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Paper Stars

The sun rose high and bright, casting its warm rays across the still sleeping town of Tomoeda. The birds awoke and began there daily chirping, woven into a beautiful song. She thought the song was magnificent, one of the most spectacular bird song's she had ever heard. And she thought all this with her eyes still closed, shifting slightly, careful not to awake the person sleeping beside her. Actually, she was sleeping in the arms of this certain man.

A smile graced her lips as she let one eye crack open, stunned by the man's flawless face and hair that seemed to have a mind of its own. She let her other eye open and instantly squinted at the light crawling its way through the window they had forgotten to pull the blinds over. But that was alright, as long as she was safe and sound in her man's arms.

Stifling a yawn, she was about to slowly get up from her sleeping position when strong arms tightened around her petite waist. Letting a giggle escape her lips, she smiled fondly as warm amber eyes revealed themselves to her.

"Stared long enough, eh?"

She instantly blushed and jabbed him playfully in the ribs. "Mou, I thought you were still sleeping."

"No, the birds woke me up," Li Syaoran confessed as he placed a kiss on the girl's forehead.

Her smile brightened even more before she giggled once more, "Good morning to you too."

Syaoran felt his heart warm at the sight of her. Sakura smiling and giggling at him, a true smile and real laughter that made the birds hang their heads in shame. How he had missed her smile, the sparkle in her eyes. How he had missed everything about her. Her every movement, her every step. The real Sakura. His Sakura.

"You know, you can let go of me now," Sakura teased, her eyes twinkling at the sight of a red-faced Syaoran who instantly loosened his grip around her waist. As soon as he had done so, Sakura wished he hadn't, missing the comforting weight.

", ya..." Syaoran stuttered and shook his head clear, smiling sheepishly. "Guess we fell asleep after."

"Mmm hmm..." Sakura got up slowly, noticing they had fallen asleep in one of the uncomfortable chairs in her hospital room. She growled in frustration as she attempted to smooth out her bland hospital gown, failing miserably. "I'm ready to get out of here, I really am," she finally spoke up as she looked around the white room that radiated no comfort at all.

Syaoran frowned slightly, much to Sakura's shock. "What? You want me to stay in this...this place?" Her eyes slightly round and frightful.

He hastily shook his head no, offering a reassuring smile before he explained, "Well...when we step out of this room...your brother and father will flock you and fuss over you and well..." he gave her another sheepish grin before continuing, "I won't get to spend as much time with you...especially with that brother of yours," he added as an afterthought.

Sakura felt her heart flutter at the words. "Oh Shaoran..." he felt his insides tingle at the nickname only Sakura used. "I know my brother seems to hate your guts...but don't worry, he'll accept you someday."

"Ya...someday," he grumbled under his breath just as Sakura took both his hands into hers. He looked up at her, noticing how she really did look like an angel standing before him, glowing with beautiful white light.

"How about we sneak away just for today, just me and you," Sakura suggested softly. "And then we can tell my family the news that I'm...back," she finished with a brilliant smile.

Syaoran couldn't help but shake his head, "Already thinking up evil little plans of running away, are we now?"

Sakura pouted, "Well you're the one who said you wanted more time!"

Syaoran grinned, "Ok, ok, you're still the little angel you use to be," he mumbled fondly. "But how exactly are we going to convince the doctors and nurses to let me take you out?"

"Oh...well..." Sakura fell into deep thought just as the room door swung open, revealing a nurse pushing in a breakfast tray. She seemed startled to see Syaoran sitting there and even more confused at seeing Sakura holding his hands.

"You weren't here all night were you young man?" The middle-aged nurse eyed him suspiciously.

Syaoran fidgeted in his seat before Sakura started to tug on his arms. "Paper! More paper!" She said in a blank tone, causing Syaoran to turn his attention back to her, almost dreading that she had suddenly fallen back into her insanity.

Catching Syaoran's frantic expression, Sakura winked at him slightly, instantly seeing his tensed shoulders relax, an amused smile threatening to spread wide on his lips.

"Well?" The nurse sighed exasperatedly, shaking a head at Sakura. "The poor girl...still at it..."

Clearing his throat with renewed confidence, Syaoran stood up with Sakura's hands still in his. "No, I came this morning, in fact I just arrived five minutes ago," he dared to look the nurse in the eye. "I was wondering if I could take Sakura out for a walk, let her have a bit of know it's not very good for someone to be cooped up in a room like this for too long."

The nurse looked at him with doubt. "But..."

"I'll take good care of her," Syaoran cut in.

The nurse bit her lip, eyeing Syaoran from head to toe. "Well...I guess but anything may disrupt her know she's not very stable..."

"Paper!" Sakura cried out again, making Syaoran's mouth tremble from having to keep in his laughter.

The nurse sighed once more and frowned, "Very well, I guess it may do good for the girl to see some green from the trees...but bring her back by three in the afternoon, no later than that."

Syaoran thanked her gratefully, earning him a scowl from the nurse as she pushed the breakfast trolley away again. Turning to Sakura, he cracked a smile, shaking his head in disbelief. "You little deceiver."

Sakura smiled at him playfully, "I wouldn't call it that. I'm just a pretty good actress."

"Whatever you say Sakura," Syaoran chuckled with a stretch of his arms.

"Come on, let's go already! I'm dieing to get outside," Sakura whined childishly as she pulled Syaoran towards the door. He looked at her pointedly, much to her annoyance. "Now what?"

"You want to walk around in that?" Syaoran pointed at her wrinkled gown.

Blushing, Sakura looked around and frowned. "I don't think I have anything here do I?"

Syaoran looked thoughtful before taking off his green sweater, revealing a tighter black t-shirt underneath much to Sakura's dismay; as she was probably staring like a complete idiot. Fortunately, Syaoran didn't seem to notice as he offered the sweater to her. "You can wear it on top and you'll look half-decent."

"Gee thanks," Sakura pretended to look annoyed as she took the sweater.

"You know I'm just joking Sakura, you look beautiful even with a hospital gown," Syaoran said seriously, causing Sakura's cheeks to turn a rosy pink. He opened the door and led Sakura out of the room, making Sakura suddenly feel light-hearted all over.

"Finally," she whispered half to herself as she smiled with content while they walked down the hallway.

Turning a corner, they heard a loud yell from the other end of the hall. Sakura jumped slightly at the loud noise, but Syaoran's comforting presence eased her surprise as they neared the source of pandemonium.

And with it, Sakura felt her heart go cold as an invisible icy grip seemed to wrap itself around her. Syaoran saw what had caused the girl he loved to tense up so quickly, and he instantly glared at the young man in the wheelchair with three nurses trying to restrain him. Without a second of thought, he turned his eyes fleetingly to Sakura, frightened if she would go crazy again.

"Sakura...?" He asked cautiously.

"I'm ok," she answered quickly, pulling her gaze away from the scene before them. She turned to look at Syaoran with wide eyes, and he couldn't help but notice she looked like a frightened five year old. He wanted to pull her into his arms and just tell her everything was okay, but he couldn't seem to move. "I...I sort of knew I would see him again. Someday."

"Yori! Please! Calm down!" A nurse cried out frantically as the young man growled and said something quickly that none of them could catch.

Syaoran frowned, "I'm sorry Sakura...I didn't know he was also a patient here..."

"It's not your fault," Sakura replied softly as she glanced at the other young man still thrashing about. "I can't run forever, neh?" She smiled slightly as she turned to look at Syaoran again, much to Syaoran's surprise. She took a breath and her smile widened. "I'm ok, I really am. I can face him, I can face my problems...I feel like I can face anything now."

Syaoran felt himself smiling, his heart swelling with pride for the girl before him. The girl who seemed ten times stronger emotionally and mentally. "Sakura..."

"Let's go," Sakura gave one last look at her former boyfriend, her former special somebody...her former nightmare.

Syaoran obliged as he followed Sakura out the doors and into the morning sunshine. He caught up to her fast pace before placing a hand on her shoulder, causing her to stop in her tracks. "Are you sure you're alright?" He asked gently.

Sakura didn't answer immediately, but she pointed a finger up at the cloudless sky and spoke steadily, "Has the sky ever been bluer?" She looked over her shoulder and gave Syaoran an angelic smile. "Has the sun ever shone brighter?"

Syaoran smiled, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind, bringing her close into his lean chest. "No Sakura, they've never been so magnificent."

Sakura seemed to sigh in front of him, a light weight upon him as she leaned back comfortably. "It's like they're welcoming me back, neh?"

Syaoran nodded more to himself than to her. "Yes does seem like that, doesn't it?"

When she didn't reply for a while, Syaoran thought that maybe she had fallen asleep again. Tilting his head hesitantly, he was about to call her name softly just as she spun around and took both of his hands, spinning him in a circle. Dazed, he steadied himself when they had stopped spinning, growling at Sakura's amused smile and flushed cheeks.

"Come on Syaoran, you said you were going to show me reality all over again," Sakura reminded him brightly, still holding onto him. "This is your chance, show me everything Syaoran. Every little thing," she said breathlessly.

Syaoran nodded, letting go of Sakura's left hand to rummage through his pocket. Finally finding what he wanted, he took his hand out of his pocket again and offered something to Sakura. Curiously, Sakura looked at his open palm to see a single paper star sitting innocently there. Tilting her head in confusion, Syaoran nodded his head towards it.

"Make a wish Sakura, a wish you won't regret."

Smiling softly, she took the star and held it close to her chest, closing her eyes as she did so. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes again and opened her palm, the star still sitting perfectly in her palm. Syaoran smiled, a handsome smile and flushed slightly. "Done wishing?"

Sakura nodded.

Syaoran flushed even redder as he continued, " it."

"The star?" Sakura blinked.

Syaoran nodded.

Sakura smiled inwardly, her heart speeding up for no reason at all as she unwrapped the paper star with curiousity surging through her veins. Smoothing it out, she read the words written on the paper star with wide sparkling eyes. She read it over and over again, not believing, not wanting to break the surreal moment of perfection. Finally, what seemed to be eternity to Syaoran, she looked up and nodded once.

Syaoran let a breath of relief escape his lips, feeling a heavy weight leave his chest as Sakura leapt into his arms. "What did you wish for, Sakura?"

"You little sneaky brat, you knew along didn't you?"

"What? Of course not," Syaoran answered innocently. "But did your wish come true?"

Sakura smiled, her thoughts running, her mind reeling. "Yes. Yes it did come true. The first wish of mine that ever came true, Li Syaoran."

Syaoran smiled, satisfied with her answer as the two simply stood there in each other's arms. Sakura let go of the strip of star paper in her grip, too caught up in the moment to notice she had let it go as the wind picked up and carried it up into the air. If the birds could read, or maybe even the sun and the clouds and the heavens above, they would have read-

Somewhere, someday...Will you marry me, Sakura?

-The End-

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