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Chapter 1: Virgin Harry

"I'm tired and sick. I feel dizzy, especially in the morning, and I even vomit out all of my dinner." Harry was sitting down on the hospital wing's bed with his sickly look. He suddenly turned extremely pale and began to vomit again in the basket strategically placed beside the bed. Madame Pomfrey looked at Harry worriedly.

"Why don't you try this potion? If you feel any dizziness again, I want you to drink it all and then test it for a week. If it still doesn't stop the nausea, come see me as soon as possible," said the nurse and handed Harry a bottle of potion which was ivy in colour.

Harry took the potion and walked away from the hospital wing. Suddenly realizing that Potions class was going to start any minute, he quickened his pace towards the dungeons. He didn't want to lose any points from the greasy bastard professor. Once he reached for the door, the dizzy feeling came over him again and his feet slipped abruptly from under him. Someone caught him and he could feel and fine pair of strong arms around him. He looked up and was surprised to find out it was his enemy who was now holding him tightly, Draco Malfoy. After he could balance himself, he straightened his robe and mumbled a thank you. Before he could pushed open the door, he heard Malfoy softly say something that sounded like 'Don't be clumsy, Potter.'

He entered the room and was relieved to find out that the greasy bastard still hadn't arrived yet. Snape would always arrive at the classroom right before Potions started. Malfoy brushed his way and walked towards the Slytherin section including his two buffoon bodyguards, Crabbe and Goyle, his side-kick, Blaise Zabini, and Pansy Parkinson, the loud-whiny girl who hung around Malfoy as if her life depended on him.

"Hey mate, so, what did Madame Pomfrey say?" asked the red-headed Ron Weasley, his best friend.

"She told me to take this-" Harry pulled out the little bottle and then stuffed it back into his robe and continued, "-and said that if it still continued, to see her again." Harry finished and took a deep breathe. He felt the dizziness still lingering in his head so he sat down.

"If it is that serious then we need to find out what-" Hermione was cut by Ron who was glaring at her, "Jeez, leave it, Herm. It's not that serious!"

Suddenly, Snape entered the room and his usual black robe swayed with style behind him. "We're going to start to make a new potion. So, before I assign you your selected potion, I want you to pick a partner. QUICKLY!" Professor Snape boomed out the last word loudly. He was really in a bad mood. During the next hour of Potions, Gryffindor lost nearly two hundreds points while the Slytherin only losing eighty points (because of Crabbe and Goyle).

The class ended and they all left the dungeon. Suddenly, the dizziness came over Harry again. "Ron, Herm, you two go ahead first. I think I forgot something in the dungeon," Harry told them, controlling his voice as if he was fine.

"Ok, don't be late!" Ron and Herm walked away from Harry and went to their next class which was Care of Magical Creatures with the Hufflepuffs.

Harry leaned against the cold wall and closed his eyes. He touched his forehead and massaged it gently. He then slumped down to the ground when he remembered about the potion that Madame Pomfrey gave to him. He took the bottle and uncapped it. He sniffed the ivy liquid and scrunched up his nose. The smell was worse than the smell of a dead skunk. Harry had no choice but to drink the awful fluid. Finishing the whole liquid was even worse than the smell. It did really taste awful than anyone could imagine.

What type of potion is this? A dead skunk potion? Harry grimaced.

Harry stood up with his hand on the wall to support his balance and to his relief, the dizziness had gone. Footsteps could be heard across the dungeon. He turned around and saw a figure was walking towards his way.

"Potter, why are you still here? Let me see, skipping class aren't you? I thought you loved the half-wit giant," Draco smirked in front of Harry.

"Malfoy, I have no bloody time for a nice conversation with you though how much I'd love to stay, you incredible shit," and with that, Harry quickly walked away from the other boy. Draco was stunned but shook it away and went to his next class. Draco groaned as his eyes narrowed, "Damnit Divination!"


Divination was something that Draco didn't quite enjoy. Surprisingly, he would rather be stuck in Care of Magical Creatures. Professor Trelawney was predicting everyone's fate. She was in front of Goyle and stared at him for a while before saying, "You're going to meet a bad sign in the form of food!" Everyone in the Slytherin house snorted.

Since Draco was an ideal candidate for Head-Boy, he could get out from the class earlier.

After Divination, Draco went to see Snape since his Head of House had called him. Draco entered Snape's chamber. The room was eerily dim and cold just like the dungeon of the Slytherin. The Potion professor was sitting across him.

"Hello, Draco."

"Hi, Severus," Draco greeted his godfather. No one knew about their relationship in Hogwarts except for of course, the old-crack-bumble-bee, Albus Dumbledore.

"Draco, did you see something wrong with Mr. Potter?" asked Snape with a serious-look. "Well, yes. Earlier, he almost fainted on his way to Potions, but I caught him," Draco told his godfather.

"Why? Anything wrong?" asked the curious blond. Severus smiled warmly towards his godson and replied, "Nothing wrong but I want you to stay away from this. I know what you are thinking right now. Remember Draco, curiosity always kill the cat," Severus ended his word with a serious tone that even Draco himself gulped.

"Now, you may go," Severus shooed Draco from his chamber and Draco went away. In his head right now, he ignored his godfather advice and instead, he planned to spy on the famous Harry Potter.

What exactly happen? It's weird. Potter almost faint just now and besides, every morning, I never see him eating a proper breakfast well, not that I really care. I even heard some from the Gryffindors that he often vomits in the morning. And then now, Severus told me to stay away from him. Draco was thinking to himself when the bell rang and a full mob of students filled the hallway.

When he arrived at a two junctions, he turned left to go to the Great Hall and eat his lunch. Already halfway through his own lunch, Goyle said, "Hey, Draco, where have you been?"

"Professor Snape called me to discuss something, you know, Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hogwarts and so on…" Draco replied without looking at Goyle but instead, his blue-greyish eyes were locked onto someone else; a brunette with the most beautiful emerald eyes. When the bloody hell did I start to think like this?

Suddenly, a large creamy pancake out of nowhere slammed into Goyle's face. Everyone in the Great Hall laughed at that and even Draco laughed at it too. He couldn't stop laughing and fell on the floor clutching his stomach.

"Very funny!" grunted Goyle with his creamy face and a few crumbs sticking on his face.

"I guess the fool Trelawney was right. She said you are going to meet a bad sign in a form of food," Blaise sneered.

Hmph, I wonder if she could predict about love? Draco snapped out. Where the heck did that come from? He merely shook his head and continued eating.

At the Gryffindor table, Harry ate his eighth raspberry vanilla ice-cream. Ron was still laughing about the pancake incident.

"Ron, be more polite, will you," Hermione scolded as she was trying to concentrate on her book. Harry finished his ice-cream by licking his spoon clean to get every little bit of ice-cream. He then stood up from his seat.

"I'm going to meet Professor Dumbledore. He wants to meet me." Ron and Hermione nodded their heads.

Draco watched every movement of Harry carefully from the part where he licked the spoon until he exited from the Great Hall. Did I just notice that Potter has a nice ass…? Draco blinked and it hit him hard. He cursed to himself.


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