Harry Potter: Restitution
By: D. Torres

Part I

Chapter 1: Day of Judgment, Day of Freedom- The beginning

Chapter 2: Ginny's Tale- What happed to Ginny Weasley

Chapter 3: Three Years Later- Harry pays a visit to an old acquaintance

Chapter 4: Romania- Vampires are suddenly an endangered species.

Chapter 5: I Do

Chapter 6: The Rat in the Castle- Harry needs Pettigrew alive for answers. Wonder what he finds here?

Chapter 7: What kind of Friends are we?- Sirius & Remus discussion

Chapter 8: Ronald Weasley vs. Harry Potter- Thirteen years ago Ron helped send Harry to Azkaban.

Tonight they will work out their differences.


Chapter 1:  Day of Judgment, Day of Freedom

"Harry James Potter, you have been found guilty of using all three unforgivable curses, treason against the magical community, and murder.  Due to your previous serves to this community and your status as a minor you will not be administered the Dementor's Kiss."  A Judge stated.

"We have decided to show you the mercy that you did not show your victim and will transport you to Azkaban Prison where you shall serve out your three consecutive life sentences."  A second Judge informed the sixteen year old boy whose face was hidden by the shadows.

"Any last words Potter?"  The Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge asked.

Harry didn't look at him.  His red eyes simply glared at the gathering of those who he once thought were his friends… his family.  They had all testified against him, all save one.  She had not betrayed his trust, or his love.  Not one of the others said a word in his defense.  None came to ask him how he might be innocent, or to try and help prove his innocence.  No, in the end he was treated like he was Lord Voldermort himself.

Before he could be dragged off he turned back to those handing down his sentence and said, "The day will come when we all have to atone for our sins…" Harry stated.  "I look forward to the day that I am standing where you are and you have to atone for yours."  He finished.

Two aurors' then violently dragged the sixteen year old boy from the center of the room.   Harry struggled against them, hoping to somehow get out of their grip.  When the guards had the boy out of view of the public one of them punched Harry in the stomach to take some of the wind out of him.  Harry, his breathe forced out of him by the larger man, yielded as they dragged him from the courtroom.

"I've wanted to do that all day."  The guard that struck Harry announced and proceeded to punch him again for good measure.

"Just give us another excuse Potter."  The other guard informed him.  "We'll be happy to show you what happens to prisoners to attempt to escape from our custody."

~~**~~                ~~**~~                ~~**~~

"There he goes."  Ron said stating the obvious.  He was watching from a window in the Ministry of Magic as Harry was being loaded into the prison transport.  Ronald Weasley until recently had been Harry's best friend.  After Harry's reprehensible crime though, he'd told the boy that he had lost all respect for him and that he was going to see to it that he rotted in Azkaban for the rest of his life.  The fact that Harry was barely coherent when he made this announcement mattered not to him.

Ginny Weasley was crying as she peered out the window as Harry was thrown into the transport.  The thought of the horrors Harry Potter was about to endure terrified her.  It was a well known fact how Harry suffered at the hands of Dementors.  Furthermore he would not have his wand, nor was he an animagi.  She turned to Albus Dumbledore and Sirius Black and noticed that they showed no signs of sympathy or remorse for what Harry was about to endure.

"He brought it upon himself Ginny."  Remus Lupin told the crying girl.

"Why didn't you give him Veritaserum then."  She asked Lupin and Sirius.

"What was the point?"  Tonks asked.  "We know what we saw, we know that his wand was used in the murder."

"Then what did you have to lose by not confirming it?"  She pleaded.

"Ginny, I know you loved him."  Sirius stated as he to watched Harry being taken to the place where he rotted for twelve years.  It was a fate that he had hoped would never befall Harry but given the situation he knew that it was what he deserved.

"No!!!" She yelled.  The room was suddenly taken aback.

"I LOVE HIM!  No past tense."  She stated at the man she now held in contempt.

"Were I allowed to leave Hogwarts prior to today I would have at least tried to help prove his innocence.  What is your excuse."  Ginny asked pointing to Sirius Black.

"Ginny.. I" 

"You what.  You're sorry.  You just think I'm an emotionally distraught young girl.  You think I don't know what I'm talking about.  Well guess what, I'm not.  Even if  Harry were found guilty in a fair trial, which that farce wasn't, I would still a clean conscience for trying to prove his innocence, like he did for you, you ungrateful son of a…."

"Enough Ginny."  Ron yelled.

"Don't talk to me Ronald Weasley.  You and Hermione are just as bad.  You gave up on the man that saved my life, so you can just piss off."  She screamed at her brother and Hermione then promptly left the room.

"What if she's right?"  Hermione asked with a look of sadness.

"Hermione, not you too."  Ron muttered.  "The evidence is…."

"Circumstantial."  She answered.

"We saw…."

"How many people saw Peter Pettigrew die thinking that you killed thirteen people Sirius?"  She reminded them all.

"Hermione, don't you think I thought of that?"  Sirius asked.

"Why didn't you use Veritaserum then, to remove all doubt?"  Hermione asked.

"There was no point."  Tonks replied again.

"Hermione, the case is closed.  Harry was found guilty; we have to leave it at that.  Ron told his love.

~~**~~                ~~**~~                ~~**~~

---July 31, 2003---

Prisoner 073180 

Name:  Potter, Harry James. 

Age 23

Crime:  Found guilty of using all three unforgivable curses, treason, and murder.  Psychological state: Unknown. 

Notes:  Prisoner has not said a word for seven years or moved, save to eat and go to the loo.

---July 31, 2005---

Prisoner 073180. 

Name:  Potter, Harry James.

Age: 25

Crime:  Found guilty of using all three unforgivable curses, treason, and murder.  Psychological state: Unknown. 

Notes:  Prisoner has now assumed a meditation like trance.  Does not more or respond to any outside stimuli.  Moves only to eat and go to the loo.

---July 31, 2006---

Prisoner 073180. 

Name:  Potter, Harry James.

Age: 26

Crime:  Found guilty of using all three unforgivable curses, treason, and murder.  Psychological state: Unknown. 

Notes:  Prisoner has now assumed a meditation like trance.  Does not more or respond to any outside stimuli.  Moves only to eat and go to the loo.

Minister of Magic Amos Diggory was making his third annual tour of the Azkaban facility when he came to the last holding cell on his tour.  This cell was located at the rear of the facilities to isolate the prison from the population.  While he deserved to be here, it was deemed that he had too many enemies in the facility and needed to be in isolation.

"It's been a long time since we last saw each other Potter."  Amos said.

Harry was sitting in his cell, eyes closed, still meditating.

"The guards tell me that you stay like this almost all the time, that you don't even use your bed."

Amos looked at the now twenty-six year old man.  While thin, he looked healthier than most of the prisoners here.

"Do you have anything to say before I head back to the ministry?"  Amos asked.

When Harry didn't say anything immediately Amos assumed that the boy was ignoring him.  He was about to leave when Harry opened his eyes.

"Yes Mr. Minister I do,"  Harry said.  "you might want to step away from the door though."

Amos sighed and walked away from the cell.  He was on his way down the hall when a few seconds later the door to Harry Potter's cell flew off its hinges and impacted against the wall across from it.  Diggory watched as Harry Potter slowly walked out of his cell. 

"Guards." Amos yelled.

A troop of Dementors barreled down the hallway and floated towards the unarmed Harry Potter.  Harry stared them down as the hallways dimmed.  He could feel the cold and depressing feelings the Dementors gave off and see the darkness that attempted to engulf all the light around him.

Harry raised his arms to his sides, smiled and yelled, "LUMOS SOLARUM!!"

A light, bright as the sun filled the corridor and pushed back the darkness the Dementors created.  This sudden action caused the Dementors to momentarily faultier.  Diggory, who had rounded the corner, could not understand how Harry was capable of generating this king of magic, after having been in Azkaban for a decade, and without a wand.

"EXPECTO PATRONUM!!! Harry yelled.  A shriek filled the hallway and before Amos could look around the corner a silver stag barreled around the corner and down the hallway.  He watched as Harry Potter walked up to him, looked at him momentarily, and proceeded in the direction of his patronus.  Diggory was in shock as the wails of the Dementors filled the hallways.

The eight aurors that served, as Amos Diggory's bodyguards while he was in the field were shocked when a silver stag literally destroyed a Demontor right before their very eyes, a feet that they had never seen.  It was a moment later that a lone figure walked out of the darkened hallway and into the light.

Sunlight, real sunlight.  Harry thought to himself as he stood outside the prison and basked in the warmth of the sunlight.  It had been ten long and agonizing years without it and he felt as if he could simply stand outside all day and bask in its warm light.  He would too if he hadn't broken out for a specific reason.

"Stop where you are Potter."  Amos Diggory screamed.

The eight aurors' quickly surrounded him, wands raised ready to fire a number of curses at him.  Harry wasn't paying them any mind.  He had his eyes closed and was still basking in the warmth of the sun.  It was at that moment that Albus Dumbledore apparated to Azkaban.  His presence brought Harry out of his pleasant mood.

"Harry, don't do anything foolish."  Albus ordered.

Harry gave the man a look of disgust.  He couldn't believe Dumbledore had the nerve to even utter those words to him.

"I'm sorry, you must have me confused with someone else.  You see, the Harry Potter you knew and actually cared what you thought of him no longer exists."  Harry said in a sarcastic tone.  "You killed that man the day you and the rest of my so called friends and family betrayed him."

Before Dumbledore could retort Harry used a spell that created another brilliant flash of light.  The move took all present completely by surprise.  This was saying a lot because Dumbledore was usually not surprised by anything.  Moments later Dumbledore, Amos Diggory, and his bodyguards were standing again.  Harry had disappeared and there was no trace of where he could have gone. 

"What the hell was that?"  Amos asked.

"A rather disturbing turn of events I'm afraid."  Albus answered as he replaced his glasses on his face. 

"What do you mean?" Amos inquired.

"The only time that Harry could have learned that particular spell was the one time he saw it.  That was during my escape from Fudge and his aurors' during Harry's fifth year.  I never taught him the spell, which means he somehow learned it simply by remembering what he saw.  That and he preformed it without a wand, and at a greater level than I am capable of."  Dumbledore explained.

"I don't follow you Albus."  Amos informed him.

"He somehow has learned how to duplicate spells that he has seen, without using a wand or incantations."  Albus informed him.  "I will need to see all the record of everything that has transpired during his stay here these past ten years."

"Of course, I'll have them to you right away."  Diggory stated.

As the two men awaited the records an owl arrived with a message for Professor Dumbledore.  Albus wasted no time in reading the messages contents.

"This is bad."  Dumbledore muttered.

"What is it Albus?"

"It is a message from Molly Weasley.  Her daughter has just been abducted."  Dumbledore informed the Minister.

"Potter?"  Amos asked.

"Impossible, he just now escaped."  Albus informed him.

"Albus, he just decimated our entire Azkaban guard Albus.  He blew the door off of its hinges.  He escaped eight of the best aurors in the world, the Minister of Magic and Headmaster of Hogwarts all without a wand, exactly how can you think it impossible that he has taken her hostage?"

"For one, because he loves her, and she is the only person who still believes he's innocent.  Secondly, because it says in the letter she was taken by Death Eaters."  Albus answered calmly.