. We'll always be friends. I've already forgiven you."

Trunks gazed at her then smiled genuinely. He was glad of her good natured forgiving - it took the guilt burden from him somewhat.

"So, Miss supersaiyan. I guess you really are one of the guys now, huh?" he said more casually.

"What? No. I'm still a girl, Trunks as you can see." She snapped. Trunks sighed feeling as though he could say nothing right. "I just wanted to be treated as your equal. You all seem to think it is so important to be the best. Well so do I. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I'm going to settle for a seat at the side." She said quietly.

"You're right." Pan was a little surprised at the sudden acceptance. Trunks glanced at her and for a moment she had looked more mature all of a sudden. He knew what it was like to be downtrodden, Vegita's influence had maybe made his own arrogance prevent him, but he overcame it. He pulled her into a friendly hug, letting go quite hastily. Pan felt, as she pulled away more slowly as though there were something else, more than compassion for a friend. She grinned at him and they flew back hand in hand.

"Here, let me take you home." Pan said grinning mischievously. Trunks smiled back.

They arrived at the Capsule Corp and landed with a gentle thump. Bra had already come out and ran towards them. "Pan, you're back" And you're alright, and hey! Why didn't you tell me?" she had gone from excited to accusing at her best friend. She didn't even let her open her mouth as she went on. "Is that what you were trying to tell me the other day. Well, I kinds have figured it out myself. I did get the brains of the family and the good hearing." She winked at Trunks. "Not to mention the good looks so what are you going to do now. Oooo! You have to show me supersaiyan." Hs said dragging Pan from Trunks and with her into a brisk walk. "I've been telling you to dye your hair, this is perfect. That colour would totally bring out your - " Bra went on almost without taking a breath. Pan giggled at some of the things she said catching odd phrases. Bulma had come out at hearing the commotion along with Videl. Pan caught sight of them before they could say anything.

"Hey, thanks for the gadget thingies, Bulma. They were life savers!"

"It's good to see you Pan, you too Trunks."

"Nice job, Pan." Videl added. "You've made me proud." She still had not gotten over the embarrassing way people would congratulate her and began to blush again.

"Let's go home." She said.

Pan looked deep into the evening sky. Lying on her back she had a great view of the stars on the clear night. Her mind felt free and today she would have no time limit. Her thoughts trailed back to a similar night only a short while back - that felt like years ago, when she had been rekoning her worth.

'I did it.' she thought to herself. 'I proved myself wrong.' Guess I don't have so much to worry about the future anymore. I'll go to college and sort the rest out later.' She thought, watching a satellite pass overhead, gleaming slowly. 'I wonder what kind of bad guys I'll get to fight next. I'm in no rush.' Late evening birds were still singing in the trees and in the distance she could see all possibilities.

"I am a warrior, a saiyan warrior." Pan said out loud as if proclaiming it to the stars and sky above. She smiled, feeling silly, but satisfied. 'I don't have a reason to doubt myself anymore. I'm proud to be me, Pan the supersaiyan.'