"Bobby, wake up!" Jubilee swung her pillow at Bobby's head in attempt to wake him up. It worked. He sat up immediately, not looking too happy.

"What hell—Jubes?" He blinked away the blurriness and ran a hand through his messy brown hair.

Her face was deadpanned. "You can't tell me that you're sleeping with all the noise." In response, he blinked. After a few minutes, she figured it out and hit him in the head again with her pillow.

"Ow! What's with you?" He asked, a little too loudly, which received another whack from the pillow.

"You're wearing ear plugs! How could you?"

He blinked dumbly. "I love you too." He said, once again too loudly. He put up his hand, and then took the two plugs out from his ears. "Sorry, I couldn't hear you."

"Ugh!" Again, came the pillow.


"You like sleeping, don't you?" Rogue asked her son as she carefully picked him up. His red eye glowed in the dimness of the room. "Me too. I guess we both won't be getting back to sleep until your sister does."

A smirk curved onto Remy's lips as he slowly rocked back and forth in the rocking chair, trying to get Chloe to fall asleep. For the past three weeks, his daughter would be the one crying at night while Mathieu cried during the day. They took turns. How nice and considerate.

"Daddy's girl." Rogue's voice cut through his thoughts. "I can never get her to sleep but look.."

Remy looked up from Rogue and down at Chloe. She was asleep. "I'm just a good parent." Rogue arched her brows up at the comment and stuck her tongue out at him.

"That's why Mattie cries every time you pick him up."

"He's a mommy's boy."

"Oui-oui. He knows who the good parent is." She kissed his forehead before setting him back in the bassinette. The second she let go of him he started fussing.

"If I got t' lay next to your breasts and then got taken away I would be cryin' too." He slowly sat up, careful not to wake the sleeping infant.

"Hopefully now we can get some sleep." Rogue lowered her voice, and decided to put aside his comment until they got to their bedroom, which was straight across from the nursery.


"Y'all look like zombies." Rogue said when she walked into the kitchen to find a bunch of half-asleep mutants. "I bet ya wish you didn't have heightened senses." She said to Logan as he refilled his coffee mug. In response, she received a growl.

"I'm going to go see my niece and nephew!" Kurt announced, looking extremely happy and more awake than everyone else at the table. Before anyone could say anything, or even blink, he bamf'd out of the room.

"Should we send someone up there for supervision?" Remy asked, eyeing Rogue nervously.

"I'll go." Rogue mumbled before dashing off.


Kurt sat on the ground in the nursery. He was holding Mathieu in the most gingerly manner. Rogue was sitting down in a rocking chair, holding a fussy Chloe.

"He has beautiful eyes." Kurt said softly, glancing up at Rogue with a grin plastered on his face.

Rogue nodded her head in agreement, and added, "Chlo' has a beautiful pair of eyes when she's not scrunching her face up with her eyes shut while crying her little brain out." The mother cooed, kissing the top of her daughter's forehead.  "Of course she doesn't cry when her daddy is holding her. That's okay sweetheart, I only carried you in my uterus for over eight months."

"I think he likes me; he's smiling." Kurt suddenly said, sounding giddy.

"That might be gas." She coughed but added, "But I'm sure he likes you. After all, you are his uncle."

"You're going to make a fantastic mother."

Rogue smiled down at her half-brother. "I hope so Kurt, I sure hope so."


Later that day, the two Southerners laid on their bed, discussing future plans. Remy laid stretched out with one arm folded under his head and the other around Rogue, who was laying next to him with her head rested on his chest.

"Big or small?" She asked, referring to their wedding.

"How small is small?"

"Less than thirty?" She suggested with a yawn.



Now it was his turn. "Where do you want it?"

There was silence but she soon answered. "Down south. I'd really like to have it down 'ere with your family, and mine; the X-Men."

"I'd like that too." A small smile spread over his lips as he thought about it.

"I can't guarantee I won't lynch Bella is she comes though." Rogue said and felt Remy shake under her from a soft chuckle. "Think our children will last through out the whole wedding without crying."

After a few seconds of silence, they both answered in unison. "Nah."

Rogue smiled and closed her eyes. "I love ya Rem." He said he loved her back, and gently kissed the top of her head. "And I love the family we created. Two more LeBeau's. Just what the world needs."

"Soon to be three."

She glanced up at him. "You're pregnant?" He shook his head, smirking down at her. "I sure as hell am not."

"You are soon to be Mrs. Remy LeBeau."

"Almost like a fairy tale."

Crying sounds erupted from the baby monitors.

Remy patted the top of her head before they both got up. "It certainly is."


Yes, it's extremely short but I'm going to do a small (chaptered) sequel. I might start it over spring break. ^_^ Keep an eye out. Within the next few days there will also be an epilogue to Learning To Trust out and it'll probably be the same length as this. Only there will not be a sequel to that. ^^