~Nothing to Lose~

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A little beautiful creature clambered through the hallway without any students caught itself. Hades, the Sin Pixie of Master Osiris, quietly ran with its light footsteps but as fast as a lightning. There, Hades saw Harry Potter, the boy that his master aimed. The creature felt attracted to the boy that he saw as if a power of attraction calling from the boy. The smell of the boy was so intoxicating and strong. But no matter what, it has to finish his master's order. So, it quickly ran to him and hit himself into one of Harry's foot.


Harry gasped with surprise and quickly grabbed his wand and surged to whomever behind of him. He turned to his back and blinked for there was no one. He looked down and saw a very beautiful creature. He heard from Hermione and Ron that the new professor DADA, Professor Dwright, has a pixie, that as fair as the sun but when it covered in the shadow, it as shade as the night.

"Hello there," Harry greeted. The creature walked backward, staring at Harry curiosity. Harry kneeled as he smiled to the little creature. The creature just stood there, blinking with its innocent eyes.

Harry slowly reached for it and as he realized that the little creature would not go away, he patted its head affectionately. The pixie responded it, purring like a little cat.

"You are such a wonderful elf," Harry said in his soft tone. The pixie suddenly shook its head.

"What, you're not wonderful?" asked Harry with amused. The pixie frowned as if saying that, not that part.

"Or you mean, you're not an elf?" The pixie nodded its head.

"Hmm, but you really look like an elf. Only that you can't talk that's all. But you are the most beautiful one I've ever met."

Suddenly the creature took Harry's wand. Harry was shocked but he got ready if the creature was trying to attack him or not. But of course, it's impossible because a creature like that can't and do not know how to use a wand. But what Harry thought was beyond his mind, the little pixie made a violet sparked of 'Pixie'.

Harry was fascinated. He picked up the pixie and made it comfortable into his arms. "Pixie and elf is the same. But it seemed that you want me to consider you as pixie, very well then. What's your name?"

The little creature, which was still holding Harry's wand made the same violet sparked of 'Hades'.

"Hello, Hades. I'm Harry. Do you mind if I pet you for a while? Don't worry; I'm not going to steal you for I know your master will be searching for you." The pet just nodded its head.

"Well, let's go then. I'm going to bring you to the headmaster's chamber. I want you to stay good with me, ok." And the pixie just nodded its head.

Harry chuckled as he watched the pixie nodded its own head. 'How adorable,' thought Harry silently.

What Harry didn't know is that dark creature would always attract to whoever got the curse and was on the pregnancy when reached the fourth month.


Everything seemed too much for Draco. Here, there was his mother, there was also his godfather, Severus, and not forgotten too, his beloved emerald- eyes boy was there too who was blushing madly while patting an elf or a pixie or whatever it was call.

He had been debating a bit with Harry about what the creature should consider as. Of course, Draco won but when Harry's mood-swing got the great of him, Draco gulped and raised a white flag. And all of them, including Draco, were facing Dumbledore who was smiling with twinkle sparking here and there like as if Voldemort had just died yesterday. And man, ouch! That sparkling twinkle really hurt Draco's eyes.

Just several minute ago, everything was like a dream, a very unexplainable fast dream. Dumbledore just told them about the curse and the pregnancy. Merlin! Draco was only sixteen years old and he already became a FATHER?!

He never thought of becoming a father yet or about BONDING CEREMONY?! Why everything was too fast to him?

Draco could feel Harry's tensed, Narcissa was composing herself but in her heart, she wanted to squeal happily but that would be unMalfoyish while Severus just Severus.

The room had been silence for the past five minutes but none moved and none wanted to break the silence.

At last, Narcissa burst with enthusiasm for she can't held herself anymore, "I want Madame Pomfrey to check Harry for I want to know what the sex of the baby. And other than that, we must set the date of the bonding ceremony. It got to be in the Malfoy's garden. I'm going to call Paris and Co. for the decoration of the ceremony. Oh, and about the robes, I must call Luciana for advise to find the best and greatest tailor in the wizarding world or maybe I would probably chose Earofilas Tailors for I heard they are always got the greatest design and textures of robes. Harry has to stay several days in the Malfoy Manor with me. Don't worry; I will assign several professors for private study in the Manor. Oh, and by the way I want-"

Draco's jaw dropped down. Her mother was talking all about the bonding ceremony. She was so happy and kept on babbling all about the ceremony this, ceremony that and then Harry this and Harry that and then back to the ceremony this and ceremony that.

Narcissa stopped with a delighted expression plastered on her fair and beautiful face. "So, how is that?" asked Naricissa with a hopeful voice.

"Mom, I think-" Draco started but was cut by Narcissa.

"Baby dray, I'm not asking you. Besides, I'm quite serious in this. I want everything to be perfect and beautiful. Oh, I just remember something, about your honeymoon, dray-"

"Mom, I-"

"I can't believe my only son actually has grown up! Anyway, the ceremony-"

"Mom, please-"

"Of course, before the ceremony, you can't meet Harry for one week-"

"Mom, I- WHAT?! ONE WEEK?!"

"Yes, dray. It's the Malfoy tradition."

"I can't believe we have a TRADITION?!" shouted Draco shockingly.

"Sounds like your father in his younger age. He said the same words in the planning of the bonding ceremony. Lucius's mother acted exactly like Narcissa, saying ceremony this and that, and everything this and that," said Severus without any cold tone in them but an amused one though his face was masked with cold expression.

In the whole meeting, Dumbledore just smiled with amused as he acted like the audience watching the scene in front of him. Harry was quite but blushing the whole time while his hand never left to pat the pixie's head. Severus would sound some of the time and then resumed to his usual expressionless, Narcissa will kept on babbling, cutting his son's sentence while Draco was too annoyed with his mother who kept on cutting him.


The whole afternoon, Dumbledore didn't let Harry continue his class so his class with the new professor was cancelled. Harry sighed for he actually had waited for the afternoon to meet the new professor Dwright.

He was now in the Hospital Wing with none other than Narcissa, Draco's over- enthusiasm mother. Draco, who protested that he too want to join Harry to the infirmary, was given a glare by his mom and Draco stopped.

But her sweetness suddenly came over her and smiled softly to him, "I'm sorry, dray, but you have to get to class. I don't want to see my son fail this year just because he skips classes." She kissed Draco's forehead as Draco blushed madly for the public affection. And with that, Draco withdrew and went to his class, leaving Harry to Narcissa but not before he gave Harry a light kissed on the lips.

Madame Pomfrey was checking his stomach while the pixie that Harry found, still stuck with him. The pixie silently sat beside Harry. Narcissa was still smiling excitedly for she can't wait the news of the gender.

Harry heard Madame Pomfrey muttered a spell that Harry never heard before. A big blue bubble came out from Harry's stomach. Harry didn't see anything inside the blue bubble and Narcissa was frowning for she didn't quite understand what's with the bubble.

"If you don't mind I'm interrupting you, what the bubble for?" asked Narcissa.

Madame Pomfrey stared at the blonde woman beside her. "I thought you ever been through this when you were pregnant Draco."

"To tell you truthfully, no, I never. Lucius's mother never wanted or anyone to know what is zi gender of my baby," replied Narcissa with a proud tone but didn't realized that she was replying in the accent from her native tongue, France.

"I see." Madame Pomfrey looked back at the blue bubble and gasped.

"What?" asked Narcissa with a slight tone of worry.

"Anything wrong with my baby?" asked the shocked Harry, looking at Madme Pomfrey bewildered.

"Not baby, Harry. Babies."

"TWIN!" Harry and Narcissa shouted together in unison. They looked at each other and smiled.

"I think we could get along, Harry Malfoy," smiled Narcissa sweetly especially when she emphasized 'Harry Malfoy'.


"*Tom, are you just going to sit here and watch the whole scene?*"

Voldemort took a glance at Nagini and back to the mirror that showed Harry in the Gryffindor dorm.

"*Probably, until the little creature of Dwright totally attracted to Harry and then, I would hand the following story to Dwright. That time, I would take a deep rest. I have made many counting in this story and I'm very sure with my plot except for the bonding ceremony.*"

"*Will you let them doing the bonding ceremony? I don't think so it's a good thing to do. It will strengthen more power to Potter. This curse has its own advantage and disadvantage. I'm sure that you know every each of them.*"

"*Yes, I do. Actually, it's my story too.*"

"*You mean, the part of the bonding ceremony?*"

"*Yes. Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, the twin Weasley, Severus Snape, Narcissa Malfoy and Lucius Malfoy. They are all the main seven characters. Sadly, I can't control Dumbledore for he was too strong in mind. The only way is that, we have to kidnap Harry Potter before the bonding ceremony. Besides, his pregnancy now had entered the fourth month, what could I say, he need some protection from us.*" Voldemort grinned wickedly and summoned a person from his Death-eater circle by using the mark.

A man suddenly appeared and it was Lucius Malfoy who was wearing without neither mask nor a hood. He bowed to Voldemort in a full respected gesture. After Lucius stood up, he looked at the side of the room and saw Nagini. Lucius flinched a bit when he saw the snake and could feel his body chill a bit. Whenever the snake was around, it would always give Lucius the chill feeling.

Lucius tried to pay attention to Voldemort, trying to forget the other occupant inside the room.

"Lucius Malfoy, I want you to do me a favor, could you?" asked Voldemort though Voldemort knew that Malfoy would never disagree.

"Yes, my lord. Anything."

Voldemort grinned wickedly that could send chill behind Lucius' spine. "Your wife seemed to want to be in this story for some reasons."

Lucius gripped his robe but still with his composed look. "In the day of the bonding ceremony, I want you to kidnap Harry Potter and apparate to here or else, something bad would happen. Your precious son, Draco and lovely wife, Narcissa are now my characters. In a snap of my finger, I could do anything to them, do you understand me?"

Lucius gripped tighter his robe but replied quickly enough, "Yes, my lord."

"Good, you may go now."

Lucius bowed and walked away from the dark lord. Just before he could push the oak door open that lead to outside, Voldemort's voice stopped him.

"Lucius, do you know why I assign you this task?"

Lucius turned slowly to Voldemort, facing the dark lord once more. Voldemort's face, pale as the moon, but still has the contrast of his manhood face though he could be sixty something, looking at Lucius with an unreadable expression. He showed nothing but only wicked and evil eyes that could be smiling evilly.

Lucius never understand Voldemort. Why did he join Voldemort? He wondered why but Lucius couldn't answer. Maybe because he didn't want to end up like the Potter family, maybe because his status is very important, or maybe because he didn't want Voldemort to hurt his family.

"No, my lord," replied Lucius simple.

Voldemort grinned viciously. How Lucius hated that smiled, how he wished he could wipe that thing off from that ugly man but what could he do for he's only a mere servant in the darkness but mere master in public.

"I want to know your loyalty lies in where. You may go now, Lucius. Make sure it would be interesting."

Lucius bowed once more to him and quickly walked away. When the door of the chamber had closed, Voldemort faced once more to the mirror that showed nothing but only his reflection for everyone of his characters were sleeping already.


"*Yes, Tom*"

Voldemort frowned.

"*Am I so cruel?*"

Nagini was quite for a while for she was unsure.

She replied, "*No.*"


"TWIN!" shouted Draco loudly. Draco was inside Severus's chamber together with his mother. Draco had eaten his dinner fast and straight-away to the dungeon in a speed of light. His mother was smiling, well not actually smiling but almost grinning like a Chester cat. But that would not suit for a Malfoy especially when it considered as 'female Malfoy'.

"Twin!" Draco said out loudly again, instead of shouting it like just now.

"Twin!" Draco said it in his now quite voice. Amaze showed in his blue-grey eyes.

"Can you please stop saying that?! It irritates me so much!" Severus growled to Draco who still kept on chanting 'twin', 'twin', 'twin' with several changed of tones.

Draco seemed to ignore his godfather's comments because he still continued, "Twin!"

Severus slapped his forehead. "I would be stupid staying here and hearing you mumbling twin, twin, twin for the whole day!"

"Sev, my dear, don't be too harsh on him. Imagine if you have your own family and then you just found out your wife-," Narcissa paused for awhile and added after second thought, "-or maybe, ahem, your husband-"

Severus twitched on that.

"-is pregnant. What will you do? Of course, you will be so amaze or shock and so happy that all you have to do is doing something that can't be understood neither to other people nor to you."

"That's why I don't want to have a family! It would make me insane after what my eyes had witnessed especially this!" Severus pointed to Draco who was still chanting to himself of 'twin'.

Suddenly Draco said out a bit loudly so that both his mother and Severus could hear what he was saying. "I can't believe it!"

"Then don't!" replied Severus cruelly.

Draco ignored his godfather's comment for the second time. "I'm going out, mother. Thanks for the news. Bye, Sev!" and Draco quickly dashed for the door and ran out.

Draco ran fast! As fast as he his legs could make him. He's sixteen for Merlin sake and he had already responsibility in his palm to take care. He didn't mind taking care of Harry and the babies but Voldemort was still on the loose.

Besides, after what he heard about the curse, he was afraid. Not afraid because of himself and his life but he was afraid because of Harry's life and his children! Next thing again, the curse was summoned by none other than Voldemort and these were all the Dark Lord's plot.

He kept on running, and running and running for he didn't want to see his real surrounding. He wanted them to be blurred. He wanted to understand something- why did Harry and he together had to face this burden well, especially to Harry himself.

'I have to find Harry. Though I'm happy of this news but have to think about he and the babies safety first,' thought Draco to himself who was still running until suddenly he knocked someone and he stumbled to the ground.

He closed his eyes as he could feel the pain flowed into him when suddenly a voice, a voice that he called as angel yet, a voice of a soul that he sympathy so much and would do anything to protect 'him'.

A soul that he loved for so long even though he never realized them until now. . .

"Draco, are you alright?" Green wide eyes stared back at cold blue-grey eyes.

"H-Harry!" Draco breathed out. Harry kneeled down and it made him looked as if a ball with two legs. Draco suddenly, without a second, wrapped his arms around Harry.

Harry blinked. He didn't know why suddenly Draco acted like that. Luckily it was evening and many students were inside the Great Hall for dinner or else, it would be a scene for there, Draco was hugging none other than Harry Potter.

Draco then kissed Harry softly on the lips and pushed back to stare back at him. "I swear that I will protect you no matter what! Though I'm not ready yet having a family and responsibility to be concerned, but- I- I-"

"Shh," Harry shushed him and hugged him back.

For several seconds they stayed like that. Draco then kissed Harry passionately and zealously that each other understood within the kiss.

For it was kiss without words to express but just through kiss.

The needed of air was greatly and they had to pushed each other to gasp more air into their lungs. But their eyes, never leave each other.

Harry chuckled a bit after a few seconds of gasping air.

"What?" asked Draco.

"You're acting out-of-character, Dray or- should I still call you Draco?"

"Either, sweety!"

"Eww. . . . I hate that one! Something must have gone wrong inside your head. You really- opened, just now! It's like first time to me."

Draco let go of Harry and stood up. He then put out his hand so to make Harry take his and helped him to get up.

Draco frowned as Harry stood up from the ground.

"I though you had plan to not eating in public anymore starting from tonight," said Draco.

"Well, actually, I'm on my way to professor Snape's chamber. Your mother called me. I think I would be staying in your manor starting tomorrow. I found out that everything of my belongings was packed already."

"WHAT?! You're leaving?! We- we just had been together for like two or three days and then you- you- my mother- manor- staying- DAMNIT!" Draco punched his palm in a full force and pouted childishly.

Harry chuckled a bit at the scene and quickly gathered Draco's left arm into his.

"You're available right now?" asked Harry with a sweet smiled that made Draco melted.

"I well- I-" Draco couldn't believe himself, he, a Malfoy, stuttering which was unMalfoyish. Damn, hormones!

And then the word 'available' struck to his head. He thought of it until it got further and blushed but his other side screamed at him, 'Bad, Draco. PERVERT THOUGHT!'

Harry realized Draco's blushing and he knew that the other boy was thinking of that. Harry blushed darker than Draco was. He slapped Draco's head but not too hard.


"To make you stop thinking of THAT! What I mean is, are you free right now coz I want to walk with you around the lake, under the moon and stars, you know."

Draco raised one eyebrow amusedly. "I didn't know you're that romantic!"

Harry pouted angrily and it quickly made Draco remembered about pregnant people always had a bad and good mood-swings.

"Uh, ok! But, what about your meeting with my mother?!"

"Actually, I supposed to meet her at eight but now is just half-past seven. I have nothing to do so I thought that it is better if I go there first. Didn't know that I would bump you here, as always like before, strings of destiny had been tied around us. . . . "

Draco squeezed Harry's hand back and smiled genuinely, a smile that Draco rarely made people see but this one, this one was only for Harry.

They walked together out from Hogwart's building and went to the lake. Unknown to them, something was lurking in the dark, watching their every moved.


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