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Two Halves of A Whole

Chapter One

Sora reclined back in his bed, staring out of the small window next to him, He sighed heavily and slowly made his way out of bed. Despite all his efforts, his thoughts centered on memories of his best friend. Riku.

~Riku, where are you? Are you still with King Mickey? Do you…remember me? ~

Sora slapped his hand to his forehead. ~Of course he does! He wouldn't forget me, would he? ~

Coming to the conclusion that he wouldn't forget him, Sora walked towards the bathroom. He ran his hand through his cinnamon hair, sighing warily. He looked in the mirror. Even after four years, Sora hadn't changed much. His cinnamon brown hair was stilled spiky, but over the years they began to droop. His sapphire eyes still shined with a tinge of innocence, but now his eyes were also filled with wisdom and maturity. He also became well built over the last four years, training everyday with the Keyblade. Sora stared at himself in the mirror, his eyes glazed over in sadness. Ever since the day Sora sealed Kingdom Hearts with Riku inside, his real happiness was sealed with Riku. Kairi and the others thought he was fine, but inside he lost something far greater than his best friend. He lost part of his soul.

Tears cascaded down his cheeks and hit the sink. Sora raised his hand and touched the tears. He sighed once again, trying hard to stop his tears.

~I shouldn't be like this! Riku…wouldn't want me too. ~

'C'mon Sora. I thought you were better than that.'

Sora smiled slightly as those words flittered through his mind.

~I am, Riku. I am. ~

With that last thought, Sora undressed and stepped into the shower.

* * * * * *

Pools of darkness formed a complete circle around the two dark-clad figures. Heartless, stronger, more powerful, replaced the pools, hissing and twitching. Their forms were more detailed than before; they were looking more and more human each day. But the most drastic change that had happened was their intelligence. Even though they communicated by hissing to each other before, now they began to speak with mouths in their own distant language. The figures eyed the Heartless, quickly calculating the sheer number that just appeared. One of them, a tall young man with beautiful silver hair that slightly past his shoulder blades and a well-built body, lunged forward, instantly summoning a weapon in his hand. Its sleek, smooth exterior cast an eerie silver glow. Intricate patterns and spirals decorated the weapon. A crescent moon formed the tip and another crescent moon-shaped key chain dangled off the hilt. It was a Keyblade. The young man's face was tense with anger, his mouth set in a thin, firm line. His sea-green eyes darted over to the other figure; a mouse with black, beady eyes filled with warmth and compassion. He had his own weapon, also a Keyblade, but his was bigger and thicker; silver with a gold hilt, a mouse's head as his key chain. "Riku, I'm alright."

Riku only nodded in response and focused completely on conquering the Heartless in front of him. With a swift jab in front, he turned around and blocked a Heartless from behind. As soon as he deflected the attack, he counterattacked by running forward and slicing through the Heartless that attacked him. Another Heartless jumped and attacked Riku, but Riku sidestepped, then turned and hit the Heartless in the back, causing it to instantly burst in a purplish-black mist. Deciding to end this, Riku waited until his group of Heartless were within close range, then determined to carry out his plan. "Graviga!"

All the Heartless were compressed to the ground, and when they were back up, Riku launched his Keyblade like a boomerang towards the Heartless. Decapitating all the Heartless, Riku caught the blade with ease and willed it away as soon as he made sure his companion was okay. The Keyblade dissipated in a flash of silver crescent moons, stored away in the purest area of his heart. Riku sat down on a nearby bench, thinking of everything that had just happened to him in his lifetime.

~I wanted adventures. And boy, did I get it. ~

His eyes narrowed at the comment. ~More than I bargained for. ~

"Riku." His name caused him to stir out of his thoughts and look at his companion.

"Yes, Mickey?" he answered flatly.

"We will get to him shortly."

Riku's eyes widened slightly, but he still kept his emotionless façade on. "Ok."

Inside, he rejoiced as thoughts of Sora crossed his mind. ~Sora…..we'll be together again soon. ~

* * * * * *

Kairi combed her long auburn hair as she checked herself in the mirror. She hoped tonight would clear Sora's mind of Riku. She knew all along of his emptiness; she could see it in his eyes. But the best thing to do was help from afar, yet always be there if he wanted a shoulder to cry on. That's what she wanted. Being his support. Two years ago, they went out for a couple of weeks, but they both realized that it wasn't meant to be. From that instant, she knew who Sora was supposed to be with. Riku. It was inevitable. The way he lit up whenever he would talk about him was proof enough.

~Tonight, I'm going to get a genuine smile out of Sora! ~

She nodded in determination, and headed towards Sora's house, not knowing what was in store from them tonight.

* * * * * *

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